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About a year ago, a friend sent me a link to a channeling. For some reason, I woke up at 3 in the morning and listened to it. It spoke of the crystals in Arkansas and in Brazil being activated at a new level beginning 2015. I felt very strongly that I should go there and receive those transmissions. I decided 4 days would be plenty of time. I could handle 4 days in Arkansas.

I ended up taking a powerful group of women there with me in June of 2016. While I was there (which is now HERE) I kept saying “I could live here.” The universe quickly conspired to make that happen.  

The Backstory:

My granddaughter Kelsea told me, in no uncertain terms, NOT to put any more money into my Honda (which had 211,000 miles on it) even though they were working on it at that moment. She said “cut your loses”. With her advice, I ended up buying a new car. The reason I tell you this is because if I hadn’t had a new car begging for a road trip when I got back from Arkansas this awesome new adventure might never have happened.

Anyone who knows me knows that I follow signs (syncronicities) and my bliss. As soon as I got back from Arkansas, I really wanted to jump in my car and go back. I didn’t want to wait until September or October as I had “planned”. Everything fell into place for me to leave town. I took a leisurely trip, stopping at dessert hot springs, and visiting friends along the way. Kayse’s next door neighbor and friend Annie offered me a place to stay in Hot Springs. That was awesome! 

Star Arkansas

I arrived back in Hot Springs, AR on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 12th. Kayse met me with fresh squeezed green juice. That was a nice sign. We went to THE Lake. Ahhhhh- that was glorious. Worth the trip for sure!  Another nice sign.  

After our time on the lake, Kayse wanted to visit some friends down the street from where she lived to say good bye because they were moving moving out of state. While visiting I found out their place was for sale or rent. They moved out on Thursday, I meditated and made a very quick decision and called the owners. I made an appointment to meet with them the next day. They already had appointments with other people. I meditated again to know if I should take it, if they would rent it to me.  I got a resounding yes- which really was mind blowing. This was totally out of left field and seemed quite crazy. As it turned out they liked me and they rented it to me with an option to buy! They were so generous! They brought me an airbed, a camp chair, bed sheets, and a pillow!! They even blew up the airbed with the generator in their motor home because the power was temporarily out. That was everything I needed. Remember - I had absolutely no plan to move at that moment or to rent a place. I was just coming to check it out.   

Every single move seemed divinely choreographed.  

It felt like I had to accept this this cute lake house with a boat dock that is located right down the street from my new bestie, Kayse. Holy Divine Choreography! Every single thing had fallen into place. The timing was impeccable. I feel every guide I have collaborated to get me here, and I am SO GRATEFUL.  

Who knew there was life beyond Santa Barbara? Certainly not me.

A dear friend asked me 2 months before this happened if I would ever leave Santa Barbara. I said no. I’d rather live in a closet in Santa Barbara than in a mansion somewhere else. I’m eating those words, and happy to do so.

Now that I’ve been here for a little over 6 months the question that arises is what do I love about being here?  Let me count the ways.

When my mother moved to Santa Barbara (from Tennessee- before I was born) there was one stop light in the town. Living in Santa Barbara all of my life, I had become accustomed to the growing traffic. People talked about it, and I was like the frog in that slow boiling water. I didn’t realize it was happening - that is, until I left for awhile and went back. Yikes! I love all the country roads here in Hot Springs. Birds, trees, water, and even driving around you encountered very little traffic and lots of gorgeous trees. Even the “freeway” isn’t like its Californian equivalent. Here 5 o’clock traffic means waiting for two traffic lights, but there is even a shortcut that my local friend showed me to escape the wait.

The downtown is exceptionally cute and colorful and in the process of undergoing a revitalization. They have a first Friday art walk, which I went to recently. It was super fun. They also have a documentary film festival that has been going on for many years. I’m already starting to see people I’ve met before. It reminds me of how Santa Barbara was 30, 40, 50 years ago.

There is also lots of water, including excellent spring drinking water for free! You can go into town and visit any of 5 specific locations to fill your bottles with clean, delicious spring water.

There are so many places to explore nearby, including the Garvan Woodland Gardens. I love the Santa Barbara botanic gardens and the Garvan Woodland Gardens is well on par with them. In fact, the Garvan Woodland Gardens are three times the size of the Santa Barbara botanic gardens and is located on the lakefront. It features flowers, hiking, bridges, and even classes. My kind of Disneyland! 

I also went to the Daffodil Festival in Camden recently. It’s nice to have new festivals. How many Santa Barbara Fiesta Parades have I attended?! Probably 70! It’s time for something new in my life!!! 


Star Arkansas

If you're interested in cultural activities, Little Rock has more than you can even imagine.  I went to a garden show there a few weeks ago that was off the charts for me. They had a photo booth which is where the above photo was taken. 

