What's Your Soul Purpose in this Lifetime?

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Post written by Beth of Sacred Moon Herbs / Pictures of Star by Annabel of Belathee

Linda, my hypnotherapy teacher in school many moons ago placed this thought in my mind & it's stuck w/ me for 20 years now. "In this very moment, you are doing the best you can." She applied this to everything for everyone over & over & over again throughout that semester. When a student would raise their hand & said something like, "But what about when someone murders someone?" And again she'd say, "In that very moment they were doing the best they could." (She had worked w/in the prison system in California for many years prior become a teacher at our school & had in fact worked with many murderers over the decades.)

Some of you may be quite clear on this. Others might change their course several times throughout life. Many might have zero clue how to answer this question. We are all on our own paths in life. We are all humans & all different at the same time. What she was really trying to do was drive home that what our "best" in one moment will be different than the next. As human beings, all of us know that some days are better than others in life. All of us know that there are moments in our lives where we have said or done something that today when we reflect back we think, "I can't believe I ever did that." Typically after that thought comes regret, maybe fear of others knowing & often times guilt over something we cannot go back & change as time flows on always. This is an experience ALL human beings experience.


Hopefully we are all able to learn from those moments & move forward on our highest path. Sometimes I feel like that path is super straight in life just like I35 in Texas. Other times in life I feel like a ship lost at sea searching for direction. In the last 10 years when I felt like that ship, I would work with this flower & gem essence ~ Soul Purpose.

This is vibrational medicine and tunes you into the frequencies...kinda like how a radio can pick up waves in the air...is how I always explain essences to others. This formula has sometimes gently pushed me in directions & other times I feel shoved whenever I let fear block my path. But time & time again, Soul Purpose has realigned me back to the reason I've come to this planet at this time on Earth.

Many of our customers have worked with Soul Purpose over the last 7 years & have shared their stories with us. Sometimes the stories were just a slight nudge they needed, other times their entire lives changed quickly. So if you feel like you want to get clearer on your Soul Purpose path in this lifetime, drop by Moon & pick up a bottle. We think you'll be quite pleased you did! Here's to living your Soul Purpose in this Lifetime.

Post written by Beth of Sacred Moon Herbs / Pictures of Star by Annabel of Belathee

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