Making the Walnut Essence

Star Riparetti

Part 8 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl

I couldn't get going fast enough. The only thing I wanted to do in the world was to go make a flower essence. I didn't even know which one. Several were calling.

The week before, Honeysuckle had looked tired and dry. I had looked at it and thought, Maybe next year. The next day it was totally glowing. I was amazed. I know they hear me, even when I'm not addressing them consciously. It perked right up for me.

So today it was perhaps the Honeysuckle, or it could be the Indian Paintbrush (not one of the Bach essences) that was calling me every time I drove by it on the way to my land, Chaska Norte. I stopped near the large stand of Indian Paintbrush- and suddenly wondered how I would get up the very steep hill to get to it. Hahahahaha. As I was pondering I thought, Wouldn't it be cool if there was some place where it would be really easy to get to? I stepped around a corner and magically there they were, out of sight of the road- and very easily accessible.

Still, I felt pushed/guided-- to go on to my land. When I got there I looked at the Honeysuckle and it looked really windblown. Still lots of blooms, just looking a little tired, and like it would like a drink after the dry winds. Not really the day to make its essence. Should I go back to the Indian Paintbrush?

I had been looking at the Walnut tree for a couple of weeks, and couldn't figure it out. At first I thought I saw little flowers, then I saw catkins…So I wasn't sure what the blossom was supposed to look like. I researched Online and saw that there are male and female flowers on the same tree. At that point I was pretty sure I had missed the moment of bloom.

So today... I went to have a talk with Walnut and tell it I would pay better attention next year.

As I was having a look I noticed there was a little flower- like a quarter the size of a dime.  Then - as I continued to look, I noticed more. They are really, really tiny, and green, so they blend in.

It wanted me to make it's essence now, not next year. And there were fresh catkins as well.

That is how Walnut got chosen (or how Walnut chose?) today, and I used both male and female flowers.

Walnut: Moving forward and willing to change (or willing to change and move forward)…  and reveal our pearls. Transformation. Trusting and following our own inner inspiration. Self approval.

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