NOW ~ New Order of Wonder ~Brand New Constellation and Spray

Star Riparetti
Dear Beautiful Friends and Galactic Family,
A new constellation of essences has been percolating ever since I made the “It's about Time” Thyme flower essence.  After many months in creation ~ NOW is finally here!  And along with the new constellation, we also have a new NOW Spray!
That is what happens when you can stay in the NOW. there is a New Order of Wonder!
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The essences in this brand new NOW constellation are:
Thyme ~ It's About Time (of course!) from the Arklantis collection.
Honeysuckle from the Golden Bach collection ~ Embracing here and now, living in the moment.
Sacred Union from the Andean Orchid collection ~ Oneness,
Snow Jade from the Gemmie collection ~ For inner stillness and clear breathing.
Whale Time from the Animal collection ~ Peace, with everything, in this moment — of now.
Integration from the Peruvian collection  ~ Open and clear the mind, and integrate new energies.
Violet Flame from the Santa Barbara collection  ~ for transmuting thoughts.
It's interesting that this constellation of essences includes an essence from each of our collections.
Presence.  Amused, Attentive, and in the moment, Here and NOW.   Become aware of being aware.  Open the door to presence. Open to advanced celestial visions. Become aligned with the eternal moment of NOW.
These harmonic frequencies help us to:
Step into the 5th frequency/dimension experience of well being.
Stay in present time, the place where we can change things. Thrive during these cosmic, changing times.
Be perpetually present, in the flow.
Go beyond time (where being out of time can be a good thing : ))
Go moment to moment, freeing us from the addiction of time.
Be engaged in presence, being presence.
Help us cultivate consciousness.
There is a monumental shift to a new level of awakening, as we have moved up the spiral of evolution. Our divinity is guiding us. We are open to sacred knowledge and infinite possibilities. This combination of essences can assist us in opening to more advanced celestial visions, and have access to new realms of light and systems.  It helps bring things into our vibrational reach. This can accelerate our ascension.  We become our solar selves in our physical bodies.  Miracles really are becoming Normacles.
We are rapidly becoming more energy sensitive, and moving beyond concepts into practicality.  The past and the future are reactions- we can step into a new octave of presence and know ourselves and be in love with ourselves.  We can feel, verses think.  We are finished with the past - and we go for presence. We become aware of being aware.
Riding the cosmic forces of change, our relationship with time is changing, and how we handle it - and we are here for it!!!
Here and Now ~ Flexible time ~ expand and contract it when that is useful.  Play with time.  Follow the waves of optimism and imagination. Expand our self awareness.
This essence helps to open the door to the present ~ to presence.  Pay attention to the intuitive guidance of your I Am Presence. We are NOW able to receive divine promptings, ideas and concepts.  All we have to do is ask.  Miracles are awaiting creation.  We are liberated into a higher order of being.
The NOW Spray has all of the above mentioned essences and qualities, AND has the essential oils of Peru Balsam, Bergamot, Lemongrass, and Fir.  
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In keeping with our honoring of the Andean Orchid Essences- we are highlighting Nature Communion this month.  Since we are on the edge of Spring, and in many places we are still spending a lot of time inside, Nature Communion is sometimes called a hike in a bottle, for those times we are spending too much time on electronic devices and not enough time outside.  It's also useful for communication with the elemental world when you do get outside. The Nature Communion essence enhances our level of consciousness and our connection to the Nature Kingdom. The unseen world becomes palpable. Nature Communion supports our connection to our physical body and is also good for fertility. 
Sending Galaxies of Love to You,
Star and the Team  (Roslyn and Barbara)
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