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I just love these notes of confirmation... xoxoStar


"Thank you so much!! I am so incredibly excited to receive this package for my 24th birthday. Warm Gratitude to Star, and all of her team, I thank you for these incredible products and the wisdom your book, Bliss and Blessings brought into my life, my friends and I call it 'Manifesting 101'. Your story continues to inspire so many. Blessings to you! With Peace!"

- H.D., Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for harvesting all this medicine in such sacred and beautiful ways. Your work has helped bring me into deeper harmony and alignment. My life is powerfully blessed thanks to your integrity, love and commitment to serve humanity. Thank you!"

- Myrna

"Star Essence is Awesome! I have experienced their beauty, harmony, and Grace for almost 20 years. Their formulas have supported me in phenomenal energetic shifts! I am truly grateful. Thank you Star and your wonderful staff as well."

- Judith


"When I started looking through your catalog, I felt like I was looking at a menu of things you would get in heaven!"
- T.B., PA.


"I am taking the time to thank a few people who have helped me thru a major transition. I have been able to allow a new structure of beliefs to begin moving past security and money fears and the blessings are starting to show up.  I had stopped taking essences for various reasons earlier this year and shortly discovered that I absolutely have to maintain a frequency above mass consciousness in order to live the life I want to live. So the essences are back in my life again to stay and I am grateful. My new intention is to begin creating the abundance I need to manifest my soul's goals and today i was reminded that this is not the time to pinch on the essences; to take more because these times of transition are what the essences were made for!  So I've made my list of what I would love to be able to take and am releasing that to the Divine today... Thank you all again for all the light you have brought to my life and the planet."

- Linda


"My 8-year old daughter (my little healer) LOVES your products, and she TOLD me I needed to get Vortex of Harmony, even though neither of us have ever tried it before. The other 2 products, my daughter and I are ordering for my sister's b-day (presents from both of us). She loves spraying her Happy Kid Spray on me, not just on herself. Anyway, have a great week!"

- I. G. , CA.


"Just received my order from you beautiful stars... Thanks so much - my children were promptly anointed with Angel Anointing Oil - we love everything. Will make another order soon, this time for some Constellations ...love and light xxx"

- Carmel

"I love the essences and use them daily.  I thank God that my kitties love them too and I can share them with others.  I love alchemy and I love putting my love into the essences I create.  Your love, kindness, and generosity have given me the wings to fly with the essences.  I thank God for you and the amazing difference you make in the world.  I honor who you are, your friendship and our soul connection.  God Bless You Star and thank you."

- Trudy


"Thank you for your loving support and all of the Light you are adding to the world. Keep shining your magnificent Light! God Bless You."
- Patti (Patricia Cota Robles), New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose




"Thanks so much for the essences. I have been asking for them for so long. I started on Friday, which I thought was the new moon. Today, is Sunday. I've had a shift. Let's see how I proceed. My deepest gratitude."

- Beverly

"I suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and have had this condition since I was a little girl. I am going through the later stages of perimenopause now and all my chronic symptoms have increased ten-fold during this time. I received inner guidance to use flower essences but have never been able to take them by mouth because of my severe gastrointestinal symptoms. In fact, at this time, my body has even rejected all herbal and natural supplements too. So I have been at my wits' end trying to figure out how to heal myself. I would usually rub the essences I got on my skin or use in the bath etc. However, when I placed my very first order with you and received my essences back in June, something prompted me to put a few drops in my mouth. I waited anxiously thinking my body might produce painful reactions but it didn't!!! Since then, I have developed the confidence to take your essences orally as well as use topically too. I have never been able to do this before. There must be something wonderful and special about the healing water and alcohol you use to make your essences because it feels good to take them by mouth and my body does not reject it. Thanks once again for everything you are doing to help someone like myself... Blessings."

- L., San Antonio, TX

"Thank you! Your essences are my magic potions."
- Laura

"Just wanted to say how Thankful I am for the presence of Star Essences in my life! I've had one of these complete shake-up years courtesy of the Universe. My husband passed away in September and everything in my life needed to change immediately... it's been somewhat tumultuous. But- and I tell everyone this- I do not know how I could have gotten through this time without Star Essences. Friends and family really helped, yoga helped, prayers helped. Ultimately, though, I feel sure that flower essences played a huge role in just keeping me together and moving forward. Not sure where this journey is taking me, but I know it'll be someplace/something good and flower essences are paving the way. I notice that people seem readier or more open to flower essences now, too... Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for all the magic in beautiful blue bottles! Love."

