Feed your plants ~ Plant Love. A way to raise your frequency and embody your divinity.

Star Riparetti
Plant Love like you plant carrots and flowers and fruit trees…
Love your plants, and give them PLANT LOVE.


One of the things I am most interested in is raising my vibration and embodying my divinity - and helping others to do the same.  To me this is what evolution and ascension is about. When we are in higher frequencies we are happier, healthier and have more peaceful thoughts- thus creating more peace and health and happiness.

There are myriad ways to raise our vibration, and planting LOVE, using Plant Love- is a great one. And simple. We know that diet affects our frequency- and when we eat food that has gotten to know us, the effects can be profound.  

Smarty Plants:

Plants are highly intelligent. It is proven that they can communicate with each other, and what many of us know is that they can communicate with us, as well. They are happy to communicate with us, when we are willing to listen. Nature has a voice.

In the first Anastasia Book in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series* (my all time favorite books), Anastasia talks about putting a seed under your tongue for nine minutes before you germinate it, so it can learn your DNA and thus grow for you what you need.  

Certain plants are infused with higher vibrations that they exude and can help us evolve. Even breathing the oxygen these plants create will help us. Plants are evolving along with us. As we are being given transmissions of higher frequencies, so are the plants.

Growing plants with high vibrational essences can give all plants a power boost, the same as the essences do for us (as well as heal us).

Being with plants that have been infused with high energies- grown with high vibrational essences- is going to the next step: beyond organic. We absorb their energetic light codes. This will allow us to hold greater volumes of light. It will enhance and add substance to the light that is held within our bodies.

Planting Love, using Plant Love, and then consuming those plants- or smelling, eating, drinking, smoking, even inhaling the oxygen they create- is a way to nourish our body in a new way, preparing us for higher vibrational living.

Whether consuming the plants or simply existing with them, they will benefit us by helping us to enhance and sustain the light within our bodies.

Let’s respect the plant kingdom and give it the love, attention and appreciation it deserves, and be conscious of its Divinity.

Plant Love.

*I HIGHLY recommend the The Ringing Cedars books. I love what a friend of mine said: “When I’m reading those books I don’t need to see my therapist.” There is so much optimism. There are simple solutions to everything.

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