4 Truths About Flower Essences

Brandy Oswald

4 Truths About Flower Essences

New to flower essences? Wondering how flower essences differ from essential oils and aromatherapy? You’ve come to the right place. There are a few things you will need to know as you embark upon your love affair with flower essences.

Today, we’re bringing you 4 truths about flower essences to clear confusion and ignite your passion for the vibrational healing of flower essences!


4 Truths About Flower Essences


1.    Flower essences do not have a floral scent.

When most people think of flowers, they think of beautiful, breathtaking aromas. We can’t walk by a gorgeous flower without stopping to sneak a sniff of its scent. The truth is, however, that flower essences do not carry a scent. An essence in its pure form contains the powerful, vibrational signature of the flower without having a floral aroma. In fact, most flower essences have a faint smell of alcohol from the preservative used to guarantee quality and cleanliness. Some essence blends, like our Angel Spray, carry a scent because of the addition of essential oils. The essential oils on their own possess powerful healing properties, so when combined with the powerful, vibrational energy of flower essences we can create a transformative healing blend.


2.    Flower essences are different than essential oils and aromatherapy.

Quite frequently flower essences are confused with essential oils and aromatherapy. The truth is that they differ in a number of ways. As mentioned above, essential oils carry a strong aroma, while flower essences do not. Because the work of flower essences is performed on an energetic level, they do not need to carry the aroma of the flower in order to provide their healing benefits. Essential oils and flower essences also differ in that essential oils require a large amount of the plant to create an oil, while flower essences only require as little as one flower to craft an essence.


3.    There are no adverse side effects of taking flower essences.

Ever watch a prescription drug commercial and find yourself completely perplexed and utterly frightened by the never-ending list of negative side effects from a drug for relieving eczema? Is silky, smooth skin worth the risk of depression and blood clots? Luckily, with flower essence healing, you don’t have to make that choice.

With flower essences, users cannot overdose. They also are free from possible adverse side effects. When using flower essences, the worst that can happen is nothing. The best that can happen is a magical miracle. Now that’s a risk worth taking!

4.    Flower essences will transform your life from the inside out.

Flower essences carry the energetic signature of flowers, allowing them to perform their healing work, not on a the physical level, but on the energetic level. The energetic properties of the flowers interact with your body’s energetic system, enacting change from the inside out. When using flower essences, you begin to transform the energetics of your body, which in turn transforms the energetics of your life!

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4 Back-to-School Essences for Kids & Students (Don't worry parents, we've got something for you too!)

Brandy Oswald1 comment

It’s that time of year again - the dog days of summer are coming to a close and the new school year is just around the corner. With the back-to-school frenzy upon us, it is easy for parents to feel overwhelmed by all there is to do to prepare their kiddies for the new semester ahead.

While parents are feeling a bit frantic and chaotic, the kiddos are often equal parts excited to see their friends and dreading the return of homework. For parents and children, alike, emotions are high and, in the blink of an eye, the easy, laid-back pace of summer has suddenly disappeared.

Now more than ever, it is important to come back to self-care - for mom, dad, kiddos, and all the great support persons going through the back-to-school transition. Yoga class, gym days, family bike rides, story time - whatever it is, prioritizing re-invigorating, rejuvenating activities for the entire family is essential.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but our favorite way to manage the potentially hectic back-to-school days is with flower and gem essences. Here are our top picks for a smooth, peaceful transition into the new school year - we’ve got essences for the kids, and a few for mom and dad, too!

4 Back-to-School Essences for Kids & Students

1. Brilliant Student

Snapshot: For studying, creativity, alertness, and public speaking

Support intellectual and artistic endeavors, while enhancing concentration and alertness with our Brilliant Student Constellation. With this essence blend, students can cultivate a greater sense of inspiration, passion, and clear direction. It is also brilliant for public speaking, test-taking, presentations, and artistic expression. Take on the new school year with vigor and heightened creativity!


