Making the Beech Essence

Star Riparetti

Part 15 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

Beech came quickly and easily, at my botanical friend Lori Ann's yard.There it was, right in bloom- both male and female flowers going into the essence. I could feel the Beech tree energy entering me as I was driving up the mountain to her home. Beech trees from all over coming to share and add their energy.

As I sat and watched the bowl I saw a golden orb moving around in front of me, and I'm wishing I could have somehow documented it...  It was about the size of a ping pong ball. It looked like a golden dandelion floating. It was fun. I don't know if it had any other message.

Afterwards Dr. Bach was clapping his hands and saying, Well done! It is such a joy to feel Dr. Bach's presence so powerfully as I embrace this project. I feel such support from the higher realms.

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