And, of course there are the hot springs, which are inside beautiful bath houses. This is the thing to do in the winter when the lake water is fairly cold. People come from all over the world to soak in the bath houses and their hot spring waters.

Another thing to note is that there aren’t as many rules regarding building and what you are allowed to do on your land. If you are in the county, you can pretty much do what you want. FREEDOM! 

Lake Ouachita

And the main thing - The Lake -  Lake Ouachita. Running beneath Lake Ouachita is the largest vein of Quartz in the country.

 Lake Ouachita

Miraculously, I got a boat with a slip at a perfect Marina 20 minutes from my house - the slip being a very important piece. Slips are challenging to get unless you buy a boat with one, which I was able to do (very affordably).  

Lake OuachitaThe boat allows us to get out into the lake where the vortexs are, and in the summer the water is so warm you can swim there any time, day or night. It’s safe. We swam at midnight under a full moon. Yumm.  

I feel going into that water is transformational. It feels like that is part of my mission, part of why I was guided here, to get people into that water for a crystalline baptism. 

In actuality, Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita are two separate lakes. No one lives on Lake Ouachita - making it one of the cleanest lakes in the country. There are 200 islands on it where you can visit or camp for free. Lake Ouachita feeds lake Hamilton - which is where I live. I also have a boat dock there, as well.

Of course there are the crystals and minerals, too. You can find quartz nearly everywhere, so things are a buzz - a very sweet buzz. There are places to go and dig for them. There's even a place to dig for diamonds. Feels like being on the fast track for awakening, if that is what you choose.

 Lake Ouachita

Affordability comes into play as well, though that was not the driving force, it is what allowed me to move here even before my land in Santa Barbara has been sold.  I am trusting that will happen very soon, and that it will afford me the ability to create some spaces for visitors.  I already have the boats to play on.  

Did you know Arkansas is called “The natural state”? Or that the license plates feature a diamond? It’s gorgeous here. I always thought Santa Barbara was paradise.  Many people here say welcome to paradise. This is truly a hidden treasure.  It’s hard for me to imagine that this lake is such a secret. It has expanded my mind, heart and soul in such a good way. To me, this whole area feels like a new Machu Picchu and it's as if the lake is connected to Lake Titicaca. I have synchronistic stories about that too, but this is already too long!

So think about coming to the retreat in June. It will be pure Blisssssssss!  Or as my friend Kayse says Bliss ola.

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Making the Eagle Essence: A Life Changing Arkansas Crystal Adventure

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My recent trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas was life changing. Seriously life changing. A few months ago a friend forwarded a couple of links to some YouTube videos (see links at bottom). I watched them and immediately felt I needed to get to Hot Springs and get in the water there. Hot Springs is adjacent to several lakes, one of them being Lake Ouachita (pronounced wash-ah-taw). It is considered one of the cleanest lakes of its size in America. It also has one the largest veins of Quartz crystal in the world running under it. The gist of the videos was that the crystals in Hot Springs, Arkansas (as well as Brazil) were being activated at a new level beginning in 2015.

My feeling was get there, get in the water, receive the transmissions and get back to my lovely Santa Barbara. 4 days would be plenty. I remembered I had a friend, Kayse, there, and made some calls, and ended up putting a trip together with her called "Arkansas Crystal Adventure." 8 Women came, in addition to Kayse and I.

People would say to me, “ I can’t make it this time, and I want to go with you next year” or, "Do you think you will be doing this again?" Inside my head I was saying, No way: I’m going to make a quick trip to Arkansas for 4 days- receive the transmissions, and go home. The words that came out of my mouth were, “ You never know."

It feels like every single thing that happened was a divinely guided blessing.

We made our itinerary- which was amusing, since I had never been there. We scheduled a day with Kayse’s husband Gary. My feeling was that I didn’t want to hear someone talk all day, when I could be outside. I was saying maybe 1/2 day. Kayse assured me we would need at least one day. We agreed on a full day because  it is very experiential- with a trip to the lake after.

Oh My!!! How right she was!!!! We did not want to tear ourselves away. Gary is a Guru. A devoted meditator and devotee of yogananda for over 40 years, and a crystal wizard since he was 9 years old. He is a mining engineer, who immediately shifted to crystals after some amazing experiences with the crystal beings. Crystals are his life work and he has worked with every aspect of them.

His stories go on and on and we were all mesmerized- as well as activated by the crystal grids that he and Kayse set up for us. This is a very condensed version of what happened. Someday (soon) he will create a crystal temple with crystals he has been collecting for this purpose for the past 40 + years.

We began our journey with a despacho (offering) at the lake to bless our journey. It was beautiful.

