Taking a Moment

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How does the saying go? "Big things come in small packages.”

A few weeks ago we posted on Instagram about how much more we notice when we slow down, at the time we noticed the tiny rainbows shimmering off of the side of an amethyst in the window. We’ve been trying to remember to slow down, to notice the little things, to appreciate our surroundings more since then. This itty bitty flower was recently one of those things.

While eating breakfast outside on an unseasonably and rare warm morning recently I looked down and noticed a small patch of greenery in the mostly brown yard. Upon closer inspection I noticed the tiniest purple flowers tucked neatly amongst the leafy greens. A sign of spring!

This sweet discovery prompted a slow stroll around the rest of the yard to see what else was growing out here that I hadn’t noticed from afar. I was rewarded with a treasure trove of resilient, determined bright green curly-q shoots, tiny purple and yellow blooms low to the ground, a few bright red blossoms hiding behind a lifeless bramble, all launching a colorful, minuscule, campaign for spring.

This 15 minutes changed my whole perspective on my day. There is so much life all around us every day that we don’t notice. We often remark on how abrupt the seasons change when really it’s that we hadn’t taken the time to observe the minute changes happening around us.  As a person who often feels starved for color, flowers, and growth in the winter, all it took was a walk around my yard and a closer look to find what I thought wouldn’t be here for weeks or more was right in front of me.

This also serves as a gentle reminder: too often we sit waiting for a sign that what we want has arrived. We wait for the big, loud, notification that it’s the perfect time NOW only later do we realize that what we were searching for was right in front of us we just had to get outside of our comfort zone and look closer or listen harder.

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