Eclipse Magic

Star Riparetti
Hi Beautiful Friends and Galactic Family ~
This is a quick note to remind you that essences are not just for addressing conditions and symptoms - (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).  They are also for higher states of consciousness.
Essences are frequencies, and they work in octaves. They can lift us from one octave to the next, and where we go usually depends on where we are. Wherever it is, they will lift us.  All that being said, it is ECLIPSE TIME and I want to encourage you to take essences in preparation for this huge influx of energy and codes that we are receiving at this auspicious time.
I urge you to keep the highest of thoughts and intensions for this monumental moment.  So many people will be focused on the same thing at the same time and we can harness this moment and use this energy to raise our vibration, which in turn adds to the light of the world, and with so many intent on doing this, it's happening!  
We are moving into the frequency of LOVE
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All 3 Photos were taken on Lake Ouachita during the Oct. 14, 2023 
partial solar eclipse, by Star.
I encourage you to use whatever essences you have- and here are some suggestions:  Anchoring LightOne HeartBalance and StabilityVortex of HarmonySacred Marriage of the Pituitary and Pineal, Blue Lotus TempleNOW (New Order of Wonder).
Take whatever you are directed to take,(directed  by your own divine director.)
If you order today there is a slight chance (depending on where you are) that you will receive them before the eclipse, and maybe not. Roslyn moves quickly, and the post office does, too - most of the time.  My suggestion is to take whatever you have on hand.  
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It will be good to continue with the essences after the eclipse to help integrate everything that is happening.  After the eclipse you may want to take Complete with the Past, Integration, Resilience, as well as any mentioned above - and as always - what YOU are directed to.  In my opinion, essences always improve things - by lifting us up from wherever we are.  Let's go even higher!
So if you have essences, be sure and take them that day, April 8 ~ and tune into the magic.  Here in Hot Springs Arkansas we are very fortunate to be in the TOTALITY  of the eclipse.  We will be in that totality for 3 minutes 37 seconds   We are here amongst the biggest veins of quartz in the world.  There will be a huge beacon coming from this area, with all of the beautiful events taking place honoring this brief less than four minute event!  
My plan is to be out on the crystalline lake Ouachita, making a quartz crystal essence that will have special magic (yet to be revealed). I am in a state of deep listening to know what steps to take.  So stay tuned for what emerges from this.  It's all very exciting!!!
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If you have any questions you can reach out to our Customer Happiness Specialist Roslyn at 413-695-1116 (phone/text) or
And be sure and wish Roslyn Happy Birthday Month!  Roslyn was born on April Fools Day, and when the nurses told her mother the baby was a girl Roslyn's mom thought they were joking, because she had 4 boys already and it was April Fools Day!  Her mom had the nurse take off her diaper to prove she wasn't joking lol.
Galaxies of Love, Light and DeLight,
Have you taken your Star Essences today?

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