$ 24.00

Size: 2 oz. glass bottle with spray top

Open to Spiritual Gifts

Go Beyond the Ordinary, into the Realms of the Extraordinary

Become more and more spiritually enLightened and affect the world in wondrous ways. Bring in your highest potential as a brilliant co-creator and Master of Light. Open to receiving your spiritual gifts. A few of these gifts include: increased intuition, expanded creativity, development or enhancement of clairvoyant and empathic abilities. Excellent for meditation.

Spray your crown chakra and be lifted. 

Essences: Awakened Thymus Chakra (Erythrodes), Gold + Silver/White Chakra (Sobralia setigera), Zeal Point Magenta Chakra (Epidendrum f. guillemi), High Frequency (Pleurothallis), Pineal Light Infusion (Ellianthus capitatus), Pituitary Master (Epipactis gigantea), 24K Gold and Selenite

Essential Oils: Lime, Lemon, Tangerine and Jasmine

Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water (no alcohol)