$ 26.00

Size: 2 oz. glass bottle with spray top

EmBody The Temple

This Holy Sacrament, emanating a high frequency, is a mighty transformer of energy and takes us through a portal to our own temple of knowledge: that temple~shrine that is within our own hearts. The Blue Lotus Temple is that which is most noble and holy in ourselves. To go to the Blue Lotus Temple is to journey to the heart of peace, into a new octave of existence. We become the Blue Lotus Temple. We align with our 5th dimensional selves. We experience true compassion, which is a significant experience of enlightenment.

            The Blue Lotus Temple is a place where we can go, no matter where we are. The essences in this blend are a vehicle to help us get there. There is a unification and exponential effect when the Blue Lotus (Water Lily) is combined with the Andean Orchids, and transmitted with the Gold. A divine splendor and subtle euphoria emerges. There is a joyful bubbling of creative passion.

    We are returning hOMe in Sacred Union, by realizing the Sacred Union with all of life. "Home" is where we receive support and nourishment, it is a place of power and regeneration. When we come hOMe into the Blue Lotus Temple, we step into a sanctuary of empowerment and love. In this infinite dance of light, we are creating a spiral- we return to a place we have been before, on a new octave, so we experience it with a whole new level of conscious awareness. In this sacred hOMe, in our illuminated consciousness, the magic happens. We awaken more deeply to the glorious grace raining down on us.

            Dive deeply into the Blue Lotus Temple experience. It's beautiful to use this blend ceremonially and in meditation. Lightly mist over a vessel of pure water or other sacramental liquid, or over ritual objects. You can use the spray individually, or in conjunction with the Blue Lotus Temple Constellation. Call on the kingdoms of Light when working with Blue Lotus Temple rituals and ceremonies. Tune in to the most sacred visionary experiences ~ to evolutionary perception, as you merge into the Blue Lotus Temple of your heart, our multidimensional hOMe.

Spray your heart, aura and above your head... Feel the glorious grace raining down on you.

Essences: Eternal Youth (Epidendrum ibaguense), Grace of Creation (Blue Water Lily), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Sacred Union (Maxillaria), Golden Rock Water, and 24K Gold

Essential Oils: Rose and Black Pepper

Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water (no alcohol)