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Kelsea Peace


What exactly is a Wellspring? Merriam-Webster defines it as "a source of continual supply". In this case, the Wanderlust organization is putting on their first ever Wellspring Summit in Palm Springs, CA. In their words... Wellspring [will] bring together wellness experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to answer a simple question:

How do we make ourselves and the world well?

This is a mission we strongly identify with and Kelsea is excited to explore the summit and connect with other wellness businesses who are also striving to answer this (big) question. Make sure to follow along on Instagram and read below to learn about the programming. It's going to be an amazing few days filled with talks about conscious capitalism, the transformational consumer, creating fabulous work place cultures and so much more. We can't wait to share more with you when we get back!


Beats Meets Bliss (Mary Beth LaRue)

90 minute flow yoga class with Mary Beth LaRue to get you moving and breathing deep. In this twist-centered practice we will move to the music of some old school hip hop paired with some deep R&B. 

Mind and Body Hacks for Better Energy Flow (Dave Asprey)

Dave Asprey, founder of lifestyle company Bulletproof 360 and the father of biohacking, will discuss how to hack your mind and body to live a happier, healthier and more positive life. Asprey will share actionable tips for increasing energy, which in turn decreases cravings, inflammation, and risk of disease. 

How to Build a Culture of Purpose, Health & Well-Being (Simon Mainwaring)

Purpose improves your personal health, happiness and well-being. It improves your productivity at work and drives success. But how do you define your company purpose? How do you build a work culture that unlocks these important benefits? How do you share your company purpose in a way that inspires changes that improve lives? Simon Mainwaring is a New York Times bestselling author and the CEO of We First, a creative consultancy that builds purpose-driven brands whose clients include TOMS, Timberland, Virgin Unite, Seventh Generation and more. A global thought leader on purposeful business, Simon will share his insights into building cultures and movements of purpose that grow your brand and scale your impact.

Disruptive Innovation and the Power of Positive Change (Miki Agrawal)

The only danger is not to evolve. This provocative, inspiring talk shares how anyone can disrupt their industry and evolve their business so they create and maintain a competitive edge. Miki shares hard-won wisdom and best practices from what it's like building successful brands in a "taboo" category and the strategies it took to change hearts and minds and motivate people to transform from being skeptics to being fans, followers and clients. Miki offers strategic insights on how she designs her brands to stand out in the noisy advertising and digital world, and where innovation has been stagnant for decades. She will also share how to navigate and manage PR using creativity and design in an ever-changing, click-focused media world.

Relationships 101 (Mark Groves)

Wouldn't it be nice if we were just born with the skills to understand relationships? To just walk right into love and know the right things to say and do? Unfortunately, it's just not that easy.

Most of us have never been taught what it is that goes into healthy relationships. We don't learn the ins and outs, we don't understand what it is we're truly seeking in a partner, and we're not quite sure how to ask for it even when we do know.

Wellness Beyond Whiteness (Panel)

Wellness has a diversity issue. We see it in magazines. We see it in yoga studios. We see it in Whole Foods. Wellness looks white. How do we reckon with a booming wellness industry that is almost exclusively white while the wellbeing of black, brown and indigenous folks suffer at disproportionate rates. Join us for a powerful discussion about equity and inclusion in wellness that tackles the following questions: 

- What is the impact of whiteness on our wellness communities?
- How are we perpetuating a culture of exclusion in wellness?
- What does it look like to engage beyond donating or serving excluded communities?
- How do we create a culture of radical inclusion and equity?

DAY 2 

AIReal Yoga: Elevate, Exhilarate, Alleviate

In this inclusive AIReal Yoga class, Carmen will lead you on a soul-satiating journey that allows you to dive deeper into your yoga practice, exploring new space and heightening your mind-body-breath connection. Grounded in the traditions of Hatha Yoga, you will progress through a spectrum of postures, using the hammock as a prop you can hold on to for balance and as a spotting device to safely guide you into postures you might have thought impossible to access. As you elevate your practice, the hammock will allow you to deepen stretches, lengthen and strengthen the entire body, and access a deeper state of relaxation. Class will allow you to flow and fly freely, alleviating tension in the body and sending you into a stress free state-of-mind.

