Crimson Clover

Resilience ~ A brand new essence ~ from Arklantis!

Star Riparetti
Dear Friends and Galactic family,
Big News!
We have a new essence that wants to be released right now.  It's called Resilience, and it is made from the Crimson Clover.  The fun back story of how it showed up and the magic of making it is at the end of this newsletter.  This essence is for resilience in all octaves.  Resilience is perhaps one of our most useful  attributes we can have, and this essence supports that.   We are receiving so many new codes and energies.  Someone recently called them honeydew drops of light. (Love that!)
The Resilience Flower Essence helps make a soft landing for these new energies. It's also very grounding and expanding at the same time.  It allows us to absorb gently the light that is coming in and lighting us up.  I'm feeling this essence is beneficial to nearly everyone.  There is a saying that we often teach what we need to learn.  I often make what I need to take lol.  (Before I even know I need it).  I am personally very grateful for this essence!!!!
Our special for this newsletter is: - Buy any 3 essences or sprays and receive a free Resilience essence.  Or buy 3 resilience essences and get the 4th one free- it's nice to give them away to your friends and family!  And yes, if you purchase 6 you get 2 free, 9 gets 3 free etc. The free ones won't  show up on your invoice, and Roslyn, our happiness representative, will know to send it to you. ( phone/text (413) 695-1116 to contact her )
Remember the Lions Gate is 8-8…. Resilience will be a nice essence to have to help integrate those rarified energies we will receive. This special is good through August 15.  Here is the full description of the Resilience Essence:
The capacity to gracefully recover and adapt, during times of great change.
The ability to absorb the new energies, and share them.  The Crimson Clover Flower Essence - Resilience- is very useful during this time of heightened and expanded energies that are ushering in the rapid evolution and ascension that we are experiencing on our planet earth (and throughout the galaxies)
This essence will assist us in maintaining balance as we receive new codes of light and expanded awareness that are moving us into Christ Consciousness.  
It will help us integrate the surges of light from the higher realms. It will help to energize and stabilize us as we feel our spiritual gifts being enhanced as we make these wondrous shifts.

Helps with symptom that come from solar flares- so we can absorb these new frequencies gracefully. It supports and encourages the transition/evolution of our nervous system and electrical system as we transcend into higher consciousness. It brings grace during expansion. 

On a physical level it works with cycles and things dealing with blood.  It is associated with the heart chakra and over lit by Mother Mary.
Quick Tip:  Remember you can put essences right in your water bottle to sip on, and also in your bath.  I keep One Heart on my counter and put it in many things that I prepare to eat, especially things for a pot luck.  
The Fun back story about making the fabulous Resilience essence:
The strong feeling from even before I made this essences it is that it needs to come out and be available SOON..  Sometimes it can take a year or more before an essence is ready to be released.  This essence was clear that it wanted to come out right away. It called to me, in the sweetest ways. Someone asked if I had a Clover essence.  No.  Shortly after that a lovely little girl gave me a flower at the First Friday Art Walk and I held it for a long time. At some point  I asked if anyone knew what it was. Someone had an app- and there it was~ Scarlet Clover.  Suddenly I saw it  growing everywhere.  It was that magical moment of bloom.  The information as to what it was about kept coming in as a feeling, and the feeling kept getting stronger - and the urgency.
I wasn't sure where I would make it.  It was growing a lot along the main roads.  The day I was heading out to make it I said a prayer to have this be easy, and - right at the end of the driveway of the portal was a stunning and pristine patch of it. Literally LOL!  I had not seen it there before!  Another one of those “Normicles”  (our new favorite word for miracles and syncronicities.)
I made the essence and it was, as always, Blissful. (and so easy) I sat with it in the energy of the Star Portal for quite awhile, receiving blessings.  This  essence is quite amped up.  I was making notes about how the essence was feeling, and kept wondering what it's name was.  What was something that would describe this important essence? I kept feeling like there was a word.  Then, one of those 4AM written in neon moments came RESILIENCE.   It was so right on!  That was the one word description!   Now I'm hearing that word everywhere I go.
How blessed we have an essence to support resilience!.  Making an essence is a very high experience, and the very best part of being an essence producer.  Then to get a label and get it on the website - those technical details that are NOT my forte. Wonderful friend Barbara Jennings who has been doing our labels says she can not only make the labels for the Resilience essence - she will also study Shopify (our online store)  and learn how to get it on the website (and a whole bunch of other stuff that we want to do on our website.) Prayer answered!!! In the best possible way. Barbara has also been my emotional support as well as problem solver during my technical meltdowns.  I am so grateful for all of the fun signs, and most especially, for the support showing up- Barbara Jennings and Roslyn Segal, our chief happiness agent and bottler and shipper extraordinaire.
That's the long story to tell you that the Resilience essence is ready.  There  is another new essence coming - and the Resilience~ Scarlet Clover,  was not willing to wait, and so everything has come together to make that happen.  
And congratulations for reading this whole long newsletter lol.  XOXOXOX

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