Expanding the Field of Acceptance: The Story of Making Chicory-Cornflower Surprise

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Part 18 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl 

I've been searching for the words... I'm not so sure that even now I have them, and I will say that the FEELINGS for me, of what happened are profound.

Making the Chicory essence was powerful. I felt the presence of the Chicory so strongly on the day I made it. I remember the feeling, and even being aware of the strength of the connection. There was also strong guidance for picking flowers in several locations. I sent out my newsletter announcing the Chicory, and when I got the e-mail from my friend saying that the "Chicory" photos were actually of Cornflower, I was pretty disconcerted, to say the least.

I went searching for answers. I centered myself and went to walk the labyrinth on my land. Right away- like immediately, and without even asking- the energy of the Chicory was in my face, very much in my energy field. That's the best way I can explain it. The message was specific that the Chicory energy was in the essence. There wasn't really a conversation. It was simply abundantly clear that I was to let this essence go out. (I would have been perfectly fine to "recall" the essence, and in fact I was prepared to do just that.)

Essences can be made without cutting the flower. Many essence makers do this. I have always done it by cutting the flower- because I didn't trust myself and my connection to the spirit of the plant, and just in case, there would be the physical action of cutting the flower into the water. I do my best to remain impeccable in this. I feel very good about my essence making, and I have often heard from my guides that I am a good essence maker- and that is why I was called on to make so many essences. (Currently I've made over 250 individual essences, and having so many products has made my business more complicated in many respects.) The plant spirits and gem guardians don't seem to be concerned about economics or logistics or storage or any of that. They are happy to have their gifts available.

I know this exercise with the Chicory is my lesson. With plants (and things that don't have mobility) there is an Oversoul. I'm not sure that is even the right word. The soul of the plant or gem is not held within it- thus the plant is not "killed" when we cut it. That is another reason I always have felt fine about cutting the flowers, and even eating them.

I had been wondering just what the Cornflower is about and why it was in the essence, and if I didn't even know it was there, was there a connection? And all sorts of other thoughts. There are times that I can tune in to the spirits and there are other times that it just doesn't happen. Right now it is around 4:30 AM with a visible eclipse happening. I could see it for most of it, and now it has gone below my horizon. Of course it is still happening whether I can see it or not.

There is some analogy with that.


So why do we have the Cornflower with the Chicory?

It deepens the power of the essence. It gives it a broader spectrum. It moves the vibration slightly to address the 21st century. 

The Chicory helps us to release the need to control, change or make others to be what we deem more perfect. The Cornflower helps us to release our idea of what perfection is.

It helps us to know that our idea of perfection and someone else's idea of perfection aren't necessarily the same, and it isn't necessary to change their idea. There is room for it all. The Cornflower gives another dimension to the essence. This Chicory essence isn't just about dealing with the need let everyone else know how to do it right, it's about the allowance of expanding what is "right." Chicory helps you feel okay about yourself, regardless of how you perceive that others are behaving, and with the Cornflower something deeper- a greater acceptance of everything- can happen.

The essence needed to be made the way it was because my rational mind would not have done it. I would have wanted the Chicory to be pure. I would have wanted it my way, and I wouldn't have had room to allow for it to be different from what I deemed "perfect."

Again the Chicory comes and shows me that the bottles with the drops are infused with its energy. The Cornflower laughs, because since I have the photographs of it, it doesn't have to "prove" anything to me.

I am also being shown the power of the drops, since yes, we can connect to the spirit of the plant and bring the energy to us (without taking drops), and it has taken me several weeks (and the full moon eclipse) to get to this beautiful connecting place. This place gratefully also comes on days I make essences, and I can't always conjure up the connection at at a moment's notice. I CAN take a bottle of essences and take the drops 4 x a day or more, and keep that frequency until my body continues to remember it- which can sometimes (and not always) take awhile- like days, weeks, months. Sometimes (often) taking drops is just easier than taking the time to make the connection with the plant spirit.

This is a whole lot of words, to explain a feeling that happened in seconds.

Take the essence. It will teach you, and expand your field of acceptance.



alison lingwood
alison lingwood
I love the idea of the oversoul and feeling the essence and then letting it go. I used conflower and rose today for someone and now I can see why. The blending was so important . Thank you
Beautifully written. I’ve loved this essence for years, and use it when it comes into my awareness. The beautiful buds popping up this time of year are such a delight! Thank you for sharing your experience :-)

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