Another divine thing that happened is that the week before we arrived there was a Kryon event right in Hot Springs, featuring Greg Bradden, Joe Dispensa and Bruce Lipton. There were 600 light workers there. Very interesting… Some of our participants went early and attended some of the events, and Kayse volunteered, so she knew what was happening, knew that the next week- the week myself and the others arrived, many of the light workers would still be there. She knew the Crystalline Choir would be singing special tones, and that they allowed an audience to attend. There were around 300 choir members. They sing what they call the Pineal Tones once a year, in different places on the planet. This year the chosen spot was Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I and several others in our group attended this.

Beyond words… Yes, way beyond amazing.

After that we really wanted to get back into the lake! Which of course we did.

And so the week went. On our last day beautiful Sandy Rose, who had been preparing all of our delicious, organic, vegetarian, blessed meals, invited us to go out to have our lunch on her boat, which would hold all of us. (Kayse’s boat is smaller, so she would shuttle us back and forth so we could hang out in the deeper water with foam noodles in the special places on the lake that she is aware of- after being there for almost 20 years.)

Sandy Rose wanted to take us to see a bald eagle nest, and perhaps, if we were lucky, we would catch a glimpse of an eagle. What happened thrilled and amazed us all. Not only did we catch a glimpse- We saw FIVE of them! First we saw the nest...

 Then we saw them flying...


Then we saw 3 of them on the beach (they really are there)...

Then we saw them landing in the trees…

Someone mentioned Eagle Essence- and everything inside me lit up.

I remembered that I had brought my empty bottle that day, to get some lake water. I had brought it to Arkansas thinking that I would make some crystal essences, and that wasn’t happening. And EAGLE was! I fetched my bottle from the boat, all the time asking for signs, and the Eagles would fly by. I got the bottle, went back to where they were on the shore, and made the essence. I then asked if I really had their energy to give me another sign. I was swimming back with the bottle, wondering- and all of a sudden it was like the finale at the fourth of July. They were all flying around, seemingly buzzing us. Giving me signs. Saying Fly Like an Eagle.


Fly Like an Eagle

by Steve Miller Band

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Oh, Lord, through the revolution

Feed the babies
Who don't have enough to eat
Shoe the children
With no shoes on their feet
House the people
Livin' in the street
Oh, oh, there's a solution

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future


That brings me to the life changing part.

In addition to receiving all of the beautiful transmissions, and feeling like I got a complete reset, upgrade, reboot (to use those computer terms)...  I also got a strong message and feeling to go back to Hot Springs. Whaaaaaaaat??? California girl moving to Arkansas????? (I was born in Santa Barbara and I love it.)

I’m a 'follow your bliss' kind of girl. And- that Lake Ouachita is calling me. It was totally blissful to be in that water. Now I find myself longing for it. One way or another I’m going back to Arkansas. So there. I said it out loud. It feels like part of my new service is to help facilitate getting people into that water at Lake Ouachita. Kayse has known this for a long time. Kayse and Gary have been laying this foundation for the past 20 years, and it is now in divine timing, with the recent activations, for us to work together to get people there to receive the transmissions. So everything in my life is about to shift. I will still have strong ties in Santa Barbara, and I need- yes need- to be in Hot Springs. Well, that is a big leap of faith for me to write this, not really knowing yet how it will transpire. Perhaps it’s that Eagle Essence… I have a new perspective…

Photo Credit to Laura Walthers (www.beingenchanted.com)

and Sharifah Manusia, for the photos of the eagles.


Here are the links to the videos that stated it all:




And here is a link to a Kryon channeling about the crystals, while he was in Hot Springs:



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Feed your plants ~ Plant Love. A way to raise your frequency and embody your divinity.

Star Riparetti
Plant Love like you plant carrots and flowers and fruit trees…
Love your plants, and give them PLANT LOVE.


One of the things I am most interested in is raising my vibration and embodying my divinity - and helping others to do the same.  To me this is what evolution and ascension is about. When we are in higher frequencies we are happier, healthier and have more peaceful thoughts- thus creating more peace and health and happiness.

There are myriad ways to raise our vibration, and planting LOVE, using Plant Love- is a great one. And simple. We know that diet affects our frequency- and when we eat food that has gotten to know us, the effects can be profound.  

Smarty Plants:

Plants are highly intelligent. It is proven that they can communicate with each other, and what many of us know is that they can communicate with us, as well. They are happy to communicate with us, when we are willing to listen. Nature has a voice.

In the first Anastasia Book in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series* (my all time favorite books), Anastasia talks about putting a seed under your tongue for nine minutes before you germinate it, so it can learn your DNA and thus grow for you what you need.  

Certain plants are infused with higher vibrations that they exude and can help us evolve. Even breathing the oxygen these plants create will help us. Plants are evolving along with us. As we are being given transmissions of higher frequencies, so are the plants.

Growing plants with high vibrational essences can give all plants a power boost, the same as the essences do for us (as well as heal us).

