$ 20.00

Expanded Insights; Spinal Column

Expand awareness of your surroundings. Access possible future lives. Provides energy to promote justice during disputes. Gives strength to decisions. Selenite is brilliant white and partially translucent, and one of the highest vibrations in the mineral kingdom. It intensifies and focuses energy. It allows messages from non-physical planes to enter the third dimension. As Selenite brings in its very high frequency, it brings a connection to Nature as well. It is a catalyst to accelerate the transmissions of light, while it is also calming and can influence our subtle energy bodies, connecting us with our light bodies. It aids telepathy. Use it with positive intentions. It improves the recall of dreams, and can give us expanded insights and better understanding of our multidimensionality.

Anatomy keywords: spinal column, muscular flexibility, breastfeeding, epilepsy / seizures, cellular regeneration, mercury poisoning, free radicals (cancer, tumors, age spots, wrinkles, light sensitivity)

Selenite is an ingredient in: Transcendence Spray, Transcendence Anointing Oil.

Selenite is included in: Triad of Harmonics Trilogy.