- F.B.

"Thank you so much again for all your wonderful essences... I have used them for years not only for myself but for my clients as well and each one carries such Divine Joy to them as well as such high vibrational energy too... Thank You!! Joyful Blessings."



"When I found your site on the Internet, I cried. I felt as though I had found my home. It still makes me tearful when I think about it. It's so strange, as you are all so far away and in a land that I have absolutely no experience of at all. I know nothing of California or the Andes or Peru or anywhere where you source your flower essences. I live in a tiny village, deep in the country, in the south west of England. It couldn't be more different, but I do feel a soul connection with you all at Star Essence. Thank you so much for your kindness." 


"Hi! I just want to let you know that the Essences arrived Safely Today... They were ordered with a lot of Intentionality on Winter Solstice and they Showed up on New Years Eve!  First thing I did was make an offering with [Earth Balancing Trinity] on my Land .. Thank you so much for Putting it together with Great Love & Care ... There was No Problem with Customs....  I look forward to all that is To Come & I wish you & the Whole Team there a Very Blessed New Year!"

- J.K.

"The essences have made a big difference in the journey I am on... there is this feeling of clearing and amazing one-ness energy going on for me... Namaste love to you all... "


"I just adore the Star Essences and am finding them vital in our changing times." 
- Lorie


"I purchased Selenite, Wild Feminine & Prosperity Alchemy through the Shaman's Market and I absolutely adore them. They work!!!! I'm hooked. Thank you for creating such brilliant products."

- Nichell

"I love your catalog and don't know how I got along before I had my Illumination (Star) Pocket Oracle!"



"Many months ago I ordered (upon your recommendation) some essences for my husband. I bought Soul Purpose, Graceful Passages, Prosperity Alchemy, and Diamond. He was trying to get the courage to quit his corporate, data center job - but was worried. Well, yesterday he was laid off - with 63 weeks of severance pay! Today he's out back potting up his tomato seedlings, studying "worm farming", and smiling from ear to ear. The essences, obviously, worked!"

- S., Scottsdale, AZ.


"I must say that your products are incredible. I tried them at the Lucidity festival and I was amazed. I had tried your elixirs and sprays and I almost came to tears. I was filled with intense joy and emotions. I bought 4 elixirs and 1 spray and it was worth every penny. Thank you so much :)"
- Daniel


"I am so glad to be on your mailing list, even if I cannot afford to buy much.  I am 74 and on a fixed income, yet will spend what I have for keeping myself and the planet healthy. Namaste."

- Maggie (aka Peggy)

"I have been loving and my face and body have been drinking in the essences... my spirit is dancing from them they are soft and strong... and that is how i feel... when i use them...i love star flowers magical mystery tour essences... being willing to journey... WITH BIG SMILE."

- Anita


"Star Riparetti makes orchid essences with plants growing in the wild in Peru. She was the first person in the essence world to make a spray which combined flower essences and essential oils. Her Angel Rejuvenation Spray proved to the essence community that this was both possible and very desirable, and many other essence-makers have followed suit. Beyond that, her tremendous appreciation of the magic of the orchids, as well as the culture and landscape and peoples of Peru make her work all the richer. She's also simply a delightful, wonderful soul, and her work deserves our attention."    - Don Dennis, International Flower Essence Repertoire


"We are so grateful for the essences. Shield of Light is our current best best best friend. And we have had many great experiences giving out Otter Delight!!! I love to watch the essences travel. I know technically I bring them, but it seems as if they're on their own trip, wiggling their way into all sorts of situations. I often find myself looking over and seeing them sitting somewhere I never would have expected!"

- Rica

"I just wanted to tell you that I started taking this remedy only a week ago, and almost immediately I felt the effects. Not only am I aware of 'thought forms' moving from my subconscious into my conscious (things I thought I'd resolved years ago), but also conversations and interactions are happening in my life that are allowing my achilles' to surface. Things that have weighted me down so heavily in the past, but I couldn't quite access them. Thanks to this remedy I am able to see them and face them head on! SHOWDOWN BABY. And we both know who's going to win :-) Thank you Star Essence!!"

- Valerie

".... I love you guys dearly and have many new clients... I am in love with Starflower Essences for all the same root reasons you are... I met Roger in Peru two years ago and now I can't wait to meet my Aquarian soul - star sister Star. Thank you always for all your help and follow-up, your good cheer, and YOUR WONDERFUL PRODUCTS! All of the best to the whole Starflower crew. Bountiful blessings of light and love."