Spiritual Gangster Chat featuring SG Founder, Ian Lopatin, and Jim Law (BioCharger)

Join Spiritual Gangster Founder, Ian Lopatin, and Jim Law, Co-Founder & Manager of Advanced Biotechnologies (home of the BioCharger) for an intimate conversation around the challenges of founding, leading, and innovating in the mindful business space.

Finding Flow (Ian Lopatin & Jamie Wheal)

Flow state is the state of peak performance, described by the world's greatest thinkers as the most productive and creative state of mind. Top athletes and productive CEOs have for some time been harnessing practices that can enable the mind to enter this zone, and world-renowned doctors are now suggesting that achieving flow state on a regular basis is a key component of well-being. 

Come hear the co-author of "Stealing Fire" chat with the founder of Spiritual Gangster, Ian Lopatin, about how flow state can be accessible to all, making us more productive, more creative, and more content. 

The Transformational Consumer: An In-Depth Case Study (Tara-Nicholle Nelson & Laura Davis Gross)

Tara-Nicholle Nelson is a self-professed Impact Junkie (her words) and the CEO of Transformational Consumer Insights (TCI), a strategy and customer research firm. Tara speaks and writes about transformation, conscious leadership, behavior change and marketing. She created the concept of the Transformational Consumer, people who eagerly buy products and consume content they think will further their never-ending efforts to change their behavior for the healthier, wealthier and wiser.

Join her as she sits down for an intimate session with Laura Davis Gross, SVP Marketing at Wanderlust, to discuss what the Transformational Consumer means IRL - not just how to message things to this customer, but how to provide support and inspiration as well. In the context of Wellspring, this breakout session will be a fascinating case study into the world of selling to and supporting the customer who seeks more.

The Fixx

The FIXX is a Wanderlust Hollywood signature class: A vigorous 45 minute flow class, set to a kick ass, carefully curated soundtrack. You will move, breathe, and sweat — community style.  This mashup of asana, pranayama, and nada yoga is radically fresh vinyasa krama. You will leave sated and fully fixxated. 


Resonance (Gene Evaro Jr. & Elena Brower)

This all-levels yoga practice presented by Ford Warriors in Pink will help you trust, ask, melt your resistance and move forward. Expect forward bends, twists and restful recalibration leading into meditation. 

Participating in this class will also help raise funds and awareness for breast cancer, as $20 from each registration will go toward Young Survival Coalition – an organization dedicated to improving the lives of young women facing breast cancer. You can also support the cause and inspire those around you with Ford Warriors in Pink clothing and accessories. Shop fordcares.com where 100% of the net proceeds support the cause.

Elevating Humanity Through Business with Conscious Capitalism (Amanda Kathryn Roman)

Elevating Humanity Through Business with Conscious Capitalism: A Proven Framework to Support the Integration of Personal, Social & Global Wellness in Your Business 

Leaders and entrepreneurs around the world are reimagining business as a vehicle of service for the uplifting of humanity rather than as a way to make as much money as possible. Conscious Capitalism is a philosophy along with a set of guiding principles and best practices based on a simple idea that business is about more than making a profit. It's an approach to business built on the fundamental universal truth that people aspire to more – more meaning and purpose, more flourishing and fulfillment. It does not hold the notion of profit in contempt, it provides an alternative approach that emphasizes ideas like trust, collaboration, and compassion. It says business is good, even heroic, because it creates prosperity and can do so much more to elevate humanity. 

The powerful combination of good business practices and the four principles of Conscious Capitalism elevates conscious businesses to a greater operational success and makes them agents of societal flourishing. Join us for an interactive session that will help you learn about what makes Conscious Capitalists different and how they operationalize the four tenets of the Conscious Capitalism philosophy.

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Crystal Foraging in Hot Springs

Star Essence

Part of our team recently traveled to Star’s house in Hot Springs, Arkansas to work on a few big projects together. While we were there of course we had to go crystal foraging! We arrived at a location where we thought we might find some quartz, but all we expected to find was a couple of pieces of opaque white quartz. We were happy with that!

Star mentioned that we should walk over to check out a different area where she thought might have more luck finding quartz. After just a few minutes our minds were BLOWN!

We found dozens of these stunning, sometimes perfectly clear, quartz crystals. We ended up spending the afternoon digging around in the mud totally amazed by mother nature’s spectacular creations.

We sorted through our collection at the end of the afternoon and “released” the excess crystals back to the place we found them so as to only take what felt right. We talked about bringing the crystals home to our loved ones and expanding their cosmic energy grid.

