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About a year ago, a friend sent me a link to a channeling. For some reason, I woke up at 3 in the morning and listened to it. It spoke of the crystals in Arkansas and in Brazil being activated at a new level beginning 2015. I felt very strongly that I should go there and receive those transmissions. I decided 4 days would be plenty of time. I could handle 4 days in Arkansas.

I ended up taking a powerful group of women there with me in June of 2016. While I was there (which is now HERE) I kept saying “I could live here.” The universe quickly conspired to make that happen.  

The Backstory:

My granddaughter Kelsea told me, in no uncertain terms, NOT to put any more money into my Honda (which had 211,000 miles on it) even though they were working on it at that moment. She said “cut your loses”. With her advice, I ended up buying a new car. The reason I tell you this is because if I hadn’t had a new car begging for a road trip when I got back from Arkansas this awesome new adventure might never have happened.

Anyone who knows me knows that I follow signs (syncronicities) and my bliss. As soon as I got back from Arkansas, I really wanted to jump in my car and go back. I didn’t want to wait until September or October as I had “planned”. Everything fell into place for me to leave town. I took a leisurely trip, stopping at dessert hot springs, and visiting friends along the way. Kayse’s next door neighbor and friend Annie offered me a place to stay in Hot Springs. That was awesome! 

Star Arkansas

I arrived back in Hot Springs, AR on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 12th. Kayse met me with fresh squeezed green juice. That was a nice sign. We went to THE Lake. Ahhhhh- that was glorious. Worth the trip for sure!  Another nice sign.  

After our time on the lake, Kayse wanted to visit some friends down the street from where she lived to say good bye because they were moving moving out of state. While visiting I found out their place was for sale or rent. They moved out on Thursday, I meditated and made a very quick decision and called the owners. I made an appointment to meet with them the next day. They already had appointments with other people. I meditated again to know if I should take it, if they would rent it to me.  I got a resounding yes- which really was mind blowing. This was totally out of left field and seemed quite crazy. As it turned out they liked me and they rented it to me with an option to buy! They were so generous! They brought me an airbed, a camp chair, bed sheets, and a pillow!! They even blew up the airbed with the generator in their motor home because the power was temporarily out. That was everything I needed. Remember - I had absolutely no plan to move at that moment or to rent a place. I was just coming to check it out.   

Every single move seemed divinely choreographed.  

It felt like I had to accept this this cute lake house with a boat dock that is located right down the street from my new bestie, Kayse. Holy Divine Choreography! Every single thing had fallen into place. The timing was impeccable. I feel every guide I have collaborated to get me here, and I am SO GRATEFUL.  

Who knew there was life beyond Santa Barbara? Certainly not me.

A dear friend asked me 2 months before this happened if I would ever leave Santa Barbara. I said no. I’d rather live in a closet in Santa Barbara than in a mansion somewhere else. I’m eating those words, and happy to do so.

Now that I’ve been here for a little over 6 months the question that arises is what do I love about being here?  Let me count the ways.

When my mother moved to Santa Barbara (from Tennessee- before I was born) there was one stop light in the town. Living in Santa Barbara all of my life, I had become accustomed to the growing traffic. People talked about it, and I was like the frog in that slow boiling water. I didn’t realize it was happening - that is, until I left for awhile and went back. Yikes! I love all the country roads here in Hot Springs. Birds, trees, water, and even driving around you encountered very little traffic and lots of gorgeous trees. Even the “freeway” isn’t like its Californian equivalent. Here 5 o’clock traffic means waiting for two traffic lights, but there is even a shortcut that my local friend showed me to escape the wait.

The downtown is exceptionally cute and colorful and in the process of undergoing a revitalization. They have a first Friday art walk, which I went to recently. It was super fun. They also have a documentary film festival that has been going on for many years. I’m already starting to see people I’ve met before. It reminds me of how Santa Barbara was 30, 40, 50 years ago.

There is also lots of water, including excellent spring drinking water for free! You can go into town and visit any of 5 specific locations to fill your bottles with clean, delicious spring water.

There are so many places to explore nearby, including the Garvan Woodland Gardens. I love the Santa Barbara botanic gardens and the Garvan Woodland Gardens is well on par with them. In fact, the Garvan Woodland Gardens are three times the size of the Santa Barbara botanic gardens and is located on the lakefront. It features flowers, hiking, bridges, and even classes. My kind of Disneyland! 

