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Making Dosage from Concentrate

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What are flower/gemstone essences?

Please see our page, What Are Flower and Gemstone Essences?

How do essences work?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"Everything that exists has a frequency. This includes essential oils, diseases, and even emotions. Fear, joy, passion, courage, health, devotion, empathy: each have a particular wave pattern. Stronger and weaker variations of the same emotions show up as the same pattern in a different octave. The essences come in at higher frequencies, in the presence of which the lower frequencies cannot exist. In the Star system of essences, you look for the frequency you desire. If you are feeling depressed- you can take, for instance, Pure Joy. It will generally move you out of that feeling. If you take Pure Joy when you are already happy- I have seen it make people all giggly... The essences work from the octave where you are and move you gently- and often (though not always) subtly."

How do I use essences?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"The most traditional way to take essences is orally, dropping the drops on or under the tongue from the dropper. There is faster absorption under the tongue, as there is a major meridian under the tongue that disperses the essence out to the entire meridian and chakra system... You can also put the drops in water and sip it. My first guideline for using essences: Take as directed (by your own divine director). Avoid touching the dropper to your tongue (or anything else). We don't want to grow things- like bacteria- in the bottle.

Essences work very nice topically, as well. They are absorbed through the skin by osmosis... Apply essences topically to any part of the body that is calling for comfort and support... Rub or drop drops on pulse points, the temples, wrists, behind ears... on forehead, back of neck, the bottom of feet... Put the essence on a cotton swab and pulse it in a stimulating rhythm, and sometimes go in a circular pattern... Rub in the palms of your hands and fan them through the aura.

Essences are very good in baths. Bathing with them (and essential oils- I like both) is awesome... You can mix essences in with the oils you are using for massage. (This is very powerful, and great for the massage therapist as well as the recipient, as the hands are absorbing.) Mix them with essential oils any time to add to their vibrational energies. You can put them into oils, potions, lotions and creams... The essences are great in misters and spray bottles. [We offer essence and essential oil blends in our Sprays and Mouth Mists, as well as Topical Oil Blends.]

Chiropractors have reported that adjustments hold better when the person is using essences. Acupuncturists are getting good results by using the drops on meridians and pressure points, often on q-tips, instead of needles. Essences have been described as liquid acupuncture. They move energy."

Are there any side effects when using essences?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"When taking a flower or gemstone essence, the worst that can happen is nothing and the most that can happen are miracles!"

"On a rare occasion, especially with very sensitive people, there will be an exacerbation of a situation, because of a need to see the patterns consciously before they are let go. One of the big things that drew me to flower essences after Nuclear Medicine, was the rare and beautiful blessing that there are no side effects or contra-indications with essences. Flower essences fulfill the first premise of the Hippocratic oath: 'Physician, Do no Harm.' And they help miracles abound."

How do I choose which essences to take?

For specific issues or conditions, the Star Essence Repertory is a super convenient and valuable resource! Simply look up your concern in the alphabetical listings and see which essences and/or other products are suggested for that issue.

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"There are many methods for choosing the essences that will serve you best at a given time, and from my experience they all work. We get to use the ways that work best for us... I love the idea that I am my own guru (and you are yours)."

"How would it be if it were perfect? Write down the answer (for the moment) - How your life would be if it were perfect. Then see what essences come up that will support your most compelling issues. Other questions to ask yourself are: What are your wildest (or fondest) dreams? What is the outcome you desire? By asking and answering these questions, you are strengthening your intuitive nature, learning to trust your inner guide. Your answers will direct you to your essences."

"Star Essences are outcome-oriented. Look at their names... and take that to broader and deeper levels. Their names and subtitles will give you clues and reflect the essences' purpose as you read through them, which will aid in your selection. If you are working on key issues or challenges, think about what the opposite is. (Depressed? How about 'Pure Joy'...) [Also bear in mind] the essences are vibrations- and sometimes, just like isotopes, they have different 'peaks', i.e., a number of different energy frequencies. If you test for them [or are drawn to them] - and the written description doesn't fit - use them anyway. You may have discovered a new range of an essence's usefulness that we haven't yet translated into words. Sometimes you can think of the organs that the plant would address in an herbal tonic- i.e., Dandelion and the liver. You could extrapolate from there. Don't be concerned that the Dandelion essence is named 'About Face'."

"People, especially children, often can choose essences very well for themselves by looking at the photos. Sometimes you can run your hand over the essences [or the computer screen] and know by a vibration or a heat which one to choose."

"Body knowledge... Skin knowledge (goose flesh/goose bumps- also called God bumps) is another sign. There are many forms of body knowledge. For Dr. Bach, hair stood up on the back of his neck as he passed his hands over the correct essences."

