Making the Clematis Essence: The Message to Make It Easy on Myself

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Part 16 of the series The Moment of Bloom ~ My Ecstatic Journey Making the Bach Flower Essences in a Golden Bowl 

The Clematis had been spotted in the wild by Aanjelae (Star Essence Office Priestess and Customer Service Angel) on her long weekend hikes. I was very happy to know it was there, and the time to go on the search didn't seem to be there. Then Lori Ann (my friend and botanist) told me she has it growing in her yard.  I went and had a look.  It was very beautiful.  After that the purple clematis kept coming to me- I could see it so often when I closed my eyes.  I kept thinking, should I go on that hike and find it in the wild?  Would that be best?  The Clematis from the yard was relentless.  It said, Make it easy on yourself.  The energy of the wild clematis is going to come and offer it's energy as well.

So again, I went to Lori Ann's amazing garden, and made the Clematis, and it was super cosmic!

I kept seeing holograms of the flowers hovering above the bowl. It was gorgeous. And indeed, I could feel the energy of the Clematis from the mountain trail move in. It was a beautiful thing, as I could see and feel the energy move in through Aanjelae's heart and into the bowl. I'd never had that happen before. Then energies from clematis everywhere started following- entering the bowl. They came in like little gentle energetic angel butterflies. It was very different than when the pines were entering the bowl- which was more like a zoom or a whoosh.

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I really enjoyed reading this. Part of me since childhood has been aware of my personal connection with the plant kingdom. I used to tmake “perfumes” from flowers with my best friend but putting flowers in an empty bottle with whatever we could find that smelled nice. I’ve daydreamed a lot about creating essences and offering them along with healing services and coaching. I’ve felt like its a path that I’m drawn to but not ready to push as I feel I’m kind of in the void right now in the process of merging with my higherself and lifting the illusions around me. I think the whole path kind of scares me sometimes, especially as I learn more about myself and the world. I also wonder often what is my calling vs what gratifies my ego. Im gaining confidence in the ability to discern that and also there have been too many confirmations and responses from the universe, and too many insights to say I’m not close. I’m choosing to continue to trust, try some clematis, and to also be gentle with myself for sure. I really appreciate you following your heart and sharing your gifts and being an inspiration.

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