Being with plants that have been infused with high energies- grown with high vibrational essences- is going to the next step: beyond organic. We absorb their energetic light codes. This will allow us to hold greater volumes of light. It will enhance and add substance to the light that is held within our bodies.

Planting Love, using Plant Love, and then consuming those plants- or smelling, eating, drinking, smoking, even inhaling the oxygen they create- is a way to nourish our body in a new way, preparing us for higher vibrational living.

Whether consuming the plants or simply existing with them, they will benefit us by helping us to enhance and sustain the light within our bodies.

Let’s respect the plant kingdom and give it the love, attention and appreciation it deserves, and be conscious of its Divinity.

Plant Love.

*I HIGHLY recommend the The Ringing Cedars books. I love what a friend of mine said: “When I’m reading those books I don’t need to see my therapist.” There is so much optimism. There are simple solutions to everything.

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Anchoring Blue Lotus Temple

Star Riparetti

I have been working with the energy of the Blue Lotus for over two years. ("Blue Lotus" was revered in Ancient Egypt- and I promised the botanists I would let you know the Blue Lotus is really a Blue Water Lily, not a true Lotus.) I made the Nymphaea caerulea Blue Lotus/Water Lily essence in August 2014, and that is a magical story in itself.

First I ordered a Blue Lotus plant, and I made a little pond, and I grew it. I spent that time bonding with it. There was only one plant, and it did make several flowers. The raccoons enjoyed the pond as well as other critters. I wasn’t feeling it was the perfect plant to make an essence from, unless it was just for me.

Then- everything happened. My dear friend Leah, who is a Star Essence Master Teacher, got permission for us to go to a very special estate that grows lotuses in Santa Barbara and make the essence. The day turned out to be perfect, with us being the only people there, the weather ideal, and LOTS of Blue Lotus in bloom, at their peak. The energy felt like it was off the charts. I had several people holding energy while it was being made.

It was the same place where we had made the Pink Lotus flower essence, Initiation of the Heartlight, in 1999. It is very nice to take the pink lotus first, to initiate the heart light, and then go on to dive deeply into the Blue Lotus.

When I made the Blue Lotus/Water Lily essence, which is called Grace of Creation, I knew there was also something called the Blue Lotus Temple. It is the temple inside of us. This inspired the creation of the Blue Lotus Temple Constellation and Spray, a synergistic blend of essences. In addition to the Grace of Creation (Blue Water Lily) essence, it contains Eternal Youth (Epidendrum ibaguense), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Sacred Union (Maxillaria), Golden Rock Water, and Gold-24K. There is also a Blue Lotus Temple Spray, which contains all of the essences mentioned, plus exquisite pure rose and piper nigrum (black pepper) essential oils. It seems to hum, it is so high vibe!

We are taking essences in a whole new octave. The Blue Lotus Temple feels like an embrace as well as a portal to our own divine nature. It’s a guide. It’s way more. I look forward to hearing your experiences.


I asked my friends Meganne Forbes and Oceanna to collaborate and make a painting of Blue Lotus. Oceanna drew the geometries of it (as she has done for all of the orchids). We will have prints available soon!

    Recently I went to Chile to teach a two day class and a 1/2 day workshop. The extra exciting thing was that I knew this trip was about more than me teaching: it was about anchoring the Blue Lotus Temple strongly into the grids, so that everyone has access to it. I was assured by spirit that Chile was the place to do this. Beforehand I arranged for friends from all over (as close as Santa Barbara and as far away as Qatar in the Middle East) to be holding energy with me, and using the Blue Lotus Temple essence/spray at the same time as the workshops. I told the beautiful participants in Chile that we were building a light bridge from Chile to the US- and beyond- and anchoring the Blue Lotus Temple. It Happened. The energy in the room was rarified and palpable. We took the Blue Lotus Temple and did a brief meditation (I feel some of us could have stayed in that space all day). I then asked everyone to write one word, or something brief, about their experience, which they shared. I felt so blessed, hearing what happened. One woman saw her mother, whom she had never met. So many people had profound experiences. Meditating with a group is so powerful. I recommend it! The friends elsewhere had equally profound experiences meditating with Blue Lotus Temple and tuning into those of us in Chile.

    I’m feeling so humble and infinitely grateful to all of the people who participated. Here, there, and everywhere. Knowing and unknowing. It was definitely a fiesta of energy.  Here is a photo during one of our dance moments during the class. 

    I recently took the spray to Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree. 4 days of kirtan/ chanting. As I used the spray with a few people along the way the reactions were always the same. Wow- what was THAT. And- always a comment about how high vibe it feels.


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Expanding the Field of Acceptance: The Story of Making Chicory-Cornflower Surprise

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Part 18 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl 

I've been searching for the words... I'm not so sure that even now I have them, and I will say that the FEELINGS for me, of what happened are profound.

