Star's Story About Holy Harmony

Star Riparetti

A fun story about the Holy Harmony Spray -

Recently I gave a little flower essence talk at our local raw food potluck and I left a bottle of Holy Harmony Spray for my friend Janis who was the hostess. About a week later I got tagged on Facebook from Janis's sister saying I was the star of the weekend. Then I received a text from Janis saying call me and I’ll tell you why you were the star.

Come to find out there was a 48 hour film project and it was on Janis’s sisters bucket list to make a movie. Apparently she didn’t even have a movie camera. Well, everything came together and they pulled together a team of 7 to make the movie (which had to be written, scripted, acted, filmed, edited and turned in in 48 hours). The guys doing the filming were 20 years old, which meant the group ranged from age 20 to 67. They called themselves the Generation Gap.

At one point they came to an impasse where they thought it just wasn’t going to happen. Janis pulled out that bottle of Holy Harmony and sprayed everyone, and soon after they came to terms again. That happened a few times, and each time they sprayed the Holy Harmony and got through. They made the movie, and got it turned in on time. And guess what they called the movie? Holy Harmony!!! I got to go to the screening, and it was so fun!

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