Timely essence helps us navigate time (and timelines and timelessness)

Star Riparetti
It's About Time.  That's the name of our newest flower essence from Thyme.
The Thyme was in super  full bloom.  I walked by and admired it  several times each day, and each time it asked me  to make it's essence.  This little flower,,,, was it really that significant? A common herb?  What are you about? 
I'm About Time..It's About Time.
That seemed too obvious, and a bit trite.
Thyme Laughs, then goes on to talk about these times, that time, some time, any time, your time, my time, all the time…

Then more information emerged. It says, there is no time. And laughs again, as I remember 30 years ago having this conversation with Roger Valencia in Peru, about time and no time.
Thyme flower goes on to say it's about the folding of time, about no time, about the new timelines and simutaneous timelines and  how to stay balanced in them.  How to use time, bend time, stretch time…. because it's all now.  Presence!
“Life is only available in the present moment.”  
Thich Nhat Hanh
So I made the essence.  And- it was Summer Solstice!  Perfect.
Interesting thing, when I finished cutting the flowers it seemed there were just as many in bloom as when I began.  Then,.  a week later there was not one blossom to be found.  It was complete.  Timing!  That most important time, the moment of bloom.
Thyme flower in bloom
Thyme shows up in the bible.  Thyme is considered a life changing herb, when eaten. 

So what is it about?  What will taking this Thyme essence do?
It can take you into a higher timeline.  It's time to get to that place where we have reverence for all life.   As we continue to raise our vibrations, we continue to raise the vibrations of everyone around us.  There are many ways to do this.  Food, high vibe blessed water, exercise, breathing techniques, color,  thoughts, and the list goes on.  Essences.  Taking essences everyday, so that not only is our vibe getting higher, so is anyone we come in contact with.  Even when we are walking around the grocery store or wherever, we are beaming our light, in service to the light.   The Thyme essence- It's About Time- helps us to shift into a different timeline.  A more rarified vibrational field where we can access new skill sets, and mind sets and HEART sets.

Timelines are splitting and merging and overlapping.
It's About Time (yes, that IS the name of the essence!) we transform and think with our hearts, to benefit family, friends, and all of humanity.   This Thyme essence will help open our heart.  As Thyme opens our heart chakra we become more tolerant and patient and more able to give and receive love.  We can be present and heart-full.  
Thyme can help us move into a vortex of timelessness.

It's about Time, the Thyme essence, can also be used when there is the feeling of not enough time.  It can alter our perception of time, which allows it to speed up or slow down.  It is useful for those who have issues with time.  It can help those who struggle with “dead”lines, and race the clock.  The Thyme essence helps dissolve our confinement into one timeline. This can help create a more grace filled life, as it helps us adapt to changes (especially time line shifts and the changes which are rampant right now)

There is a quantum convergence as we are rapidly shifting from both our individual as well as collective timelines. The Thyme essence, It's About Time, helps us navigate this noble adventure.  In the new timelines we can more easily comprehend the sacred knowledge from the realms of illumined truth and the patterns of perfection.  The elemental kingdom abides in more rarified pulsations and frequencies of light, and in the new timelines they are more tangibly available than ever before.  We can collaborate in new ways. This is very exciting!

During these challenging Times…. The Thyme essence brings us to a higher vibe and reminds us that we are capable of finding our own equilibrium. We can remain balanced in simultaneous timelines.  It helps to  ground us in the present moment, and embrace the ever moving wave of change in our lives.

What we are sensing as time seeming to pass faster and faster is actually the higher, lighter energy planes which we are ascending into. Our linear time with clocks and calendars is collapsing as  our planet approaches the timeless continuum where everything is a series of simultaneous happenings.

We can stay in the higher timelines (that are elusive, uncharted territories of the new dimensions).
It's there that we always respond with love.

Navigate time, with this Thymely essence.
It's About Time  ~ for us to be present.  Presence- a conscious and persistent transformation of the now moment into a desirable moment.

Note: The original alchemists defined Alchemy in terms of time consciousness- (instead of defining it as substance conversion)  The most significant thing they sought to manifest were purified upgraded and perfected substances by changing thought patterns.  They sought to upgrade themselves  on a spiritual level.

Take Thyme.  It's About Time!

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