- Joan


"I can taste the power I can smell the power and I can feel the power of the Essences.
They are amazing! Thank You!"
- C.C., England


"I first came across your essences at the Natural Products Expo West, and they have really changed my life for the better. Also the lives of the people that I've made them for. Bless you all."

- Vicki, Wisconsin

"Hi Star! Just wanted to let you know that your e-mails, your products and what you are doing are awesome. ..thanks for the positive energy, thoughts and prayers. . .this is what it is all about! Namaste."

- Vendela


Thank you for making flower essences. I admit I was a tiny bit skeptical the first time around, but I must say these make a HUGE difference. (I feel a lot calmer with essences in me :) ) Please keep up the wonderful work, and I look forward to ordering again!! Thank you."

- Ariel


"Hi! Received my order today - Pure Joy and Wild Feminine and Zania got me so excited I couldn't wait to open the package! - and Moldavite! I made a combo of Pure Joy and Wild Feminine and I'm still feeling it - fantastic! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

- Diana Ewald, L.M.T., Opening Doorways to Heal, Pillars of Light Center, Supporting Your Health Naturally, Winter Park, FL.


"thank you   thank you   thank you

your essences grace my xmas gifts to many friends and family

it is so lovely to have the relationship with all of you

you show the world how businesses should be run

your energy spurs me on all year long

bless you for the good god's work that you do

sending loving kind wishes."

- Alice


"The essences have worked so well that when the blessings rain they pour!"
- Nat


"Hi. Thank you for the Dragon! It was great Surprise!!! Actually it was for one of our client. We send the dragon yesterday for her and it arrived today. And it was her Birthday today!!!! Of course we didn't know about that. What a miracle coincident!!! She was soooooo happy. She wants to say thank you [see below]. We also happy that she was so happy about Dragon. Thank you very much."

- Hiro, Japan (Star Essence Distributor)
"Mis. Star, hello.
I am Michiko Watanabe in corporation BROADLINE which sells the Star Essences in Japan. I received the stuffed toy of the dragon from you on September 27, 2010 of the Japan time! It is a very great dragon! More than it saw with the photograph, it was beautiful, and it was lovely, and has been moved very much deeply. Moreover surprisingly, this day when I have received that was my birthday for being happier! I'll be thankful for this accident.
    By the way, my mother who lives by only one person was sick in the end in June, this year, and the distantly distant country, and fell on them. I ran by airplane. My mother was in the intensive care unit in the very dangerous state. I sprayed 'Holy Harmony' many times around mother's body and bed. That was earlier than I thought of the mother's recovery which would be effective.(Mother works hard at rehabilitation now.)
I spread splendor of the Star Essences in Japan from now on. Put thanks to the Star Essences and Ms.star heartily. Thank you very much.
Finally I thank Mr. and Mrs. Kushibiki in corporation Natura which forwarded the stuffed toy of the dragon and this email."


"Star is a living master of her craft. She is the world authority in the field of flower essences. I reference her book 'Bliss and Blessings' often. I love experimenting with her different products. My favorite is her cacao flower essence."    - David Wolfe, author of The Sunfood Diet Success System and Eating for Beauty


"I am a practitioner in New Jersey and have been using your essences with much success for myself and my clients..."

- Sandra, Essence and Energy Practitioner

"Blessings to you and yours and all your good works! You have made a difference in my life! My spiritual travels and spiritual work has been enhanced by your essences, from the very practical 'Altitude' [Travel Solution] and 'Wellness' [Super Immune] to the more esoteric 'Chaska' and 'Higher Chakra Trilogy' and 'planetary awareness' to the Angel Spray and 'owie' [Angel] drops. Have a year filled with health, happiness and prosperity and enlightenment and healing for yourselves, your families and business. May all unfold perfectly and pleasantly! from one contented and appreciative customer. Love Love Love."

- Dobby

"Your essences are so high - I'm so glad you're here - Be in touch."

- Kalar


"You have a great web site and your enthusiasm for your essences truly vibrates through!"
- Nancy, California


"I tried the Bushilla and have a marvellous feeling of well being!"


"... The essences are a wonder and I thank you for them as well as all those who support and work with you to bring this energy to the planet...from the planet...."



"My daughter gave Brave Heart to a veteran friend who has severe anxiety and it works wonders for him... He calls it his 'Chill the [bleep] Out Potion!'"
- L.B.