"Kinesiology is a method of communicating with your body through your electrical system. It is also called muscle testing. You get answers from your body to yes or no questions. The key to the effectiveness of this method is learning to ask the right questions. There are various ways to muscle test [you can Google it]. A simple way to do it for yourself is to make a circle with the thumb and little finger of your non-dominant hand and try to pry at apart with the thumb and forefinger of your other hand. You ask questions, and if the fingers come apart (weaken - the circuit is broken), the answer is no. If they stay together (the circuit is strong) it means yes. With some practice, you will learn to read your own body. Begin with some questions you know the answer to ('My name is Mickey Mouse') to get a feel of yes or no."

How many essences should I take?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"The number of essences to use varies. Sometimes I want a capella - a single note. Sometimes I feel called to take them in threes. Trilogies. Most folks agree that 5-7 are plenty- yet some folks want a whole symphony- and they go for dozens- and it seems to work for them. My feeling is that you want to choose essences that support one main issue- and use essences that will support that outcome- sometimes from many directions. (Thus more essences.) Work on the amount of issues that your nervous system would like to take on at once. (If you do more, it won't hurt you, it just takes time for your system to sort through and see what it wants and what to delete.) I like to have my basic Constellation that I take for sure every morning and evening, and then if I take other essences during the day- for some momentary reason- I still remember my Constellation that I am taking in a cyclical fashion."

How often should I take essences?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"Taking essences with Regularity, Rhythm and Consistency harmonizes with the natural pulses of the universe. It helps us to tune into the natural cycles around us that affect us. Modern conditions have lessened our awareness of the natural cycles- and it is valuable to move back into sync. Choose specific times to take essences- especially right when you get up and when you go to bed. These are thresholds when the boundaries between body and soul are shifting- transition times. There is power in the cycle, in taking essences at the same times, regularly. The rhythm builds energy. Watch what happens when you take them on a regular, consistent, cyclical basis!

Take the essences more often rather than taking more drops, for more and faster results. You can take them as often as you like- with a minimum of 4 times a day suggested. You can't overdose. Essences are safe and self-regulating. The message I frequently receive is to take them often. The more I remember to take the essences, the more balanced I feel."

How many drops should I take?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"Dr. Bach used to suggest 2 drops. I often squirt a dropper full under my tongue, and this works great. In taking vibrational essences, the number of drops matters and it doesn't matter. First of all- it is not about the volume. In that regard, taking one drop is the same as taking the whole bottle: it is just one dose. I have been guided to recommend 4-7 drops of the flowers and 7 drops of the gems [and Constellations]. And still, it isn't about the volume. It is about the geometry. As we get more refined in taking the essences, this goes on. Like if it is four drops of 2 plus 2 or four drops of 3 plus 1, etc. I'm going to leave it at that because I don't yet fully understand this part- and I know there is more to be revealed. It has to do with harmonic sequencing- where you take a certain number of drops in certain patterns at certain times. You will receive your own guidance on this... I know that the uses of vibrational essences are being taken to the next level- AND- let's keep it simple at the same time. Even though I know these special sequences work- and I have had profound experiences using them in esoteric ways- I also mostly squirt a dropper full in my mouth on the run- and the essences do magic for me all the time. It's magic- because what is magic? Learning to affect our own environment." 

How long do essences take to work?

"It can be instantaneous. And, sometimes it can take several doses before things begin to shift. It can depend on how long you have been in the frequency you are trying to shift. And it doesn't have to. It is different for everyone."

- Star, Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences

For how long should I take an essence?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"Sometimes I take them once- sometimes for several weeks and months. It can depend on how long I have been dealing with an issue. How rooted is what you are changing? Is it long-standing or short-term? It can take a while to be able to hold the new frequency. Things might improve and I might stop taking the essence- and then find I need to start taking it again- to get the frequency back. Take it until you can hold the frequency yourself. The length of time can depend on the strength of the disharmony. If you have had a pattern for a long, long time, it might take a little longer to shift it, and it may be valuable to continue to take a particular essence for a while in order to maintain a particular frequency."

Can I take essences with meals?

Yes, you can take them in-between, before, or after meals, or inside or outside your eating schedule.

Can I take essences with other remedies?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"Star Essences are compatible with any other modality you are using, and they will enhance and accelerate your healing process. You can use essences with any kind of medicine, be it occidental (allopathic) or alternative, complementary, Chinese, Ayurvedic, traditional or non-traditional. They can be taken with any other kind of medication with absolute safety. Essences are good adjuncts to any type of therapy and will hasten recovery. You can add them to other liquid preparations (i.e. herbal tinctures, skin creams) to broaden the spectrum of their effectiveness. They are successfully integrated with other modalities of health enhancement."

What about alcoholics and children using essences preserved with alcohol?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"First of all I will say that I am told there is less alcohol in a dose of flower essences than there is in a ripe banana- And, you can preserve them with other things. Apple cider vinegar and vegetable glycerin are tried and true."

    "I use vegetable glycerin in the Happy Kid Constellation- and growing up, my granddaughters were so used to the ones with alcohol that they didn't like the super-sweet taste of the glycerin! [Other kiddos- and even some adults- love it.]"

    "Alcohol gets essences into your blood stream most rapidly, and alchemically it represents fire."

How long do essences last?

