Happy Lunar New Year

Star Riparetti

Happy Lunar New Year,  all of my fabulous cosmic friends and galactic family,

 Emerald boaHere we are - in the auspicious Year of the Dragon! Dragons can walk, fly, swim and travel between dimensions. I had the honor of communing with these gorgeous Emerald Boa's about a month ago- which felt like a preparation for the Dragon energy coming in.  It is synchronistic and magical and AWE INSPIRING!  

If you click on this you can see a short video of me and the emeralds. They were so gentle.

Thank You, Amy Benzi! You can follow her adventures with these gorgeous creatures on FB - Amy Benzi, or Instagram - Happy Basins- and if you scroll around on her page you can see even more photos of the emeralds and me.

Sacred Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary

As promised a while back - I want to share with you a protocol for the Sacred Marriage of the Pineal and Pituitary, and an esoteric way to use this trilogy of essences - Pineal Light Infusion, Pituitary Master and the Selenite bridge.  
Taking these essences in harmonic sequences can amplify the effects.  It's valuable to take the  the Pineal Light Infusion essence for awhile to prepare for the sacred marriage of the Pineal and the Pituitary.  Or just go for it.  I find myself often going back to taking the just Pineal Light Infusion essence periodically.  Then on special occasions I do this special protocol:
Get a glass of water you feel good about.  (Bless it in some way)
Place 3 drops of the pineal essence in it,
in a line - - -
Then place 6 drops of the selenite essence
in a line - - - - - -
Then place 9 drops of the Pituitary Master
in a line - - - - - - - - -
Then stir it 9 times in an infinity pattern (preferably with a wooden chopstick, or a wooden spoon, or even a plastic, paper or glass straw- preferably just not metal)
Take 9 sips of this holy, sanctified water, and after each sip,
take a deep breath in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts and breathe out for 7 counts. Stay focused on outcomes that you would like. When we focus on the good the good gets better!
After doing this protocol, be open to sacred knowledge and infinite possibilities.  There is a new level of awakening into a crystalline, solar earth. We are beginning to have more advanced celestial visions.  Step into a new octave and see who you are.  Using the essences in this way can help recalibrate our solar light codes. We begin to know more and figure out less.
As we tap into the power of harmonic frequencies we can become aware of being aware, and we can play differently. The universe speaks in vibration, and we are rapidly becoming much more energy sensitive. We can step into the higher realms and experience well being, taking ourselves beyond concepts into practicality.
Some of the benefits you may see/feel/experience:
• Increased energy flow and vitality
• Enhanced intuition and psychic abilities
• Heightened senses and perception
• Resistance to stress, fatigue, and disease
• Ability to regenerate cells and heal quickly
• Deeper spiritual connection and awareness
We are more receptive to being clairaudient and clairsentient. We are being empowered to receive a new level of divine consciousness and solar light codes.
I encourage you to explore  more on your own, regarding howto take the essences in a conscious and thoughtful manner and please share any thoughts and experiences you have. Sharing and community is one of our super powers.  We have moved up the spiral of evolution and we are moving into uncharted territory.  Our divinity is guiding us.
Essences raise our vibration, our frequency, energy, consciousness.  Take essences every day. 
In Joy, Jubilation, and Celebration I wish you
a Happy, Healthy, Vibrant, Joyous, and Creative New Year, filled with Galaxies of LOVE!

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