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Christ Consciousness, Ascension; Heart, Liver and Immune System

A very uplifting, positive feeling. Gold is a good conductor of electricity and it helps align the brain cells so they talk to each other and so they can carry a phenomenal amount of light energy- creating a higher light resonance. Because it is such a good conductor it increases the capacity of the nervous system to carry information. It increases our mental potential and ability to process information. We have more mental acuity- a sharper mind, over time. We can have deeper states of meditation. Our body is a strong and healthy vehicle for our higher purpose, and we are physically resilient. Our receptivity to subtle energy is enhanced, thus all gemstones, vibrational essences and other holistic healing modalities are going to have even more impact after taking the Gold essence for awhile.

    There are myriad benefits- for this GOLDEN AGE. Gold can help us to have a greater feeling of well-being, improved sleep, stronger immune system, stronger performance, and- rejuvenation. Everything in the cosmos is shifting, and the Earth is on its golden path of Ascension as it enters the golden light of the cosmic Christ Consciousness- and the Gold can open us to receive the new codes. It is helping to reconnect our 12 strands of DNA.

Anatomy keywords: heart, thymus, endocrine system, multiple sclerosis, gold / magnesium / oxygen / phosphorus / silver / vitamins A, B, D and E absorption

Read the story of where the gold came from.

24K Gold is an ingredient in: Blue Lotus Temple, Celebration, Vortex of Harmony, Blue Lotus Temple Spray, Celebration Blessings Spray, Transcendence Spray, Transcendence Anointing Oil, Harmonic Concordance.