Being around all of these high frequency crystals, of course, reminded us of the energy of our gemstone essence, Quartz Clear Rainbow. It attracts life force and brightens and energizes the aura. It awakens the pure light of the soul, promotes mental balance, and facilitates positive thinking. Our team experienced all of this from the quartz vein we happened upon that day in Hot Springs and we are so grateful for the reminder that we have access to this positive energy no matter where we are with our Quartz Clear Rainbow essence. We’ve been adding a few drops of this back into our routine to hold onto the bliss!

When we brought our crystals home at the end of the day it was like coming home after trick-or-treating on halloween when we were kids! We lay them all out on the table to admire and to sort them into piles. We carefully cleaned each crystal, wiping excess dirt off the surfaces, and admiring each shining facet. Before gifting these crystals to our loved ones we used Crystal Clear Spray to clear their energy, leaving them radiant and ready to energetically align with their new homes.

Crystal Clear Spray is our revitalizing cleansing spray that filters through the aura, leaving it radiant with pure golden light. It is excellent for crystal clearing and space clearing as well as personal clearing. It can disperse residual energy in treatment/therapy rooms, crystals, hands, and other sacred tools after doing healing work.






We are still glowing with gratitude from this experience!

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The Extraordinary Red Tailed Hawk Experience.

Star Riparetti

A new friend, Monroe, has recently shared one of his many gifts with me ~ that of being a falconer. Monroe randomly showed up to my house one day and brought along a Red Tailed Hawk that he had rehabilitated. The hawk was ready to return to nature and we released him at my house together. That experience in itself was cosmic!

After the release, Monroe said that if the hawk was still there the next day I might want to give him a couple of chicken legs to help ease his transition. Indeed, the next day the hawk was still there, up in the trees. I went to the meat department at the grocery store (a place I haven’t visited for a long time) and bought the hawk some chicken legs and left them out for him. The next day the hawk and the chicken legs were gone.

A few days later I “just happened" to look out my window at the perfect moment to see the hawk land on my fence. I was amazed. I slowly walked out to see him. The hawk sat there and looked at me. I went inside and got my camera and he stayed there and let me take some photos. I wondered if he was hungry, and I still had a chicken leg left, so I went and inside to get it for him. While I was doing this I had a strong feeling to put a bowl of water out for him, which seemed crazy at the moment, since the lake is right there with plenty of water. But I listened to this feeling and I brought out the water for him anyway. Then I stood outside with the hawk (with the bowl of water at my feet) for at least 15 minutes. I stood there looking him in the eye and exchanging energy in an infinity symbol, heart to heart. It was one of those extraordinary, euphoric, peak experiences. After connecting with him for a while I thought it was time to go in the house and leave him be in case he wanted to eat. A little later I looked out and he was gone. The chicken leg was still there so I threw it over the fence for some other critter. I reveled in that experience.

The next time I saw Monroe, I asked him, “Why did you bring that hawk to my house to release him?”  He said because, “he was told,” then he said, “it was for you.” Hmmmm, well in that case I figured I ought to look up Red Tailed Hawk medicine.  Oh my, of course ~ it is all about VISION! After I read this I thought, too bad I didn’t make an essence. Then I heard ~ You Did. What? You put out the bowl. Well, that was a couple of days ago, I was sure it would have either evaporated or the squirrels would have gotten it. I walked outside and there it sat, pristine. That is your essence, I heard. The bowl was there all the time we were having that extraordinary heart to heart.

I LOVE the magic and the synchronicity, and continue to be So Super GRATEFUL!!!

The Marigold with Zinc, the Hawk Eye-Red Tailed Hawk, with the addition of the Andean Orchid ~ Anchoring Light, has made for a new constellation: VISIONARY.

Read the Marigold with Zinc creation story here. Read more about the Visionary constellation here.

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Introducing Marigold with Zinc

Star Riparetti

I have been lucky to have great eyesight for most of my life. Now, when I remember, I wear glasses. I’ve recently been searching for things I can do to improve my vision and I found that zeaxanthin and lutein are naturally occurring organic pigments that can improve vision. I was surprised and delighted to find that both zeaxanthin and lutein are found in marigolds. I also found that zinc, a mineral that is good for the eyes, would activate zeaxanthin and lutein. A divine combination.