2. Attention Formula

Snapshot: Improves concentration, assists with relaxation, and assists with ADD & ADHD

Remain attentive, focused, and relaxed this school year with Attention Formula. This blend has been shown to offer incredible support to children and adults living with ADD & ADHD. It’s Peruvian rose salt base helps to balance minerals, while its fava flower essence holds a connection with L-Dopamine.

No more drifting, nodding off during class, or fidgeting in your seat this school year!

3. Happy Kid

Snapshot: Nurturing, Balancing and Soothing. Contains no alcohol.

With its ability to balance and calm challenging situations, this gentle, nurturing blend is designed specifically for children. Its joyful, loving influence can inspire positive dynamics between siblings and playmates, as well as with parents and other authority figures. As the kiddos transition into a new school year, their relationships with their siblings and parents can become strained by the new schedules, obligations, and school yard dynamics. Children are especially sensitive to energy and respond quickly to this formula, making it the perfect solution to help the whole family get along during the back-to-school frenzy!

Happy Kid is available in both Constellation drops and Spray formats. Or pair them!

4. Celebration

Snapshot: Fun party essence, for ceremonies and unplanned jubilation

Support good vibes and celebratory energy this school year with the vibrant Celebration essence. Who says back-to-school time has to be all frenzy and no fun?! Infuse the transition into the new school year with joy and celebration. After all, the kiddos get to see their friends every day and return to their favorite after-school sports and clubs - there is fun to be had!

Celebration is available in both Constellation drops and Spray formats. Or pair them!

2 Back-to-School Essences For Parents and Support Persons

1. Mother and Child ReUnion / Mariposa Lily

Snapshot: Supports maternal bonding

Encourage mother-child bonding at any age with our Mariposa Lily flower essence. Embrace your mother-child relationship with tenderness, trust, unconditional love and gentle mercy. Facilitates deep healing and inner resolution when needed. This incredible essence even supports healthy female dynamics with family members of all generations (sister, aunt, niece, in-laws, grandmother). This one is for all the stressed out, back-to-school mamas out there who are missing their kiddos as they return to school!


2. Impatiens

Snapshot: Encourages patience, understanding and trust in divine timing

Moms, dads, and support persons, enter into the new school year calmly and gently with the Impatiens flower essence. This essence is perfect to those looking to go with the flow, create space for things to unfold, and have faith that things are working out just as they are meant to. With this essence you will remain calm, not frantically rushing from one thing to the next. Slow down, chill out, and enjoy the vibrant energy of the back-to-school season!


 All Back-to-School essences are 44% off thru the end of September.


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Beat the Summer Heat - 7 Cooling, Energizing Star Essences for Summer

Brandy Oswald

Beat the heat flower essences for summer

The heat of summer is upon us and with it comes fatigue, crankiness, sunburns, and overheating. We dream of it all winter long, but when the heat of summer arrives we often find ourselves feeling like hot, sweaty messes.

With 90 degree weather and 100% humidity, the sun-kissed skin and beach days start to lose their luster. We trade outdoor adventures for indoor refuge in front of our air conditioners. The carefree and excited energy we had at the start of summer quickly fades to overwhelm, lethargy, and and slugging through our days in a sun-drunk haze.

It’s time to emerge from the haze and reclaim our joyful summer energy. Today I’m bringing you 7 Star Essences to cool down, reinvigorate, and harness the playful spirit of summer.

  1. Cool Flash Spray

This first essence spray is a serious summer must-have. Our Cool Flash Spray works wonders at balancing body temperature, allowing us to cool down on those  hot summer days. You will want to have this essence on hand for those times when you are, quite literally, ready to chill out.

Our Cool Flash Spray is also excellent for the skin, making it a great addition to your summer skin care routine. It will help cool down and replenish sun-drunk skin. With a hint of sage, lemon, and geranium essential oils, this essence blend has a wonderful, uplifting scent.

  1. Clear Head

The Clear Head, feverfew essence, is another great flower essence for keeping your cool. It helps release tension, especially in the head, making sure we stay cool and relaxed all summer long.

