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Dear Beautiful Friends and Galactic Family~

OPTIMISM!  A key word for 2024.  I'm feeling it and hearing it everywhere.  There is a very new energy emerging and it is exciting!   All of my sources say we HAVE turned a corner. Light is pouring into our world and into every person.  

Optimism!  I typed Optimism into the Q box on our website and a long list came up.  Did you know that you can search for essences not only by symptoms and conditions, you can also search for the OUTCOME you are looking for and see if any of the essences  suggested resonate with you.  Our essences are described by outcomes. Right from the beginning, when the flowers were telling me what they were for, they were describing them in a positive way. I was surprised, because prior to that all of the essences I'd ever seen were described with symptoms and conditions (that was 30 years ago).

My question is- what would you like more of in your life?- and - how would it be if it was perfect?  ~ and always remember, what we put our attention on, we bring into form.

We are proclaiming that for Star Essence, 2024 is the Year of the Orchid! Going back to what started this company 30 years ago! Yes, this is our 30th year!!!

This month I want to jump right in and highlight the Pineal Light Infusion. The Andean Orchid is Ellianthus capitaus. Below is a photo of the flower.  It is in the shape of a pinecone- which is the shape of the Pineal Gland.

Did you know that the biggest statue at the Vatican is a pinecone?  And the staff the pope carries has a pinecone at the top? They know….. about the magic of the pineal, as do all of the ancient traditions.


The Pineal Light Infusion essence is an essence that I keep feeing the nudge to take.  I feel is very useful to take right now, to help raise our frequency so we can easily hang out in the new high vibes available now on the planet. It helps to awaken and activate our third eye (pineal gland). 

You can read the whole story about making the Pineal Light Infusion Essence here  

The protocol that I like with the Pineal Light Infusion essence is to take 4 drops under the tongue 1 to 4 times a day - or as you are directed by your own divine director. Then after about a month of that, add Pituitary Master and Selenite to the protocol. The Santa Barbara orchid is Epipactis gigantea. The Selenite acts as a bridge to connect them.

This is often called the Sacred Marriage, or Divine Union of the Pineal and Pituitary. The Pituitary represents the Divine Feminine and the Pineal represents the Divine Masculine. The energy feeding the Pituitary comes from the earth and the energy feeding the Pineal comes from the heavens. As we connect them we come into that state of Oneness. Doing this is going to help us to even more easily perceive the higher energies, and get into the new flow of the universe.


We're offering all three essences in the Sacred Marriage Trilogy, $55 for dosage strength, $70 for concentrate.



Also, I would like to recommend the Prosperity Alchemy Pair for the New Year. You can get the spray AND the drops for only $38.00   ($46 if bought separately)

Go to Prosperity Alchemy Pair to get this discount.

Here's wishing you the Happiest of New Years, and may you receive blessing far beyond what you can possibly imagine.
Infinite Abounding Love 
Have you taken you essences today?
We are SO GRATEFUL for our happy customers.  
Here is a recent note from one.

Hi Roslyn:

I just wanted to say Happy New Year and thank you for your lovely note included with my recent order.  Even with the holiday rush, you managed to get my items to me Pronto Quicko!  I'm impressed and really grateful.

I've been a satisfied user of Star Essences for many years and every bottle is a gift.  It's one of the nicest gifts I give myself.  Each one brings a smile and a deepening connection to the ascension of this amazing web of creation. 

Brava! ✨💚✨

Best wishes,


Thank You, Dianne, for your kind words!

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