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Erythrodes  Higher Chakra Orchid

High Heart; Graciousness

This special essence helps to filter and convert 5th dimensional energy to make it more easily acceptable to the human body. It is useful for telepathy, and connecting the 3rd (solar plexus) and 6th (third eye) chakras. The thymus gland, a small gland located in the chest, and the heart chakra have different locations and are inter-related. The thymus receives spiritual life force energies and transforms them for use in the etheric, subtle body and physical vehicle. It is said to have once been much larger- it is our job to wake it up again to its previous function. The thymus is also called the "High Heart." Being between the heart and the throat, it empowers loving communication. It is useful when healing with voice and sound. On the physical plane, the thymus relates to the immune system. Thymus tapping is a valuable thing to do to stimulate this gland, and the immune system. Take this essence to strengthen and nourish it.

    The Awakened Thymus essence was made in the moment of the March Equinox at the site of Winay Wayna. The mother essence was energized at a place we call The Point of No Fear: a triangular-shaped stone jutting out from the window of the ruins that seems to hang in mid-air, thousands of feet above the rainforest. (As such, this essence also resonates with fearlessness, surrender, trust, flight- and may be valuable for those with height phobias.)

Awakened Thymus Chakra is an ingredient in: Transcendence Spray, Transcendence Anointing Oil.

Awakened Thymus Chakra is included in: Higher Chakra Trilogy.