This essence is also great for  addressing headaches, migraines, and fevers.

  1. FAB Spray

Get your hands on our FAB Spray to promote clarity, alertness, and enthusiasm this summer. This essence blend features invigorating essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, and lemongrass that support focus, inspiration, motivation, and stamina. When you are feeling sun-drunk and your energy starts to fade, reach for FAB Spray and you’ll be feeling reinvigorated in no time.

  1. Sunstone

Okay, so I’m cheating a little bit with this one, but we can’t talk about overcoming summer fatigue and sun-soaked skin without talking about the Sunstone gemstone essence. This essence increases vitality and nourishes our sun-dried  sun-kissed skin. As an added bonus, this essence is great for encouraging independence, promoting worldly success, and finding a job. It’s win-win really.

  1. Solar Power

Our Solar Power flower essence featuring the gorgeous summertime favorite - the sunflower - is perfect for channeling your inner power and strength when it begins to fade in the hot, summer sun. This essence helps us reflect the energy of the sun and embrace the power of solar consciousness. It’s a sunny, summertime delight!


  1. Soul Force Balance

Another summertime favorite, our Soul Force Balance aloe vera flower essence is essential for keeping our spirits ignited and balancing energy input and output. In fact, it’s a great essence for workaholics, busy parents, and those of us trying to experience all of the summertime activities before the Fall rolls around. This aloe vera essence is also great at addressing skin concerns, making it a happy addition to our summertime skin care routine.


  1. Wild Rose

Last, but not least, we have the Wild Rose flower essence for promoting optimism and wonder this summer. When the heat of summer bogs us down and leaves us feeling sluggish and tired, it can be a challenge to feel optimistic and full of wonder. The Wild Rose essence is your personal pair of rose-colored glasses, allowing you to live a summer full of joyous expectations.

There you have it - 7 flower essences to keep you calm, cool, and collected this summer. Now go out there and have the best summer ever.

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The Perfect Weight - It's a state of mind

Brandy Oswald


Perfect Weight state of mind

What if being at your perfect weight was a state of mind rather than a physical goal? What if looking and feeling radiant in your body came from a place of self-love and appreciation, rather than a place of bland diets and strict exercise routines? What if having the perfect weight came from a place of liberation, rather than rigidity?

Ahh, that would be a welcomed change of pace.

The truth is that all of this can be true. We can reject strict body goals, harsh diets, and rigid exercise routines and have a radiant body at its perfect weight. We can experience self-confidence and love without any of these things.This is what our Perfect Weight flower essence formula is all about.


With our Perfect Weight blend, the perfect weight is a state of mind rather than a physical goal.


This essence blend allows you to feel blissful and confident in your body, releasing anything that no longer serves you. It allows you to, quite literally, drop emotional weight. The essence blend frees you of unhealthy stressors, granting you the ability to experience your perfect weight - emotionally and physically.

Our Perfect Weight blend is the exact opposite of harsh diets, strict exercise, and rigid body expectations. It is about liberation. It is about feeling healthy, confident, and full of love each and every day.

This essence blend features our Freedom/Libertad essence with 24k gold to promote freedom on all levels. It also features our Let Go and Trust essence for letting go of attachments and things that no longer serve us. And, if achieving a more comfortable physical weight is something that would allow you to feel more radiant in your body our Perfect Weight blend is here to help. It contains our Inocencia Coca essence for balanced appetite and metabolism, as well as increased stamina - hello, sweaty workouts!

Oh, and there’s chocolate. That’s right, we put cacao flower essence in our Perfect Weight blend because it’s hard to achieve perfection without chocolate - am I right?! The Perfect Weight blend contains our Sublime Chocolate cacao essence, which harnesses the healing power of the cacao flower to balance the metabolism and increases appetite for healthy foods. It’s a win, win.

Perfect Weight is the - ahem - perfect essence blend for transforming your wellness habits, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and releasing any excess emotional and physical weight that has been holding you back. Some folks say it takes 21 days to form a habit, we say it takes a few flower essences, a tiny dropper, and a warm bath.  

