The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

Star Riparetti

My original plan was not to say anything about this, to wait until this project was complete, to wait until I had made all 38 essences. Now I am having the strong feeling to share this with you concurrently, as it goes along... To write while I am in the midst of this passionate, mystical and enchanting journey. The journey of finding these particular 38 flowers in their moment of bloom.

The clear message

It was 4 or 5 years ago that I received a message.  Even though I am sometimes a poor historian in terms of timing, I remember this particular message clearly and vividly. 

I was in Colorado with my sister Deb, attending an 8 day retreat with Sai Maa- a beloved guru/master/lightbeing. It was probably around day 5 and we were in silence for the day. We had what was for me, the longest, deepest meditation ever... with 400-500 people, for around 3 hours. I couldn't get out of my seat (or didn't want to) for at least 30 minutes afterwards. Finally, I slowly got up and left the hall and I walked outside and sat by the creek. There I began getting a very powerful message to

"make all of the Bach essences in a golden crystal bowl." 


The spirit of Dr. Bach came to me, as well as the master St. Germaine- urging me to do this. It was loud and clear, and quite beautiful, intense and specific. I noticed that I was sitting under an Aspen tree. Aspen was the first essence- a Bach essence- that I ever took (early 80's). The Aspen also seemed to have a lot to say that day, along with Dr. Bach, St. Germaine and Sai Maa. Later that evening (when we were no longer in silence) I spoke with William, one of the owners of the crystal bowl company Crystal Tones, about this idea and we discussed it for hours and hours. We both agreed that there were a Godzillion great reasons to do this project.

We must must anchored it into the grids that night- with our energy and enthusiasm.

The Golden Bach essence project stayed in my consciousness, even though many times I let it go, for a number of reasons. The immediacy of it faded away. The energy around it waned. It began to feel like too much work (definitely a sign not to do it).

When I was in Chile in 2009, I mentioned making the Bach essences to Ivan (our Chile distributor, who had brought me there to teach) and he didn't seem too interested. When I was back in May of 2012 to teach again, Ivan asked me about the Golden Bachs. I told him I had pretty much put that plan aside- and besides, even he hadn't seemed that interested. He told me in no uncertain terms that I should follow my own intuition and not listen to him or other people. That opened the page back up, put the concept back into my consciousness. Though the energy had waned, and then began waxing again,  l still didn't do anything about it (like ordering that expensive Golden Bowl).

On 12-12-12 I had 44 people in my yurt on my Chaska Norte land doing a special mahavakya (great sayings) meditation with the Andean Orchid Flower Essences. On 12-21-12 group of us walked the labyrinth and meditated and enjoyed that beautiful down-pouring of sweet energy. Those events and the two weeks in between were extraordinary and wondrous times.

Then- bam- right after 12-21-12 the golden bowl kept flashing into my consciousness. It was relentless. Then golden mustard flower began covering the hills around Santa Barbara and calling out to me. The message was that the Golden Age has begun, and it is time to make the Golden Bach essences. These particular essences wanted to be made after the shift in energy... and… that was NOW. The Golden Bowl would anchor these essences into the Golden Age!

The golden bowl

As it happened I divinely had the money to buy the bowl, and I called to order it. I was planning to get the smallest one. They come in notes, and align with specific chakras. The only small one they had was a third eye chakra. I ordered it. I had a vision of the bowl being the heart chakra (of course) and figured spirit would give me the right one- so third eye it was. Later I realized there was a mix-up and they were sending me the wrong type of gold bowl. I called again. The only bowl they had in the type that I wanted was 10 inches. I thought that was bigger than I wanted. I asked what note…. F sharp. Heart Chakra. Decision made. Perfect bowl on the way. It really wanted to be bigger, to transmit this huge beam of golden light. Sometimes it is useful to come to a wall to get me to turn a corner, to get to the right place. It was a bit circuitous to get to that one, and when it came it was love at first sight. It was the right bowl.


Here is something master sound healer Jonathan Goldman says about it:

"The Gold Bowl emits a frequency of Golden Light. Along with the extraordinary sound it creates, this golden light assists in making the bowl a transmitter of wonderful energy!!!!"

When the Golden Bowl arrived it got consecrated in the Star Essence office for one night, hanging out there with all of the essences. I'm not sure who was transmitting to whom. Then it spent two nights with me on my altar, then it was ready to get to work. Out of curiosity, I recently looked up what Crystal Tones had to say about their magnificent golden bowl that I have fallen in love with:

"A softly gleaming, elegant classic bowl infused with 24-K Gold, the energy of royalty, success and soul expansion. Its mirrored interior reflects a magical  golden hologram, a visual  doorway into crystalline consciousness that creates a golden sound temple in any setting. The Solid Gold Classic Bowl holds all master conductor frequencies for sonic reconnective patterning, molecularly energizing the body and enriching life experiences –a conscious sonic walk in Light."

Wow- that's pretty cool.

The message I received regarding cleaning the Golden Bowl between essence mothers is that playing the bowl will clean it. Of course I rinse it out (and sometimes dry it with a blow dryer). The toning clears out the energy of the previous essence.  Cool.  That was easy!  That was Magic!

The golden essences

I am in awe of the fact that so far I have 13 of the Bach flowers growing on my land.   When I bought the land in 2002 the only things growing on the land were a few natives- mostly poison oak, poison hemlock, thistle and nettles.  For trees there were toyon, lemonade berry and elderberry (and willow, although I didn't know it until recently, and I'm not sure when the aspen began to grow)... Over the years of clearing other natives began to appear.

The definitions of the Golden Bach essences are brief. There is a plethora of information about all of these essences available, and I encourage you to check it out. I've been asking what the gold bowl does, and can only say that I am told that it is giving an added benefit of expanding the octaves that the essences work in, and also giving us the frequency of gold amplified by the sun. 

Our first 9 Golden Bach Essences have been very well received- and now there are many more.

Click the links below to read the individual creation stories of the Golden Bach Flower Essences (so far)...

    1. CRABAPPLE Essence 3/14/13
    2. WILLOW Essence 3/15/13
    3. WILD OAT Essence 3/17/13
    4. MUSTARD Essence 4/2/13
    5. ASPEN Essence 4/7/13
    6. ROCK ROSE Essence 4/12/13
    7. WALNUT Essence 4/17/13
    8. PINE Essence 4/20/13
    9. HONEYSUCKLE Essence 4/26/13
    10. OLIVE Essence 5/1/13
    11. GORSE Essence 5/3/13
    12. VINE Essence 5/4/13
    13. VERVAIN Essence 5/11/13
    14. BEECH Essence 5/15/13
    15. CLEMATIS Essence 5/24/13
    16. CERATO Essence 5/28/13 
    17. OAK Essence 3/30/14
    18. MIMULUS Essence 4/22/14
    19. WILD ROSE Essence 5/4/14
    20. CHICORY with Cornflower Essence 6/2/14
    21. ROCK WATER Essence 3/5/15
    22. STAR OF BETHLEHEM Essence 3/22/15
    23. HEATHER Essence 5/24/15
    24. IMPATIENS Essence 10/17/15
    25. CHERRY PLUM Essence 3/18/16

We also have a 24K Gold gemstone essence that can also give us that magnificent and powerful golden energy, as well as the Freedom/Libertad Andean Orchid Essence, that has a chunk of 24K gold in the mother essence- holding the frequency of gold in that essence as well.

We are in the Golden Age. Something is up with that.


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