Making the Crabapple Essence

Star Riparetti

Part 2 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

As soon as the Golden Bowl arrived I kept looking at the list of 38 Bach essences.  Who was going to be first?  Where was I going to find them?  I knew Mustard was willing, and that is about all.

I sent the list of Bach flowers to the Star Essence staff, and to a couple of friends.  For some reason, out of all the 38 flowers, I felt compelled to ask, Does anyone know where there is a Crabapple tree?  I didn't know if I had ever seen one, nor what they looked like.

My dear friend Katherine Grace saw my list (and not my question about Crabapple) and casually said to me, "I saw your list and I know where there is a Crabapple tree and it is in bloom right now."  I could feel elation swarming into me.  Katherine Grace lives at El Capitan (a beautiful rural community 20 miles north of Santa Barbara), and come to find out, about 15 + years ago a man went around planting fruit trees in the area- not even on his property, just because he liked to see them bloom. She had been following and appreciating that tree for 15 years. The planter of the tree had made his transition, and it seemed like a nice honoring of him to make the essence from that beautiful Crabapple tree. It's like that is what it was there for (besides being so beautiful for everyone who passed by).


It was in full bloom in that very moment.  Katherine was getting ready to leave for Mexico. By the time she returned the bloom would be past. I was busy as well. A sliver of time appeared where we were both available to make the Crabapple essence- and I do mean a sliver. We both had a moment to connect, to find the tree, and to make the essence. Just like that- it happened. It was blissful and beautiful. The bowl sparkled and glowed. The Crabapple tree and its blossoms were extremely happy to participate. Everyone felt very fulfilled.


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