Other fun ways to use the Perfect Weight flower essence blend includes adding it to your laundry water, beauty products, yoga mat cleaner, and smoothies.

Liberate yourself from strict body expectations. Invite freedom and ease into your relationship with your body and your life. Allow your perfect weight to be a blissful state of mind where you experience radical self-love - and, have some sublime cacao along the way!

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What does it mean to wander?

Brandy Oswald

Wanderlust - What does it mean to wander?

Have you ever been in a moment so magical you had to stop and ask yourself, “How is this real life?” You look around and wonder “How did I get so lucky to be alive participating in this incredible experience?”

I had one of those moments two weeks ago at Wanderlust Stratton. I was surrounded by friends and complete strangers dancing to a live performance by Michael Franti when I looked up and noticed that the entire crowd was dancing while waving peace signs high above their heads. As I soaked in the sea of peace signs, I realized that these are my people and together we are changing the world. It was magical.

Wanderlust Stratton is one of many Wanderlust festivals that take place around the world. Each festival is an all-out mindful living celebration featuring yoga and meditation workshops, live music, group hikes, standup paddleboarding, inspirational speakers, renowned chefs, and amazing vendors. I might be biased, but it seems to me that Wanderlust festivals are where some of the greatest people in the world come together to wave peace signs in the air in the name of love, compassion, and joy.

I spent 4 days taking super fun yoga classes, meditating, basking in the sun, relaxing in hammocks, eating local foods, dancing fiercely, and meeting some of the most incredible people. I absolutely loved the playful vibe of MC Yogi’s workshops. They mixed traditional yoga and philosophy with storytelling, live music, laughter, and dancing. I was moved to tears at Gabrielle Bernstein’s workshop about surrendering to the power of the universe. Her beautiful words exposed a personal struggle that I had been ignoring and opened my eyes to the freedom that lies on the other side of surrendering gently to the bigger plan - the plan of the universe. And the evening concerts, they were incredible. I’ve never danced so freely in a room full of strangers. There was lots of hugging, singing, and peace sign-waving.

As my time at Wanderlust Stratton came to a close, I began asking myself What does it mean to wander?

Here’s what I came up with:

To wander is to…

Roam without searching, with no true destination

Roam simply to roam

Live for the journey

Desire to move, witness, experience, act, embrace, revel, cherish, and see

Be curious

Sometimes to wander is to be lost. Perhaps, those are the times when we need to extend roots and ground down. However, when we feel the yearn to wander stemming from a place of curiosity, we must find the courage to get up and roam.

That is what wanderlust means to me. What does wanderlust mean to you?


To support yoga and wandering goodness, get 11% off the following essences:

Yoga Mouth Mind Mist, Light Navigator, Soul Family, Travel Solution, Wild Oat, and Wisdom of Bliss

Offer valid through the end of July 2016. Discount Code: WANDERLUST . Access these featured products here.

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Making the Eagle Essence: A Life Changing Arkansas Crystal Adventure

Star Riparetti7 comments

My recent trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas was life changing. Seriously life changing. A few months ago a friend forwarded a couple of links to some YouTube videos (see links at bottom). I watched them and immediately felt I needed to get to Hot Springs and get in the water there. Hot Springs is adjacent to several lakes, one of them being Lake Ouachita (pronounced wash-ah-taw). It is considered one of the cleanest lakes of its size in America. It also has one the largest veins of Quartz crystal in the world running under it. The gist of the videos was that the crystals in Hot Springs, Arkansas (as well as Brazil) were being activated at a new level beginning in 2015.

My feeling was get there, get in the water, receive the transmissions and get back to my lovely Santa Barbara. 4 days would be plenty. I remembered I had a friend, Kayse, there, and made some calls, and ended up putting a trip together with her called "Arkansas Crystal Adventure." 8 Women came, in addition to Kayse and I.