I also went to the Daffodil Festival in Camden recently. It’s nice to have new festivals. How many Santa Barbara Fiesta Parades have I attended?! Probably 70! It’s time for something new in my life!!! 


Star Arkansas

If you're interested in cultural activities, Little Rock has more than you can even imagine.  I went to a garden show there a few weeks ago that was off the charts for me. They had a photo booth which is where the above photo was taken. 

And, of course there are the hot springs, which are inside beautiful bath houses. This is the thing to do in the winter when the lake water is fairly cold. People come from all over the world to soak in the bath houses and their hot spring waters.

Another thing to note is that there aren’t as many rules regarding building and what you are allowed to do on your land. If you are in the county, you can pretty much do what you want. FREEDOM! 

Lake Ouachita

And the main thing - The Lake -  Lake Ouachita. Running beneath Lake Ouachita is the largest vein of Quartz in the country.

 Lake Ouachita

Miraculously, I got a boat with a slip at a perfect Marina 20 minutes from my house - the slip being a very important piece. Slips are challenging to get unless you buy a boat with one, which I was able to do (very affordably).  

Lake OuachitaThe boat allows us to get out into the lake where the vortexs are, and in the summer the water is so warm you can swim there any time, day or night. It’s safe. We swam at midnight under a full moon. Yumm.  

I feel going into that water is transformational. It feels like that is part of my mission, part of why I was guided here, to get people into that water for a crystalline baptism. 

In actuality, Lake Hamilton and Lake Ouachita are two separate lakes. No one lives on Lake Ouachita - making it one of the cleanest lakes in the country. There are 200 islands on it where you can visit or camp for free. Lake Ouachita feeds lake Hamilton - which is where I live. I also have a boat dock there, as well.

Of course there are the crystals and minerals, too. You can find quartz nearly everywhere, so things are a buzz - a very sweet buzz. There are places to go and dig for them. There's even a place to dig for diamonds. Feels like being on the fast track for awakening, if that is what you choose.

 Lake Ouachita

Affordability comes into play as well, though that was not the driving force, it is what allowed me to move here even before my land in Santa Barbara has been sold.  I am trusting that will happen very soon, and that it will afford me the ability to create some spaces for visitors.  I already have the boats to play on.  

Did you know Arkansas is called “The natural state”? Or that the license plates feature a diamond? It’s gorgeous here. I always thought Santa Barbara was paradise.  Many people here say welcome to paradise. This is truly a hidden treasure.  It’s hard for me to imagine that this lake is such a secret. It has expanded my mind, heart and soul in such a good way. To me, this whole area feels like a new Machu Picchu and it's as if the lake is connected to Lake Titicaca. I have synchronistic stories about that too, but this is already too long!

So think about coming to the retreat in June. It will be pure Blisssssssss!  Or as my friend Kayse says Bliss ola.


Dear Star, So wonderful to find you enjoying your sacred life. Your essences, stargaritas, etc., brought me so much delight during my tenure in SB. I was even blessed once to attend a special ceremony with you & your crystal elixers, at your place with the breath-taking view (during an equinox I believe). Your beloved Angelic radiance was so lovely at first sight, and still is . Thank you for sharing your love, beauty, gifts, and wonderful life with us.
Kathleen Horton
Kathleen Horton
Hi Star, I have been living in Santa Paula for 20 years now and I know just what you mean about Santa Barbara and the traffic and not so good changes. I also loved SB but now I love SP but love the sound of Arkansas also. I found that it was never quiet in SB, even in the middle of the night. Now, if I wake up in the middle of the night, it is dead quiet or maybe some crickets or raccoon noises. I am so happy that you found Arkansas (Alison told me about your blog). I may have to take a road trip as well some time and stop by and say hello, although I an not a good traveler. You look exactly the same and happy as always.
How exciting! You are just glowing and your words portray the joy of being in such a magical part of the world. Please keep me in the loop regarding the June Retreat. Blessings and light to you.
pat clements
pat clements
I am so happy that you love your new home, Star! It sounds so exciting and just right!!
I am so interested in learning more. I have lived in Santa Cruz for a very long time and can relate to the frig in boiling water. Don’t know if I can make June happen, but want to know more! Blessings to you Star for sharing this

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