Making the Mustard Essence

Star Riparetti

Part 5 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

Mustard had been talking to me since 12-21-12.  It was instrumental in getting me moving on this project.  It seemed to be everywhere.

I had been meeting with a powerful group of priestesses, and one of them, Aurora, was working on an Art installation called "Nest" at El Capitan Canyon. We were helping to hold the energy for that art installation, and for other things to happen on that land. One day while we were there I noticed a particular field of golden mustard. We talked about it and agreed to meet on the full moon and make the Mustard essence right there. (This was even before the Golden Bowl had arrived.)  We had a plan.

It is very interesting about energy, and making essences.  It seems like such an easy thing, and- lots of factors need to come together for it to happen.

Mustard plans--- (hahahaha) how to know when the answer is no.

The first thing that happened was that looking at the weather report the whole week had symbols of sun, sometimes with a cloud- except on Thursday, the day of the full moon: the sun was totally gray. I do like to have sun directly on the bowl when making an essence. I know that the weather changes, and it was only Monday, and- WE can often change the weather, as well. I wasn't too concerned, yet looking at the week of bright suns, with one gray circle on that day did log into my consciousness. I asked Aurora to do a Mustard check. She got back to me with the surprising message that the on the one spot where we were planning to make the essence,  the Mustard was gone. Done. There was still plenty of other Mustard that we could use, and the specific spot we had chosen was not in cooperation. Hmmmm. Interesting.

On that full moon day I woke up feeling like the energy was wonky. Intuitively I was feeling a NO regarding the essence. It was indeed foggy. Wanting to push on through, and not disappoint the women I was meeting with, I still knew the sun could break through by the time we were ready.

Driving there it was interesting- the fields were full of Mustard.  I didn't think I had ever seen so much Mustard at one time.  The Mustard seemed to be saying yes.

There were 8 of us women meeting. We were going to do a ritual with the "Nest" project and make the essence. That was the plan. When Aurora arrived energy was pretty much askew. She had run into road blocks and difficulties on her way, in particular on this property. By the time we had done our parts with the Nest and we were heading to the beach to have a meeting, and to make the essence, the answer was very clear to me that this was not the day to make the essence- even if the sun were to come out. The energy just wasn't right, even though the Mustard was in bloom. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when making an essence. It is not only the fact that the flower is in bloom, there are other signs to be aware of, and- in particular, my energy and the folks who are there making the essence. We all agreed, this was not the moment. I was happy to know that there would still be time to make the Mustard another day- when it would be more graceful.



The mustard kept saying yes yes yes- and a few days later I made that essence very easily, by myself, on my Chask Norte land, on a beautiful sunny day. Mission Accomplished. Most of the magic around the making of the Mustard was in learning to know when the answer is no...  And also paying attention to when it is YES!

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