Making the Pine Essence: The Whole Pine Tree Kingdom Was Talking to Me

Star Riparetti

Part 9 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

It began with a conversation with the Pine.

On my land Chaska Norte I have two Pine trees that I planted about 10 years ago. They were both in bloom, and speaking to me every time I walked by. They were saying they wanted to share their energy. I wondered which one to use- as they both look a little different, and there are lots of different kinds of Pines. I didn't know specifically which ones these were, and I noticed that the original Bach essence was made from Red Pine. The Pines told me not be concerned, as when I am working with the energy of a plant, all of the varieties can join in energetically. The message came through clearly that the Pine was ready, that I could use blooms from each tree, and that the whole company of Pine trees were ready to share their energy, as one collective. They are all in the same family, perhaps not the exact species. They are here in Santa Barbara- said to be part of ancient Lemuria (where essences were used more for higher states of consciousness, and rarely for healing, as everyone was already well).

Sure enough, on the day I made the wonderful Pine essence, I used blooms from both of my Pine trees.  There was also plenty of Pine pollen, which came right into the bowl with the buds- you can see it in the photos. So, this Pine essence includes the energy of the Pine pollen, and this is very auspicious. Pine pollen is a high source of natural testosterone. The Pine is also connected to the pineal gland.

Right away I was told that the essence would have the energy of the entire Pine family. That my Pine trees were just representatives for all of the Pines. They said they were part of an Evergreen Cooperative, and that I could call in the overlighting deva of the Pine tree energy to come and infuse the water. It was super willing. I was taking some photographs and bumped against a bloom, and lots of pollen came wafting out.

The Pine trees feel like a very powerful force, and they all are so happy to have played this essence role. This is one time I felt the energy was there even before I cut the flowers- the Pine is so ready to serve, so happy to be serving.

The trees assure me that their essence will do what the Bach essences do, and more, with the Golden Bowl energy boost. They are working in many octaves.

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