Making the Chicory essence was powerful. I felt the presence of the Chicory so strongly on the day I made it. I remember the feeling, and even being aware of the strength of the connection. There was also strong guidance for picking flowers in several locations. I sent out my newsletter announcing the Chicory, and when I got the e-mail from my friend saying that the "Chicory" photos were actually of Cornflower, I was pretty disconcerted, to say the least.

I went searching for answers. I centered myself and went to walk the labyrinth on my land. Right away- like immediately, and without even asking- the energy of the Chicory was in my face, very much in my energy field. That's the best way I can explain it. The message was specific that the Chicory energy was in the essence. There wasn't really a conversation. It was simply abundantly clear that I was to let this essence go out. (I would have been perfectly fine to "recall" the essence, and in fact I was prepared to do just that.)

Essences can be made without cutting the flower. Many essence makers do this. I have always done it by cutting the flower- because I didn't trust myself and my connection to the spirit of the plant, and just in case, there would be the physical action of cutting the flower into the water. I do my best to remain impeccable in this. I feel very good about my essence making, and I have often heard from my guides that I am a good essence maker- and that is why I was called on to make so many essences. (Currently I've made over 250 individual essences, and having so many products has made my business more complicated in many respects.) The plant spirits and gem guardians don't seem to be concerned about economics or logistics or storage or any of that. They are happy to have their gifts available.

I know this exercise with the Chicory is my lesson. With plants (and things that don't have mobility) there is an Oversoul. I'm not sure that is even the right word. The soul of the plant or gem is not held within it- thus the plant is not "killed" when we cut it. That is another reason I always have felt fine about cutting the flowers, and even eating them.

I had been wondering just what the Cornflower is about and why it was in the essence, and if I didn't even know it was there, was there a connection? And all sorts of other thoughts. There are times that I can tune in to the spirits and there are other times that it just doesn't happen. Right now it is around 4:30 AM with a visible eclipse happening. I could see it for most of it, and now it has gone below my horizon. Of course it is still happening whether I can see it or not.

There is some analogy with that.


So why do we have the Cornflower with the Chicory?

It deepens the power of the essence. It gives it a broader spectrum. It moves the vibration slightly to address the 21st century. 

The Chicory helps us to release the need to control, change or make others to be what we deem more perfect. The Cornflower helps us to release our idea of what perfection is.

It helps us to know that our idea of perfection and someone else's idea of perfection aren't necessarily the same, and it isn't necessary to change their idea. There is room for it all. The Cornflower gives another dimension to the essence. This Chicory essence isn't just about dealing with the need let everyone else know how to do it right, it's about the allowance of expanding what is "right." Chicory helps you feel okay about yourself, regardless of how you perceive that others are behaving, and with the Cornflower something deeper- a greater acceptance of everything- can happen.

The essence needed to be made the way it was because my rational mind would not have done it. I would have wanted the Chicory to be pure. I would have wanted it my way, and I wouldn't have had room to allow for it to be different from what I deemed "perfect."

Again the Chicory comes and shows me that the bottles with the drops are infused with its energy. The Cornflower laughs, because since I have the photographs of it, it doesn't have to "prove" anything to me.

I am also being shown the power of the drops, since yes, we can connect to the spirit of the plant and bring the energy to us (without taking drops), and it has taken me several weeks (and the full moon eclipse) to get to this beautiful connecting place. This place gratefully also comes on days I make essences, and I can't always conjure up the connection at at a moment's notice. I CAN take a bottle of essences and take the drops 4 x a day or more, and keep that frequency until my body continues to remember it- which can sometimes (and not always) take awhile- like days, weeks, months. Sometimes (often) taking drops is just easier than taking the time to make the connection with the plant spirit.

This is a whole lot of words, to explain a feeling that happened in seconds.

Take the essence. It will teach you, and expand your field of acceptance.


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Making the Oak Essence: A Love Affair

Star Riparetti

Part 17 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl 

The Oak tree was calling. I was feeling it. I started looking around and didn't see it in bloom yet, and still I kept hearing it. I looked at the oaks I had planted on my land. No blossoms. I looked up how old oak trees were when they bloomed. 20 years. So mine wouldn't be blooming any time soon- they'll need another 10 years. I sent out a message to a couple of friends that I figured might have some in bloom. I never heard from them. Then- I was with some lovely ladies doing a Blue Lotus meditation. Right after the meditation we were dreamily talking about what we had seen. We were deep in the magic of Egypt, when out of the Blue (pun intended), Diane says: "Have you seen my Oak tree outside in full bloom? It's amazing!"

I nearly fell off the couch. She said she just felt like she had to say it right then. Of course at that moment I knew the Oak Golden Bach Essence was about to happen.