People would say to me, “ I can’t make it this time, and I want to go with you next year” or, "Do you think you will be doing this again?" Inside my head I was saying, No way: I’m going to make a quick trip to Arkansas for 4 days- receive the transmissions, and go home. The words that came out of my mouth were, “ You never know."

It feels like every single thing that happened was a divinely guided blessing.

We made our itinerary- which was amusing, since I had never been there. We scheduled a day with Kayse’s husband Gary. My feeling was that I didn’t want to hear someone talk all day, when I could be outside. I was saying maybe 1/2 day. Kayse assured me we would need at least one day. We agreed on a full day because  it is very experiential- with a trip to the lake after.

Oh My!!! How right she was!!!! We did not want to tear ourselves away. Gary is a Guru. A devoted meditator and devotee of yogananda for over 40 years, and a crystal wizard since he was 9 years old. He is a mining engineer, who immediately shifted to crystals after some amazing experiences with the crystal beings. Crystals are his life work and he has worked with every aspect of them.

His stories go on and on and we were all mesmerized- as well as activated by the crystal grids that he and Kayse set up for us. This is a very condensed version of what happened. Someday (soon) he will create a crystal temple with crystals he has been collecting for this purpose for the past 40 + years.

We began our journey with a despacho (offering) at the lake to bless our journey. It was beautiful.

Another divine thing that happened is that the week before we arrived there was a Kryon event right in Hot Springs, featuring Greg Bradden, Joe Dispensa and Bruce Lipton. There were 600 light workers there. Very interesting… Some of our participants went early and attended some of the events, and Kayse volunteered, so she knew what was happening, knew that the next week- the week myself and the others arrived, many of the light workers would still be there. She knew the Crystalline Choir would be singing special tones, and that they allowed an audience to attend. There were around 300 choir members. They sing what they call the Pineal Tones once a year, in different places on the planet. This year the chosen spot was Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I and several others in our group attended this.

Beyond words… Yes, way beyond amazing.

After that we really wanted to get back into the lake! Which of course we did.

And so the week went. On our last day beautiful Sandy Rose, who had been preparing all of our delicious, organic, vegetarian, blessed meals, invited us to go out to have our lunch on her boat, which would hold all of us. (Kayse’s boat is smaller, so she would shuttle us back and forth so we could hang out in the deeper water with foam noodles in the special places on the lake that she is aware of- after being there for almost 20 years.)

Sandy Rose wanted to take us to see a bald eagle nest, and perhaps, if we were lucky, we would catch a glimpse of an eagle. What happened thrilled and amazed us all. Not only did we catch a glimpse- We saw FIVE of them! First we saw the nest...

 Then we saw them flying...


Then we saw 3 of them on the beach (they really are there)...

Then we saw them landing in the trees…

Someone mentioned Eagle Essence- and everything inside me lit up.

I remembered that I had brought my empty bottle that day, to get some lake water. I had brought it to Arkansas thinking that I would make some crystal essences, and that wasn’t happening. And EAGLE was! I fetched my bottle from the boat, all the time asking for signs, and the Eagles would fly by. I got the bottle, went back to where they were on the shore, and made the essence. I then asked if I really had their energy to give me another sign. I was swimming back with the bottle, wondering- and all of a sudden it was like the finale at the fourth of July. They were all flying around, seemingly buzzing us. Giving me signs. Saying Fly Like an Eagle.


Fly Like an Eagle

by Steve Miller Band

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Oh, Lord, through the revolution

Feed the babies
Who don't have enough to eat
Shoe the children
With no shoes on their feet
House the people
Livin' in the street
Oh, oh, there's a solution

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

I want to fly like an eagle
To the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle
Till I'm free
Fly through the revolution

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future
Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future


That brings me to the life changing part.

In addition to receiving all of the beautiful transmissions, and feeling like I got a complete reset, upgrade, reboot (to use those computer terms)...  I also got a strong message and feeling to go back to Hot Springs. Whaaaaaaaat??? California girl moving to Arkansas????? (I was born in Santa Barbara and I love it.)