I knew that I wanted to make the marigold essence and that would be easy ~ I had a brand new garden bed where I had planted my own marigolds. So I just needed to find zinc. Where would I find that? Again, an easy find! My friend and neighbor, the amazing mineralogist extraordinaire, Gary Fleck had mined zinc (sphalerite) in Tennessee and had plenty in his collection just down the street from me! I felt guided to make the marigold essence together with the zinc and both parts came together seamlessly. Thus, the Marigold with Zinc essence was created.

Then, an unexpected and super blessed event took place: the extraordinary Red Tailed Hawk experience. Read the full story here. Learn more about the constellation that came out of these two stories (Visionary), here.

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Welcome to the family, Elm!

Star Riparetti6 comments

The Making of the Elm Essence

Years ago I received guidance to make the 37 Bach Essences in a 24 karat gold crystal bowl. I have been working on this project for the past 5 years, and I have now made 27 of the 37 Golden Bach essences, the Goldies. Each one has magic and grace that surround the making and the adventure of finding them in their moment of bloom continues.

I am SO HAPPY to announce the ELM essence!


I have been looking to make the Elm essence since I began making the Golden Bach essences in 2013. I thought Elm would be the easy one. Elm trees grow in many places and they are easy to recognize, at least they are when they are fully green and leafy. I stalked a couple of Elm trees in Santa Barbara but they weren’t in good locations to make an essence and I never found them in bloom.

In 2016 I moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas and after quite a while I discovered that there was an Elm tree right there in my yard all along!!!

The Elm tree in my yard is very tall and the branches are high above the ground. In early spring last year I kept looking to see if it was in bloom. Of course, I didn’t know what to look for to identify that it was in bloom and I missed that *very critical* MOMENT OF BLOOM.

After researching, I learned that the bloom comes out before the leaf, it’s tiny, and it doesn’t stick around for long. This year, as the time approached, I was wondering, “would I be able to use my tree - or would I have to find another Elm?” The branches on my tree are so high I wasn’t sure I would be able to tell when it was budding. I kept looking up at the Elm and watching for signs of bloom but didn’t see any. 

One day, I went with a friend and neighbor to the garden show in Little Rock and we were gone all day. When I got home I was tired and the sun was beginning to set but all of the sudden I knew I wanted to show my friend the Elm tree. We walked to my backyard and instantly we both realized that there was a good chance that tree was beginning to bloom. The tree is so tall it was hard to tell for sure.

As she turned to go home I heard water running. There was a broken water pipe and my garage was flooding. If that Elm hadn’t called me to bring my friend to the back yard I never would have known this was happening. We got the water turned off and the leak fixed - but still, after hearing the gushing water and seeing my flooded garage I was feeling a sense of “overwhelm.”

The next day, we returned to the elm and it WAS in bloom! I made the Elm essence, with the help of two friends, Mark and Stephanie, and of course, one of the Elm essence’s gifts is to help with feeling overwhelmed… : ) 

It was March when this happened and there had been over 24 inches of rain in Hot Springs in a short amount of time with very few sunny days. On the day we discovered the blooms, the rain unexpectedly cleared and the skies opened up to the sun, we looked up and saw the Elm blossoms.

With the branches being so far off the ground, I had no idea how I was going to reach the blossoms. With a ladder Mark was able to throw a rope around a branch and bring it down for us to reach. With Stephanie’s help, we got the blossoms cut directly into the golden bowl. 

What could have been hard was graceful and easy.

It was another miracle… which the making of every essence is. Every single one of them has a story. That moment of bloom, and the perfection of it. It is all wonderful validation for me, that I continue to be on my right path.

The gifts of the Elm are:

Confidence, Ability to Cope, Strength, Capability, and up for the Magnitude of the Task.

Take charge and get it done. Follow one’s calling and ability to face the immensity of the job, to take great responsibility.

Able to deal with pressure and expectation. Some of the big things we are being called to do to take us to the next level takes a lot of energy and focus. It can almost feel like we’ve undertaken too much. Elm helps us be up for the job. Restores strength and ability to cope.

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Here comes the Lady Slipper

Star Riparetti

I am in continuous gratitude for being guided to Hot Springs for this phase of my life and this phase of the essences. The activated crystalline world here is catapulting me into what feels like even higher realms.