The next morning Diane e-mailed me and said I was welcome to the Oak tree(s) any time. All of a sudden, just like in the past when I had a new boyfriend- I had to see that Oak tree. That was where all of the energy was. No matter that I had only a sliver of time before I was due at a meeting, and plenty of other things to do. There was time to make the drive up the mountain, and get back in time. No question, I had to follow that energy. It's the only thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to say Hi to the tree. I would go back when there was more time to actually make the essence.

I love that feeling, that feeling of being in love.

And this time it was with a tree.

I jumped in my car and drove up highway 154 in eager anticipation. I got there, and it was in radiant glory!! I could feel its happiness and embrace. It was in total bloom. Oak flowers everywhere.

It felt ecstatic that it was going to be an essence.

Then I remembered. When Diane moved in about 4 and a half years ago, the oaks were very sad, seemingly dying. She began working with them, and giving them essences. Lots of essences, especially Earth Balancing Trinity, and other essences as they called. Now, 4 1/2 years later- have a look.

The trees are so happy to give back. They have been nurtured with essences, and now they get to BE one. They kept telling ME how grateful THEY were.

Such a special journey. That feeling of being in Love, for me, was such a great sign that I'm doing the right thing.

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Love Fest! Making the Dolphin Essence: The Story of DolFUN ~ Being Love

Star Riparetti
“As you dissolve into love, your ego fades. You’re not thinking about loving; you’re just being love, radiating like the sun.” 
-Ram Dass

It felt like the day was made for me. I woke up early, filled with excitement, and that happy-for-no-reason feeling. I knew there was the possibility of making the dolphin essence. I had it in my heart to make it for over 15 years, waiting for the right moment... I knew it had to be in the Santa Barbara channel, and I didn't know much else- except it would have to feel right, and be graceful.

Maureen Bell, who is an inter-species communicator- in particular with whales and dolphins- and Art Cisneros, a Chumash elder, invited me and a group of other conscious folks for a cetacean-communing cruise on the Condor Express, a wonderful local whale watching charter. They organized the journey knowing that when we commune with these beings, we are changed- our vibration is raised and our hearts are opened and our DNA is rewoven. Also, we had an intention of transmuting some of the toxins in the ocean- and the food the dolphins and whales were eating. I'm not sure how successful we were with that. The message Maureen received from the whales was simply to receive their gift.

We were supposed to meet at the marina at 7:30am. The bucket I thought I would use had disappeared, and so did the rope, so I had to find a store open early. I found the perfect turquoise bucket (turquoise seemed very dolphin-y) - and no rope. Oh well, it's a boat!  They're bound to have some rope. (Of course, I am reminded, in the nautical world you're supposed to call it line, not rope.) Otherwise we were going to be tying shoelaces together if it really wanted to happen.

As we were getting on board I spoke with Eric, one of the crew, telling him what I wanted to do: I wanted to make a dolphin essence, with the dolphin water. He thought that was pretty cool, and figured he could come up with some line (rope). He spoke to the captain, and the captain said it was okay to do, as long as Eric did it with me. His big concern was that he wanted to make sure we didn't drop that bucket into the ocean. I like that. The Condor Express crew were very conscious, letting us know that there are no parts on the boat that can harm the critters... no sharp things, everything is safe. And as far as tracking the whales- they only do it with photographs. No tagging or anything. That was all really good to hear, and you could feel how much they loved their jobs. They seemed to get as excited as us to see the fabulous creatures.

Maureen is amazing in her conviction. She never had a moment of doubt that the dolphins would show up, because she had specifically made an appointment with them. She assured me we would see many of them, and indeed, there were two of them greeting us as we left the mouth of the harbor- to welcome us.

First we saw the sea lions, and then we started seeing more and more dolphins. They just kept showing up, and "surfing" with our boat. At one point I started to get the bucket, and Eric showed up and said we would come to an even better place, and they would slow the boat way down. A little later, Eric, on his own, showed up with the bucket. He was quite happy to be a part of this event. We made the essence. It was so easy. Eric even got a funnel so we could put it into the clean glass bottle I brought. I anointed the folk on the boat with some of the mother essence. Oh what FUN.

And- that brings me to the people who showed up. Oh My! Around 40 or 50 people who crisscrossed many different circles that I am in. I knew nearly everyone, and met a few new folks, and everyone was excited, and from the minute we saw the first dolphin, in the first 2 minutes of our journey, hearts opened and opened and continued to open. We would all squeal with excitement every time we saw something wonderful- Minkey whales, over 1000 dolphins, dolphins mating, mother and baby whale, spouting whales, whale tails- all that extracted great joy from all of us. We were, for sure, a happy group.  We toned and sang to the whales and dolphins. Art sang them songs. It was the perfect atmosphere to make the essence. It was the best most amazing heart fest and field of love.

O What a Happy Day!

The dolphin essence is called "DolFUN ~ Being Love" and addresses unconditional love, unity consciousness, lightheartedness and play. It can also be helpful for clearing and healing the earth's waters, and like all of the essences, has myriad other gifts.