"Well, I’ve given the Star Essences a fair trial and all I can say is: I want them in my life... Thank you so much for these essences – please tell Star she is doing such amazing healing work and I’m truly happy with the essences and how much they enhance my life.Thank you so much for your wonderful and loving service. Blessings to you all. All my love."

- Lyn, Pennsylvania 


"These are powerful enhancers for higher consciousness."

-Santa Barbara Musician


"I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoy your Angel Rejuvenation Spray and the game of Illumination [Star Pocket Oracle]. Being rather new to oracles, but having a few (shopping fool that I am) I really enjoy yours. I like the numerology and color aspects along with the various shapes. I also like the portability. It's the one I now tote with the smaller version of my stuff that goes nearly everywhere with me. I'm looking forward to meeting you! With love."

- Laurie

"Dear Star, It was a gift of Divine Providence to talk w/you yesterday! Thank you - The angels are watching over us! I intuited through your suggestion, a mixture of 3 essences I needed - Jacaranda, Balance & Stability and Anchoring Light. I took several doses by bedtime and literally, (in my subtle bodies) felt myself leave the 'floundering, thrashing' state to return to the new paradigm - the state of moving w/grace that has become familiar to me this year. I have just ended a marriage that is incongruent for both my spouse and myself, and returned to live w/my mother, and near my sons who live w/their father. So, it is a challenge to return to roots and create a new 'turning of the wheel.' I use many practices on my journey - however, this combination of your Orchid Essences, is immediate, multidimensional, effective. Star, thank you. I am so very grateful and find my footing in the new ways, thus 'joining' others. x"

- Marina

"My daughter, age seven, recently flew alone to Hawaii to visit her grandparents for a week, a very powerful trip for her. When we all met her on her return she was crying because she missed her grandma. I thought it was great that she had bonded to her grandma, but when she continued to cry every evening for a week I decided to make her a flower essence blend. She and I sat together with Star's definitions and looked for clues on how she would like to be. My daughter picked Balance and Stability, Anchoring Light and Pure Joy and I picked High Frequency for issues of the heart and Nature Communion for its synergy and grounding (she calls it Nature Community). At the end of this choosing process she had transformed from disconsolate to happy, saying, 'I already feel better!' Together we mixed up the blend and she named it 'I'm having fun!' She left with it in hand, reappearing later - clear, balanced and full of fun. Wow!"

- Becky


"I just received a small order this afternoon...for the San Juan/Perfect Temperature (Master Teacher), and I started to use it and I can't believe it, it's working. And I have been sweating for the last five years and this appears to be the first thing in my whole life that I've taken that's going to help me. So naturally I'm ecstatic and like jumping for the ceiling with ecstasy, I'm so happy..."


"I tried your flower essence punch idea. Great party!"
-Oxnard mother


"I did my first order in January, I couldn't help but buy a bottle of your Earth Balancing essence. If you were willing to give it away, I knew it was important. Well, I gave some away but never made a dosage bottle for myself until very recently. I planned a small vegetable garden using the co-creative method. The garden is a 17 feet diameter circle that resembles a medicine wheel. When we got the dirt in and raked, I placed 3 drops of the Earth Balancing essence in a triangle in the middle. A few days later, the sun was out and it started to rain. As I was watching out my back window, a rainbow very suddenly appeared out of the woods and ended exactly in the middle of my garden when I had put the essence! It left about as quickly as it came but my 5 year old son did witness it too. I have never seen the end of a rainbow before and was floored that the first one I saw ended in my garden."

- A.J., Columbia, MO.  

"My puppy's name is Merlyn. He is American cocker spaniel and just 5 months old boy!! We keep enjoying Star Essences together. He just got in an accident a week ago and he was on serious situation at that time,Suddenly two stray cats attacked him during walking with my mother. then he became very in shock and he started vomiting blood. A lot of water was in his lungs because of shock. but, he became fine with star essences very quickly. I feel thank you for star essence and I have it with me."

- rie, Japan


"I have had some fantastic results using Star Essences in my practice.  I have suggested them at times when a patient's emotional state was contributing to the pain, or discomfort that they were feeling.  The most exciting example was when a patient's compulsivity was slowing their healing progress.  After one week, not only did they heal faster and feel better, but spontaneously quit smoking!"  - Dr. Eric Watts


"Thanks for all your help. I am very grateful to have you and the flowers in my life. Much love."

- Lea


"These are jewels. Keep doing what you're doing. We are so happy to have these premium healers. Thank you!"