Last summer a sweet neighbor brought me a gift of a native Arkansas wild orchid ~ the Lady Slipper. I was in awe. In my astonishment I asked her about it and she said she had them growing in her yard. We then talked about the Star Essence orchid essences and she said I could use any of her Lady Slippers if I wanted to make an essence. Every part of my body said YES. As usual, everything that could go right, went right, and I made the Lady Slipper Essence. It’s taken this long to release it, and now it is ready.

lady slipper essence

There are new templates and codes in the crystalline grid (see description below) that we just ignited during this last series of eclipses. This essence helps to connect to the codes that are available now.

What is a Crystalline Grid? This is the term used to describe the grid like matrix of high frequency energy that is part of the Earth's new energetic architecture. Its pathways form a giant meridian system for the planet and are encoded with the divine design for humanities transition into a highly advanced multidimensional interface. We can use this grid as a spiritual “telecommunications system” to connect etherically and telepathically, to the higher consciousness of all humans.

Our collective frequency is now high enough to recognize the frequencies of this powerful essence. Using this essence can help to create more connection and enhance kindness.

The Lady Slipper essence is called Hypothalamus Moderator. It will help to energetically activate the hypothalamus gland to a new octave. The hypothalamus is a bridge from the etheric and spiritual world to the physical and has many functions. Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and released through the pituitary. It helps lower the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) that courses through our brain and also regulates sleep. When it is in balance it helps increase tolerance to pain which aids in pain management. When the hypothalamus is in balance, emotional upsets can be also be handled more gracefully.

Create a nexus ~ combine the pineal and pituitary essences with the hypothalamus essence.

lady slipper trilogy

Pineal Light Infusion (Andean Orchid) | Pituitary Master, (Santa Barbara Orchid) | Hypothalamus Moderator (Arkansas Orchid)

Using the three essences and activating these glands will create a sacred communion and an alliance with ourselves. There is increased connection to the divine ~ expanded consciousness. As these glands reunite, there is a supreme potential for rejuvenation energy. That reunification will allow more light from the universe to spiral into us.

Healthy functioning of endocrine glands are vital to existence of life. They carry healing and constructive energies that are the very creative forces that provide a key to our wellbeing. The communication begins at the hypothalamus then goes to the pineal and pituitary. These essences will help to awaken and strengthen these glands.

We can remain grounded, with both feet planted on the earth and recharge these glands that are connecting us to the crystalline grid. This could help us to become more youthful. It can also help to reverse aging. We can instruct the glands to replicate the compositions of hormones and other neurochemicals that they produced at an earlier time in our lives and to activate our full strands of DNA.

The vibration of these three essences used together will signal activity in the higher aspects of our brain, the sacred chambers. They can also activate the DNA codes of awakening which will accelerate our spiritual process. Using these essences together will prepare us to work with the new high frequencies.

Taking these essences will help us to transform and influence the multitudes, as we transform ourselves. Through this coherence we can create a massive harmonic resonant field. It is time to activate this field where there is peace and harmony for everyone. Taking them all can also increase our perception of color, light and sound.

We will notice new positive perceptions of our inner and outer worlds. We begin to establish a new program in our bodies.

The energies of these glands work in tandem with the energy vortexes - the chakras. When they are working together they provide the neural pathways and conduits to increase our communication with the higher realms. The glands activate our ability to access our multidimensional and higher realms of consciousness  

With our shift in awareness and vibration, we become more powerful and capable of fulfilling our higher purpose.

I recommend you check in with your own divine director as to how to take them. I have been taking the pineal essence off and on since I made it. Occasionally I will do a personal ceremony with the pineal, pituitary and the selenite as a bridge, to create the sacred marriage in the brain.

Now there is this new powerful addition - the Hypothalamus Moderator. I am taking it on its own for awhile, and then I will connect it with the Pineal Light Infusion and the Pituitary Master, plus the Selenite. I’m feeling that the addition of the Gold essence would be useful. I will be interested to hear about any information that you receive. We can help each other. We each have pieces of the puzzle. This is a new frontier.  

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The Making of Hornbeam, A Golden Bach

Star Riparetti

I knew Hornbeam grew in Arkansas, and in my area. I had checked with many sources. Both books, and those knowledgeable about Arkansas trees. Looking for this tree (and some other Bach remedies) motivated me to join the Arkansas Native plant society, as well as taking the Arkansas Master Naturalist course. I was searching and searching. I took hikes, and found them, just not in bloom, or not in perfect bloom.