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The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

Star Riparetti

My original plan was not to say anything about this, to wait until this project was complete, to wait until I had made all 38 essences. Now I am having the strong feeling to share this with you concurrently, as it goes along... To write while I am in the midst of this passionate, mystical and enchanting journey. The journey of finding these particular 38 flowers in their moment of bloom.

The clear message

It was 4 or 5 years ago that I received a message.  Even though I am sometimes a poor historian in terms of timing, I remember this particular message clearly and vividly. 

I was in Colorado with my sister Deb, attending an 8 day retreat with Sai Maa- a beloved guru/master/lightbeing. It was probably around day 5 and we were in silence for the day. We had what was for me, the longest, deepest meditation ever... with 400-500 people, for around 3 hours. I couldn't get out of my seat (or didn't want to) for at least 30 minutes afterwards. Finally, I slowly got up and left the hall and I walked outside and sat by the creek. There I began getting a very powerful message to

"make all of the Bach essences in a golden crystal bowl." 


The spirit of Dr. Bach came to me, as well as the master St. Germaine- urging me to do this. It was loud and clear, and quite beautiful, intense and specific. I noticed that I was sitting under an Aspen tree. Aspen was the first essence- a Bach essence- that I ever took (early 80's). The Aspen also seemed to have a lot to say that day, along with Dr. Bach, St. Germaine and Sai Maa. Later that evening (when we were no longer in silence) I spoke with William, one of the owners of the crystal bowl company Crystal Tones, about this idea and we discussed it for hours and hours. We both agreed that there were a Godzillion great reasons to do this project.

We must must anchored it into the grids that night- with our energy and enthusiasm.

The Golden Bach essence project stayed in my consciousness, even though many times I let it go, for a number of reasons. The immediacy of it faded away. The energy around it waned. It began to feel like too much work (definitely a sign not to do it).

When I was in Chile in 2009, I mentioned making the Bach essences to Ivan (our Chile distributor, who had brought me there to teach) and he didn't seem too interested. When I was back in May of 2012 to teach again, Ivan asked me about the Golden Bachs. I told him I had pretty much put that plan aside- and besides, even he hadn't seemed that interested. He told me in no uncertain terms that I should follow my own intuition and not listen to him or other people. That opened the page back up, put the concept back into my consciousness. Though the energy had waned, and then began waxing again,  l still didn't do anything about it (like ordering that expensive Golden Bowl).

On 12-12-12 I had 44 people in my yurt on my Chaska Norte land doing a special mahavakya (great sayings) meditation with the Andean Orchid Flower Essences. On 12-21-12 group of us walked the labyrinth and meditated and enjoyed that beautiful down-pouring of sweet energy. Those events and the two weeks in between were extraordinary and wondrous times.

Then- bam- right after 12-21-12 the golden bowl kept flashing into my consciousness. It was relentless. Then golden mustard flower began covering the hills around Santa Barbara and calling out to me. The message was that the Golden Age has begun, and it is time to make the Golden Bach essences. These particular essences wanted to be made after the shift in energy... and… that was NOW. The Golden Bowl would anchor these essences into the Golden Age!

The golden bowl

As it happened I divinely had the money to buy the bowl, and I called to order it. I was planning to get the smallest one. They come in notes, and align with specific chakras. The only small one they had was a third eye chakra. I ordered it. I had a vision of the bowl being the heart chakra (of course) and figured spirit would give me the right one- so third eye it was. Later I realized there was a mix-up and they were sending me the wrong type of gold bowl. I called again. The only bowl they had in the type that I wanted was 10 inches. I thought that was bigger than I wanted. I asked what note…. F sharp. Heart Chakra. Decision made. Perfect bowl on the way. It really wanted to be bigger, to transmit this huge beam of golden light. Sometimes it is useful to come to a wall to get me to turn a corner, to get to the right place. It was a bit circuitous to get to that one, and when it came it was love at first sight. It was the right bowl.


Here is something master sound healer Jonathan Goldman says about it:

"The Gold Bowl emits a frequency of Golden Light. Along with the extraordinary sound it creates, this golden light assists in making the bowl a transmitter of wonderful energy!!!!"

When the Golden Bowl arrived it got consecrated in the Star Essence office for one night, hanging out there with all of the essences. I'm not sure who was transmitting to whom. Then it spent two nights with me on my altar, then it was ready to get to work. Out of curiosity, I recently looked up what Crystal Tones had to say about their magnificent golden bowl that I have fallen in love with:

"A softly gleaming, elegant classic bowl infused with 24-K Gold, the energy of royalty, success and soul expansion. Its mirrored interior reflects a magical  golden hologram, a visual  doorway into crystalline consciousness that creates a golden sound temple in any setting. The Solid Gold Classic Bowl holds all master conductor frequencies for sonic reconnective patterning, molecularly energizing the body and enriching life experiences –a conscious sonic walk in Light."