"The Star Essences are very stable. Their vibration is said to last seven generations. The rubber in the dropper, however, does not. For this reason it is best, when possible, to store them standing up. They are made in the sun, so the sun does not hurt them."

"Essences have alcohol [or another preservative] in them to preserve them. As long as you don't introduce anything into the bottle, they will remain good. That means not touching the dropper to anything, especially your mouth. Also, [essences that contain alcohol] will not freeze. There is no alcohol in the sprays, so they will freeze (and the bottle will probably break).

The essences don't really like to be "cooked"- like staying in a really hot car for long periods of time. I do keep Angel Spray or FAB Spray in my car, and the Angel Breath Mouth Mist, as well as whatever other essence I am taking at the time, because I seem to spend so much time in my car, having them right there reminds me to take/use them. Of course Santa Barbara, where I live, has a mild climate.

You can store the essences in the refrigerator. And this is definitely not necessary. You can put them around your house and they act like little crystals, sending out their beautiful vibrations. I like to keep some in my bathroom. I take Eternal Youth or Forever Young everyday. Put them where you will remember to take them, because the most important thing about essences is remembering to take them. Of course I always have some in my purse."

- Star

Can I take essences through the X-Ray at the airport?

Cited from Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences by Star Riparetti:

"I have had essences in my luggage go through X-Ray many times. These essences have proven to be very stable. Their efficacy remains. (I have never let a Mother essence go through X-Ray. I ask the authorities to hand search it and I tell them that it is Holy Water.)" 

What is the difference between "Dosage" and "Concentrate"?

1 oz. Dosage essences are the most convenient- "no alchemy required"! They are ready to use (for immediate gratification), preserved with ratio of 20% alcohol to 80% Sacred Healing Water. We recommend Dosage for those new to Star Essence products (or essences in general), and for those who don’t choose to spend the time making their own Dosage bottles or blends.

½ oz. Concentrate essences are the most economical, and you can create your own Constellations (combinations) with them. They are preserved with a ratio of 50% alcohol to 50% Sacred Healing Water. 4-7 drops of Concentrate (in water, with or without a preservative) makes 1 Dosage bottle, and there are 300-380 drops in a Concentrate bottle! We recommend Concentrate for Practitioners (so they can make individual bottles or create unique essence blends for their clients), and for those who enjoy making their own Dosage bottles and blends for personal use. If there is a particular essence that you take regularly and know you will be using for some time, purchasing it in Concentrate will save you money as you can make roughly 60 Dosage bottles from 1 Concentrate bottle.

NOTE: Earth Balancing Trinity and Harmonic Concordance are special cases of a 1 oz. Concentrate, and make up to 180 1 oz. Dosage bottles. 

How do I make Dosage from Concentrate?

For detailed written instructions on making Dosage from Concentrate, see the downloadable PDF, How to Make a Dosage Bottle from the Concentrate.

What are Constellations?

Constellations are combination essences. They are a blend of multiple essences (usually both flower and gemstone essences), synergistically formulated to address and assist with specific concerns.

Constellations are only available in 1 oz. Dosage bottles (with the special exception of Super Immune and Vortex of Harmony, which are also available in Concentrate due to the unique process of infusing Peruvian rose salt into the stock).

What is Activated Sacred Healing Water?

The Sacred Healing Water we use in all of our products is water that has been "activated" through precise prayers and intentions, and which was originally sourced at numerous sacred sites and water bodies around the planet, and blessed during significant cosmic events. The process for activating water has been likened to sourdough starter: you begin by adding one ounce of Activated Healing Water to a gallon of pure water, do an activation (which consists of specific invocations and visualizations), and then you have a gallon of Activated Healing Water from which you can refill the one ounce bottle you started with - for next time.

We use distilled water from a source we feel good about it and store the Activated Water in glass bottles.

For complete written Activation Instructions and detailed information- including sources of the Sacred Healing Water- see the downloadable PDF, Sacred Healing Water Activation Packet.


Where do I get Activated Sacred Healing Water?

Sacred Healing Water is never bought or sold, always freely given. We got our original starter water from Patricia Cota Robles ( By request we will happily send you a starter 1 oz. bottle of Sacred Healing Water and the activation instructions, free of charge, with your Star Essence order (without an order we request you pay shipping).

Will Star Essence refill or reuse my empty product bottles?

"I prefer not to reuse a bottle for an essence unless it is for the same essence. Use the bottle to make an essential oil blend- or something else that will enjoy the energy of the essence. It will add a sweet vibration."

- Star, Bliss and Blessings: the Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences

We always strive for sustainable and earth-friendly business practices. The small size of our facilities, and the vibrational nature of our products, don't make it feasible for us to offer product refills or to reuse empty bottles at this time.

We highly encourage everyone to recycle or re-purpose their own empty bottles. (If you make your own Dosages or personal essence blends from Concentrate, note that some people boil their bottles or leave them in direct sunlight for a few hours with the intention of energetically cleansing them before reusing them for different essences.)

 We are grateful to our customers for being environmentally aware and making responsible choices.