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The Earth is Divine

Chikyuu Rei Oo Soku Kami Nari

The Earth Balancing Trinity of Essences assists in fostering a co-creative union between Nature and ourselves. As we consciously awaken and shift our attention to Mother Earth, the components of the Earth Balancing Trinity can help to deepen our connection (Nature Communion) providing a broad spectrum balancer for peacefulness and grace in transition (Balance and Stability), as well as elements for earth stabilizing and specific grid work (Snake Jasper). Use this Earth Balancing Essence for yourself and for our Planet. Anointing the Earth with this high vibration essence consciously, with divine intent and especially in concert with others, is a very powerful experience both for ourselves and for the Earth. (She appreciates the acknowledgement!)

Note: Earth Balancing Trinity of Essences comes in a 1 oz. concentrate form only. You are encouraged to make lots of dosage dilutions to share with others and with the Earth. 3 drops will make one ounce! (One bottle of the concentrate will make up to 180 one ounce dosage bottles.) Click here for a downloadable PDF with easy dilution directions!

Essences: Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Nature Communion (Trichoceros parviflorum), and Snake Jasper

Base: 50% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 50% vodka as a preservative

Here are some suggested uses and ceremonies for the Earth Balancing Trinity of Essences:

★ Use the powerful structure of 3. The triangle is very stable and strong. Drop the drops in triangles on the earth. Place 3 drops everywhere you are called. (Start with your own home!)

★ Using prayer empowers the process. Simply saying: "The Earth is Divine!" (Chikyuu Rei Oo Soku Kami Nari in Japanese) as we drop the drops is great. Using the Japanese translation enhances power and momentum around these words. Thousands of people in Japan and around the world make these decrees every day:

    1. Ware Soku Kami Nari means "I Am A Divine Being"
    2. Jinrui Soku Kami Nari means "Humanity is Divine"
    3. Chikyuu Rei Oo Soku Kami Nari means "The Master Spirit Earth is Divine"

    Follow your highest guidance. There are many wonderful prayers, from many traditions, honoring the Earth.

    Please distribute this essence widely. 

    "I like to spread drops of Earth Balancing Trinity when I walk my dog- and when the hurricane hit, our neighborhood was the only one that didn't lose power."
    - T.B., PA
    "I did my first order in January, I couldn't help but buy a bottle of your Earth Balancing essence. If you were willing to give it away, I knew it was important. Well, I gave some away but never made a dosage bottle for myself until very recently. I planned a small vegetable garden using the co-creative method. The garden is a 17 feet diameter circle that resembles a medicine wheel. When we got the dirt in and raked, I placed 3 drops of the Earth Balancing essence in a triangle in the middle. A few days later, the sun was out and it started to rain. As I was watching out my back window, a rainbow very suddenly appeared out of the woods and ended exactly in the middle of my garden when I had put the essence! It left about as quickly as it came but my 5 year old son did witness it too. I have never seen the end of a rainbow before and was floored that the first one I saw ended in my garden."
    - A.J., Columbia, MO.