Wow- that's pretty cool.

The message I received regarding cleaning the Golden Bowl between essence mothers is that playing the bowl will clean it. Of course I rinse it out (and sometimes dry it with a blow dryer). The toning clears out the energy of the previous essence.  Cool.  That was easy!  That was Magic!

The golden essences

I am in awe of the fact that so far I have 13 of the Bach flowers growing on my land.   When I bought the land in 2002 the only things growing on the land were a few natives- mostly poison oak, poison hemlock, thistle and nettles.  For trees there were toyon, lemonade berry and elderberry (and willow, although I didn't know it until recently, and I'm not sure when the aspen began to grow)... Over the years of clearing other natives began to appear.

The definitions of the Golden Bach essences are brief. There is a plethora of information about all of these essences available, and I encourage you to check it out. I've been asking what the gold bowl does, and can only say that I am told that it is giving an added benefit of expanding the octaves that the essences work in, and also giving us the frequency of gold amplified by the sun. 

Our first 9 Golden Bach Essences have been very well received- and now there are many more.

Click the links below to read the individual creation stories of the Golden Bach Flower Essences (so far)...

    1. CRABAPPLE Essence 3/14/13
    2. WILLOW Essence 3/15/13
    3. WILD OAT Essence 3/17/13
    4. MUSTARD Essence 4/2/13
    5. ASPEN Essence 4/7/13
    6. ROCK ROSE Essence 4/12/13
    7. WALNUT Essence 4/17/13
    8. PINE Essence 4/20/13
    9. HONEYSUCKLE Essence 4/26/13
    10. OLIVE Essence 5/1/13
    11. GORSE Essence 5/3/13
    12. VINE Essence 5/4/13
    13. VERVAIN Essence 5/11/13
    14. BEECH Essence 5/15/13
    15. CLEMATIS Essence 5/24/13
    16. CERATO Essence 5/28/13 
    17. OAK Essence 3/30/14
    18. MIMULUS Essence 4/22/14
    19. WILD ROSE Essence 5/4/14
    20. CHICORY with Cornflower Essence 6/2/14
    21. ROCK WATER Essence 3/5/15
    22. STAR OF BETHLEHEM Essence 3/22/15
    23. HEATHER Essence 5/24/15
    24. IMPATIENS Essence 10/17/15
    25. CHERRY PLUM Essence 3/18/16

We also have a 24K Gold gemstone essence that can also give us that magnificent and powerful golden energy, as well as the Freedom/Libertad Andean Orchid Essence, that has a chunk of 24K gold in the mother essence- holding the frequency of gold in that essence as well.

We are in the Golden Age. Something is up with that.


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Making the Clematis Essence: The Message to Make It Easy on Myself

Star Riparetti1 comment

Part 16 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl 

The Clematis had been spotted in the wild by Aanjelae (Star Essence Office Priestess and Customer Service Angel) on her long weekend hikes. I was very happy to know it was there, and the time to go on the search didn't seem to be there. Then Lori Ann (my friend and botanist) told me she has it growing in her yard.  I went and had a look.  It was very beautiful.  After that the purple clematis kept coming to me- I could see it so often when I closed my eyes.  I kept thinking, should I go on that hike and find it in the wild?  Would that be best?  The Clematis from the yard was relentless.  It said, Make it easy on yourself.  The energy of the wild clematis is going to come and offer it's energy as well.

So again, I went to Lori Ann's amazing garden, and made the Clematis, and it was super cosmic!

I kept seeing holograms of the flowers hovering above the bowl. It was gorgeous. And indeed, I could feel the energy of the Clematis from the mountain trail move in. It was a beautiful thing, as I could see and feel the energy move in through Aanjelae's heart and into the bowl. I'd never had that happen before. Then energies from clematis everywhere started following- entering the bowl. They came in like little gentle energetic angel butterflies. It was very different than when the pines were entering the bowl- which was more like a zoom or a whoosh.

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Making the Beech Essence

Star Riparetti

Part 15 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

Beech came quickly and easily, at my botanical friend Lori Ann's yard.There it was, right in bloom- both male and female flowers going into the essence. I could feel the Beech tree energy entering me as I was driving up the mountain to her home. Beech trees from all over coming to share and add their energy.

As I sat and watched the bowl I saw a golden orb moving around in front of me, and I'm wishing I could have somehow documented it...  It was about the size of a ping pong ball. It looked like a golden dandelion floating. It was fun. I don't know if it had any other message.

Afterwards Dr. Bach was clapping his hands and saying, Well done! It is such a joy to feel Dr. Bach's presence so powerfully as I embrace this project. I feel such support from the higher realms.

NEXT: Making the CLEMATIS Essence

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