Anchoring Blue Lotus Temple

Star Riparetti

I have been working with the energy of the Blue Lotus for over two years. ("Blue Lotus" was revered in Ancient Egypt- and I promised the botanists I would let you know the Blue Lotus is really a Blue Water Lily, not a true Lotus.) I made the Nymphaea caerulea Blue Lotus/Water Lily essence in August 2014, and that is a magical story in itself.

First I ordered a Blue Lotus plant, and I made a little pond, and I grew it. I spent that time bonding with it. There was only one plant, and it did make several flowers. The raccoons enjoyed the pond as well as other critters. I wasn’t feeling it was the perfect plant to make an essence from, unless it was just for me.

Then- everything happened. My dear friend Leah, who is a Star Essence Master Teacher, got permission for us to go to a very special estate that grows lotuses in Santa Barbara and make the essence. The day turned out to be perfect, with us being the only people there, the weather ideal, and LOTS of Blue Lotus in bloom, at their peak. The energy felt like it was off the charts. I had several people holding energy while it was being made.

It was the same place where we had made the Pink Lotus flower essence, Initiation of the Heartlight, in 1999. It is very nice to take the pink lotus first, to initiate the heart light, and then go on to dive deeply into the Blue Lotus.

When I made the Blue Lotus/Water Lily essence, which is called Grace of Creation, I knew there was also something called the Blue Lotus Temple. It is the temple inside of us. This inspired the creation of the Blue Lotus Temple Constellation and Spray, a synergistic blend of essences. In addition to the Grace of Creation (Blue Water Lily) essence, it contains Eternal Youth (Epidendrum ibaguense), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Sacred Union (Maxillaria), Golden Rock Water, and Gold-24K. There is also a Blue Lotus Temple Spray, which contains all of the essences mentioned, plus exquisite pure rose and piper nigrum (black pepper) essential oils. It seems to hum, it is so high vibe!

We are taking essences in a whole new octave. The Blue Lotus Temple feels like an embrace as well as a portal to our own divine nature. It’s a guide. It’s way more. I look forward to hearing your experiences.


I asked my friends Meganne Forbes and Oceanna to collaborate and make a painting of Blue Lotus. Oceanna drew the geometries of it (as she has done for all of the orchids). We will have prints available soon!

    Recently I went to Chile to teach a two day class and a 1/2 day workshop. The extra exciting thing was that I knew this trip was about more than me teaching: it was about anchoring the Blue Lotus Temple strongly into the grids, so that everyone has access to it. I was assured by spirit that Chile was the place to do this. Beforehand I arranged for friends from all over (as close as Santa Barbara and as far away as Qatar in the Middle East) to be holding energy with me, and using the Blue Lotus Temple essence/spray at the same time as the workshops. I told the beautiful participants in Chile that we were building a light bridge from Chile to the US- and beyond- and anchoring the Blue Lotus Temple. It Happened. The energy in the room was rarified and palpable. We took the Blue Lotus Temple and did a brief meditation (I feel some of us could have stayed in that space all day). I then asked everyone to write one word, or something brief, about their experience, which they shared. I felt so blessed, hearing what happened. One woman saw her mother, whom she had never met. So many people had profound experiences. Meditating with a group is so powerful. I recommend it! The friends elsewhere had equally profound experiences meditating with Blue Lotus Temple and tuning into those of us in Chile.

    I’m feeling so humble and infinitely grateful to all of the people who participated. Here, there, and everywhere. Knowing and unknowing. It was definitely a fiesta of energy.  Here is a photo during one of our dance moments during the class. 

    I recently took the spray to Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree. 4 days of kirtan/ chanting. As I used the spray with a few people along the way the reactions were always the same. Wow- what was THAT. And- always a comment about how high vibe it feels.


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Making the Santa Barbara Stream Orchid Essence: The Story of Pituitary Master

Star Riparetti

After returning from Peru in April, I began to get information about the one wild orchid that grows here on the central coast of California: Epipactis gigantea (which is funny because it is certainly not gigantic- the blooms are quite small, between the size of a nickel and a quarter). This stream orchid, which grows in boggy areas, is quite rare and had been elusive to me for years. I had seen the plant, and never seen it in bloom. I mentioned it to a couple of friends, and- it was another one of those "everything that could go right, went right" sort of events. First it seemed as though its blooming time was over... Then my dear friend Katherine Grace located it- in bloom.

There is a place here in Santa Barbara county called Arroyo Hondo (which, interestingly, means "Deep Stream")- it is a land preserve and it is usually open to the public two days a month, and you have to have a reservation, and it is often booked several months in advance. Katherine Grace knows the caretaker of the land and was able to get us permission to go in and to make the essence. In fact, the caretaker was excited for us to come, which made it even better. Everything fell into place beautifully and we had an exquisite journey to the land to make the powerful essence of the Santa Barbara Stream Orchid.

The Epipactis gigantea stream orchid essence is called "Pituitary Master." The Pituitary is our main control center. It secretes oxytocin- the hormone of love. This essence awakens and strengthens this gland, which can accelerate our connection to the divine source, and connect this energy to the physical. Using this essence can also help us to have a feeling of contentment. It can help to create calmness- especially around a mate. It may even play a roll in autism, as one somehow has more appropriate social behavior.

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Making the St. John's Wort Essence: The Story of Be Happy

Star Riparetti

I was walking my labyrinth at first light on the Solstice. The St. John's Wort began to talk to me, and asked me to make it's essence on St. John's Day.

The St. John being referred to is St. John the Baptist. (I had to look it up.) Jesus once said of his cousin:

"Truly, I say to you, among those born of women there has risen no one greater than John the Baptist"

- Matthew 11:11

(I especially love the 11:11 part- always loving the signs... )

St. John's day is June 24. That day is also the day of the Inti Raymi in Peru- a huge festival honoring the Sun. We made the St. John's Wort flower essence on June 24, also called Midsummer's Day. In ancient times, midsummer's day was an occasion to pay homage to water, fire and plants. It was also a time to cleanse one's soul as well as to celebrate the summer solstice.

The new St. John's Wort essence is christened "Be Happy."

This essence is a beautiful reminder to do what all of the sages and gurus over time immemorial have said: Be Happy. It is so simple, so powerful, so important! Release the worry. Be Happy. Taking Be Happy is allowing your own personal flower guru to remind you to choose and to think the thoughts that bring you joy, the ones that make you feel happy.


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