I’m a 'follow your bliss' kind of girl. And- that Lake Ouachita is calling me. It was totally blissful to be in that water. Now I find myself longing for it. One way or another I’m going back to Arkansas. So there. I said it out loud. It feels like part of my new service is to help facilitate getting people into that water at Lake Ouachita. Kayse has known this for a long time. Kayse and Gary have been laying this foundation for the past 20 years, and it is now in divine timing, with the recent activations, for us to work together to get people there to receive the transmissions. So everything in my life is about to shift. I will still have strong ties in Santa Barbara, and I need- yes need- to be in Hot Springs. Well, that is a big leap of faith for me to write this, not really knowing yet how it will transpire. Perhaps it’s that Eagle Essence… I have a new perspective…

Photo Credit to Laura Walthers (www.beingenchanted.com)

and Sharifah Manusia, for the photos of the eagles.


Here are the links to the videos that stated it all:




And here is a link to a Kryon channeling about the crystals, while he was in Hot Springs:



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6 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Flower Essences

Brandy Oswald

With the June 2016 solstice this week, it seems that summer has officially arrived. The days of backyard barbecues, sandy beaches, and bare feet have only just begun. Now, that’s worth celebrating.                                                                                                              
June 20th marked the 2016 summer solstice and the day of the year with most daylight. If you’re looking to embrace the energy of the solstice and celebrate the joys of summer, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are 6 ways to celebrate the summer solstice, flower essences encouraged!





6 Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Flower Essences

  1. Meditate

The solstice is thought to be a powerful and energetic time of year. With the heat of summer upon us, it is the perfect time to slow down, pause, and simply be still. Be adventurous with your meditation practice. If traditional, seated meditation doesn’t work for you, explore other forms of meditation. Other meditative activities include: gardening, hiking, warm baths, writing in a journal, and quiet time with a cup of tea.

Need some help getting in the meditation mindset? Try these three flower essences that aid in meditation: Illumination, Light Codes of Unification, and Divine Messenger.

  1. Get creative

Channel the powerful energy of the summer solstice by tapping into your artistic creativity. Use the summer heat to ignite your inner, creative flame. Drawing, painting, singing, writing, dancing, cooking - immerse yourself in your creative outlet. Dive deep, perhaps even take time for a mini artistic retreat.

Use our Artistic Inspiration flower essence for creativity to help channel the solstice energy into your next great creation!

  1. Don’t sweat the haters

Whether you are unveiling a new artistic creation, grilling veggies at a backyard barbecue, or rocking your new bathing suit on the beach, the haters will find you. Negativity and criticism may find you when you least expect it. The good news is that other people’s opinions of your divine creativity and your backyard bbq skills does not matter. Their opinions of your beautiful, bathing suit-wearing, beach bod matter even less.

Let’s celebrate the summer solstice by ignoring the haters and shielding ourselves from negativity. This is much easier said than done, which is why you will want to get your hands on our Shield of Light Drops to stay safe and protected from the haters and remain full of courage for the summer ahead. 

  1. Get a good night’s sleep

Celebration comes in many forms. Perhaps, for you, the solstice celebration is about self-care, rest and relaxation, and sleeping by the light of the moon.  Our Full Moonlight lavender flower essence for better sleep is perfect for a soothing solstice celebration. Create a divine night of solstice relaxation with a bubble bath, your favorite book, and a full 8 hours of sleep. You will wake up ready to enjoy all that summer has in store. 

  1.  Take a yoga class

Use the energy of the summer solstice to shake up, and stretch out, your body. Winter tends to leave us feeling cooped up and bogged down. Celebrate the the start of summer by reinvigorating your mind, body, and soul with your favorite yoga class.  

To enhance your yoga experience try our Yoga Mind Mouth Mist for mindfulness, presence, and balance in mind and body.