- San Francisco Pilot


"I have used the essences on the acu points as well as in massage and tinctures. The most fun continues to be with my animal friends. Each day the water feeders and water troughs are 'spiked'. Birds, bats, hummingbirds, cats, dogs, coyotes, deer, bobcats, mountain lions, insects, butterflies, bees, eagles, ants, snakes, frogs, hawks, cows, horses, and on and on all drink your essences!  With open range law out here, the neighbors' cows are often grazing our ranch. Poor things eventually go on to feed lots. I fill essence water for them each day. Think how many hamburger eaters end up getting a dose of Star Essences! And, I know the birds migrate Canada to Mexico dropping sweet essences along the way. I've got the sacred water and essences in many of the wells and water supplies, so the plants, people, earth are all enjoying. And, what gets evaporated probably drops down in India somewhere. 2000 years from now your essences will be a part of all life.

    Thank you for your huge contribution to the planet and for all sentient beings. May every cell in your body radiate with pure aliveness, pure joy, radiance, bliss, peace, love, and freedom. And....I love the essences! May all of your dreams come true. With love."

- Lans (Peterson)


"We have been using flower essences from all over the world, including yours, which we think are some of the best that exist."
- Patricia & Bjarne, Denmark


"I wanted to pass along [Allison's] praise and her story to you. After talking to her I knew that she was a light worker and that the universe has given her 'obstacles' to wake her up to her true potential. She was diagnosed with a rare disease called RD that affects the central nervous system. It is similar to MS but way more painful, it is more painful that cancer. She went down the Western medicine route… taking 100mg of OxyContin a day!!!!!!!!!!! She also developed severe cardiac problems and was very fatigued. She almost gave up, thinking there was no way out from all that she was dealing with. During the same time her husband was in a motorcycle accident and had head trauma.

    One day while she was in Austin seeing her psychiatrist, spirit lead her to the Herb Bar and she was automatically drawn to Star Essence. She received some counseling there from the Staff and went away with Emerald and a few other essences. Within days her pain was gone! She was experiencing heart pain so bad she was about to have surgery. After a bottle of Emerald a week she was fine. She began taking more essences and now she is on only 20mg of OxyContin a day. She bought your book and was so inspired, she read it all in one night. After reading your book she also started to journal again!

    Since finding the Essences she has started to remember all of her gifts, remembering that she is VERY empathic and can touch people and know what is wrong with them emotionally and physically and realizing why she had the disease she has and also knowing that she has the power to get rid of it! She is so grateful to you for the essences and really wanted me to tell you thank you and tell you how much they have helped her whole family, even her dog. She rescues Grey Hound dogs and the Happy Pet has transformed her animals.

    She has been driving 200 miles from San Antonio, TX to Austin just to get the Essences. She then discovered she could order from us directly and has placed two orders! Thanks from Allison…she loves the Essences."

- Emily, former Star Essence employee


"What I particularly like about your essences is that there is something for everyone available."
- Dr. Joshua David Stone, Van Nuys, CA.


"I discovered your essences exactly one year ago, and i have been taking them mostly every day for a year and I still have essences in the concentrate bottles I bought then.  I am experiencing a green energy shift and i am grateful that i have enough essences to see me thru the shift. I am working on getting to know Faith and Courage and the sacred geometry for that essence.  I just wanted to say thank you for the essences and for allowing them to be truly affordable and for creating Bliss and Blessings which i read very often to center and for comfort. :) With One Heart..."

- Linda  


"When I received my order, I took out one of the Pocket Oracles and was amazed that I could actually feel vibrations from the package. That has never happened to me before. So amazing. I would like to order 3 more to give as presents. The two I gave away were truly appreciated as were the essences. Thank you for creating things so wonderful."

- Joan


"Two of my clients have been immeasurably helped by Recharge and Nourish: One woman took this essence throughout her pregnancy and C-section, and was back to work after only a week. Another 77 year old client was prone to asthma, had pneumonia, and was exhausted. She took the essence for a week and a half and turned her situation around!"

- Lorena

"In the final hours of my mother’s bout with lung cancer and being in a semi comatose state, a continual gathering of about 20 people surrounded her in the room. I needed to go home Saturday to get a change of clothing, and found my little package of essences in the mail. When I returned to visit my mom that evening, I sprayed the Angel Rejuvenation Spray and even though everyone thought it was weird, they liked the smell… it seemed to mellow out the room. Sunday my mom’s breathing was very heavy and labored… about 30 minutes before she passed away, I sprayed the Angel Spray again and put drops of Graceful Passages in my hands and touched her face and held her hand… during the last 20 minutes of her life she opened her eyes, and they looked very clear and her breathing became calm… she passed very peacefully. It was everyone’s belief that the Angel Spray and the Graceful Passages drops helped tremendously, maybe miraculously, and everyone noticed it… I was grateful that I got the essences in time."

