Happy Holy Day Season Sale and More Great News!

Star Riparetti

Dear Beautiful Friends and Galactic Family,

It's been a wild and crazy fun time here at Star Essence! Our Customer Happiness Representative Roslyn came to visit Hot Springs, AR in September, and guess what - she has moved here!!! Holy Awesomeness!  We are so Happy!  She made the decision shortly after she left here and she found and purchased a sweet condo in Hot Springs Village.  We are doing a happy dance. We know what an asset she will be for our community, and especially to Star Essence.  It is so great to have her here, where she can enjoy the clean air, the most fabulous clean, pure, drinking water, gorgeous landscape on country roads with no traffic, great hiking and biking, the most amazing crystalline Lake Ouachita, and the list goes on. Our holistic community continues to grow, and I am so grateful.

And speaking of G R A T I T U D E-, The day after Thanksgiving, and the day after Ros moved here (she is quick!) We had a “3 Amigas Floral Summit”. My dear friend Barbara drove here from Kansas to help us with a whole bunch of technical stuff. We powered out for two days and got a lot done, had fun doing it, and managed to go out on the lake for sunset, moonrise, and an eagle visitation, and saw the fabulous light show at Garvan Gardens. Barbara helps us all the time remotely, and it was so great to have her here in person.  We are a super team!  This all bodes very well for Star Essence.  We are looking forward to 2024!  Stay connected as this new year unfolds. There are a few photos of us below.

Joy To The World and May Peace Prevail!

Infinite Abounding Love and Great Gratitude to All Y'all,


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