  1. Have a goddess party

Invite over all of the goddesses in your life and celebrate the summer solstice with a goddess party full of radiant, feminine energy. Join together to celebrate not only the start of summer, but your vibrant sisterhood. Create rituals. Host a candle lighting ceremony. Eat chocolate and sip wine. Dance barefoot in the grass. Whatever it means to be feminine and celebratory, go out and make it happen.

Not that you’re going to need it, but here are our favorite flower essences for radiant femininity and joyous celebration: Divine Goddess, Wild Feminine, Celebration Blessings, and Dance

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Feed your plants ~ Plant Love. A way to raise your frequency and embody your divinity.

Star Riparetti
Plant Love like you plant carrots and flowers and fruit trees…
Love your plants, and give them PLANT LOVE.


One of the things I am most interested in is raising my vibration and embodying my divinity - and helping others to do the same.  To me this is what evolution and ascension is about. When we are in higher frequencies we are happier, healthier and have more peaceful thoughts- thus creating more peace and health and happiness.

There are myriad ways to raise our vibration, and planting LOVE, using Plant Love- is a great one. And simple. We know that diet affects our frequency- and when we eat food that has gotten to know us, the effects can be profound.  

Smarty Plants:

Plants are highly intelligent. It is proven that they can communicate with each other, and what many of us know is that they can communicate with us, as well. They are happy to communicate with us, when we are willing to listen. Nature has a voice.

In the first Anastasia Book in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series* (my all time favorite books), Anastasia talks about putting a seed under your tongue for nine minutes before you germinate it, so it can learn your DNA and thus grow for you what you need.  

Certain plants are infused with higher vibrations that they exude and can help us evolve. Even breathing the oxygen these plants create will help us. Plants are evolving along with us. As we are being given transmissions of higher frequencies, so are the plants.

Growing plants with high vibrational essences can give all plants a power boost, the same as the essences do for us (as well as heal us).

Being with plants that have been infused with high energies- grown with high vibrational essences- is going to the next step: beyond organic. We absorb their energetic light codes. This will allow us to hold greater volumes of light. It will enhance and add substance to the light that is held within our bodies.

Planting Love, using Plant Love, and then consuming those plants- or smelling, eating, drinking, smoking, even inhaling the oxygen they create- is a way to nourish our body in a new way, preparing us for higher vibrational living.

Whether consuming the plants or simply existing with them, they will benefit us by helping us to enhance and sustain the light within our bodies.

Let’s respect the plant kingdom and give it the love, attention and appreciation it deserves, and be conscious of its Divinity.

Plant Love.

*I HIGHLY recommend the The Ringing Cedars books. I love what a friend of mine said: “When I’m reading those books I don’t need to see my therapist.” There is so much optimism. There are simple solutions to everything.

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Become a Star Gazer - our new affiliate program has officially launched!

Brandy Oswald1 comment

Star Essence Affiliate Program - Flower Essences

We've been hearing from folks around that world that they’re interested in sharing their love of Star Essence products in a big way. Well, the time is finally here. We are excited to announce the launch of the Star Essence Affiliate Program; available to individuals, sales reps and businesses alike!

The affiliate program will allow you to not only share your love of Star Essence products, but to earn money as you do. It's our way of saying thank you for being so devoted. 

The affiliate program features several different affiliate levels - one for all the beautiful stargazers who love our products and another for the rockstars who have graduated from our Star Essence Practitioner Course.

Stargazer Affiliate

Who is eligible: Anyone interested in earning commissions from sales of Star Essence products.

Commission Rate: 11% of all purchases made by the referred customer in the first 6 months (not including shipping).

Terms: Commission will be paid 1x per month for all sales from the previous month. For example: if your link generates 3 sales between March 1st - 31st, you will receive the commission on April 30th.

Rock Star Affiliate

Who is eligible: Anyone who has completed the Star Essence Online Practitioner Course.

Commission rate: 30% of all purchases made by the referred customer in the first 6 months (not including shipping).

TermsCommission will be paid 1x per month for all sales from the previous month. For example: if your link generates 3 sales between March 1st - 31st, you will receive the commission on April 30th.

star essence affiliate program

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