- Steven


"I was up at Centergees in Portland recently and exposed to many lines [of essences], and while I love them all, I have a particular love for Star Flower Essences. Their energy is just the best!"

- Merissa, Florida


"When I first started working, I was still in deep recovery from a car accident from early November. I had herniated 2 disks in my lumbar spine and was in extreme pain, unable to walk long distances or stand or sit for long periods of time. I started to take Magic Healer and the change was immediate! It was like an angel flipped a switch and suddenly I began to feel better and better every day. Now, just over 6 months later I am almost fully healed, and can practice yoga, go on hikes with my dog, and stand and sit with comfort. There is no greater gift than good health, and I credit the essences with helping me regain mine.

    Since my first wonderful experience with Magic Healer I have been amazed again and again by the power of the essences. Whenever I get a tickle in my throat I immediately turn to Super Immune. The other morning I woke up with the left side of the throat entirely swollen and was afraid I would be in for a long sickness, but after just 7 drops of Super Immune I was right as rain! And any little boo-boos immediately get Angel Drops and just as quickly feel better- it really is as good as a mother’s kiss! I highly recommend having these two essences in your medicine chest!

    Prosperity Alchemy is another wonderful addition to my life. Every time I take the drops an unexpected windfall comes into my life, whether it’s as small as finding a parking space with time still on the meter or larger, like a gift in the mail or a raise at work. Especially in this time it feels very empowering to envision natural abundance, and live in 'thrival' rather than survival.

    And my magic summer trio: Radiant Sensuality, Perfect Weight and Pearl. I keep these essences on my altar and take them with affirmations in the morning, and it feels like coating myself in honey- life is just so much sweeter! If you notice, the second title on Perfect Weight is 'Radiant Body', and it truly does make my body feel radiant (although I have noticed that some clothes are fitting better as well J) Pearl has a soft and sweet energy- it is also named 'Soul Shine', and the combination of this essence with Perfect Weight and Radiant Sensuality just makes me glow! It’s a fun trio for sure!

Bliss and Blessings..."

- Abigail

"I am so excited to report a few more Blue Aventurine adventures!  I started in with the blue drops just before a four day sojourn to Seattle with three kids... (just me -- yikes!)  Here's the first bit:  Normally I just can't take my thirteen yr. old daughter's music in the car.  I actually don't dislike her music, but it just overwhelms my nervous system while driving and I have to have her turn it off within five minutes.  But on this four hour drive I experienced it as soft background noise.  I kept asking my daughter, 'Are you playing different music?  Is this your usual volume?'  (No and Yes, respectively.)  The other day I realized it was the Blue Aventurine making a huge difference!  Isn't that so cool?  So a resounding yes to it's neurological applications.

Also, I looked up Blue Aventurine in The Book of Stones (my favorite gem book) and what was written there corresponded exactly to my experience during that trip as the leader of a little pack of followers through, in, around and about a city.  It talks about taking responsibility and discovering that 'one actually can handle one's life successfully.'  The wording and tone of this sentence, as well as the other commentary on the page, describes my experience to a T.  I am actually THE LAST PERSON IN THE WHOLE BIG WIDE WORLD who would ever have taken these children on this trip by myself before Blue Aventurine.  In fact I kept looking over my own shoulder going, 'Where am I?  Who is this person here?'  Not only would I not have taken the trip (I would typically leave all trip directing and arduous touring to my husband) I would not have ever believed that I could do this -- given my own particular history.

So yes, exactly three cheers for Little Bluey."

- Jane

"I have been giving the Gold essence to students in my Clairvoyant Training to help anchor healing energies they are bringing in. I have also been taking it myself and giving it to family and friends. Everyone, including my nine year-old son, immediately notices that it has a calming and clearing affect and allows one to vibrate at a higher frequency without becoming ungrounded. Thank you for making and bottling this wonderful golden tool to move us towards embodiment of our spirits here on Earth."

- Tahara Ezrahti, Clairvoyant and Intuitive Development Teacher (Applied Intuition - Healing Ourselves & Healing the Earth)



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