Then one day a friend who had been helping with the search said he thought that he had seen the tree at my dear friends Kayse and Gary's house, who lives right down the street from me. Ahhhhh - could it be that easy? Yes! Another case of everything that could go right, went right. It was growing right in front of their home, and it was in full glorious bloom.  



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The Making of Holly, A Golden Bach

Star Riparetti

March 12th, 2017

Holly. It has my attention. They are growing all over town. I’ve been looking at them for weeks. There is one in my yard the size of a small tree that I have been loving, as well as every other holly I see around town. Especially since it is one of the few things that has stayed green during the winter. The one in my yard has been calling me to come look at it - sometimes several times a day.

And then, in the midst of a morning full moon meditation the message was: today’s the day. Everything was perfect, and (of course) everything that could go right went right. The day after a nice rain, so everything is clean and pure and the sun is out. Fully. And it’s all about LOVE. How perfect. It brings us more into our hearts, which is always useful. 


(Can you see the hearts!)

The Golden Bach’s hold new energetic light codes. Their DNA structure is advanced. They hold a new level of light and nourishment for us. They feed our new physical light bodies.

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She Will Always Remain the MAGIC in my HEART

Aanjelae Rhoads4 comments
To know her was to love her, and so many people did. It’s the end of an era.

R.I.P. Magic Heart
After 20 plus years of service my dear, sweet kitty Magic Heart has gone to kitty heaven, where she is a big time kitty goddess angel.

This is a cat who had more than 9 lives. She had flower essences nearly every day of her long life.

For many years she hung out during the day in the Star Essence office where the office angels would let her have the run of the place, and usually have a special cup on one of their  desks with water and essences in it just for for Magic Heart. I also had a glass for her on my counter.

You could often find MH in someones lap. Here she is with Harry - my dear friend that also made his transition to the realms of the angels recently. I know he loved her as well. In spite of how vocal she was, and even when she (accidentally) scratched him.

My dear friend and personal chiropractor Dr. Margarita said “Oh sweet healing cat, most vocal one, MAGIC HEART… so good you were with your family… she was an amazing little being. I loved how she helped me during sessions." She would often jump on the table when Dr. Margarita was working at the office.
My friend Julie helped me bring her, and my other kitty (Inca) across the country from Santa Barbara to Hot Springs, Arkansas. We drove straight through, on account of the cats. They hadn’t met each other (Inca lived on the ChaskaNorte land and Magic Heart lived in town).
They each thought they were only cats, so it made for an interesting ride that Julie deemed one of her top “burn your underwear” trips. We felt if we stopped at a motel and let Inca out, we would never get her back - so we opted not to stop. 

Here is a photo of Magic Heart and Inca. Inca waiting patiently for Magic Heart to move away from her (Inca’s) food.  

Right around November 11th (11:11), Magic Heart didn’t eat for about 3 days (and she had become a 3 can a day girl). My friend Kayse and I even did last rites for her out on Lake Ouachita - then she rallied. I feel she felt my fear of finding her deceased. I never wanted her to be in pain (and I don’t think she was) and I never wanted to have to make the decision to put her down. I’m sure she knew that, and chose to leave while I was absent. While she was in the care of sweet neighbors who took care of everything, and I was with my human family.
Dear Magic Heart made a peaceful transition while I was gone for Thanksgiving, and my kind friend and neighbor Stephanie was taking care of her. We had spoken about the possibility of her passing, even though she seemed to be doing well, so Stephanie was somewhat prepared.
While I feel a deep sadness, I also feel relief, as I knew she was nearing the end of this assignment. I know she is doing big time good and fun things in kitty heaven.
So many of you who visited the office on Yanonali or took classes there, met her. I feel her presence still very strongly.  Every time I walk in the door and she isn’t here to greet me. The things about her I took for granted. And she was, indeed, on of the most talkative kitties ever. VERY opinionated and high profile.
As I sit here writing, Magic Heart has become very present. She has been around a lot recently. Every time I come home and open the door - she seems to be there. Often in the kitchen I find myself almost stepping over her. Now, she is talking to me about enjoying all of the essences I used with her. Most recently I was using Happy Pet, because it has Balance and Stability and Faith and Courage in it. It was my previous cat (Lilac) who wanted that formula, and I so created the Happy Pet constellation. It’s like a pet rescue remedy, and covers a lot of bases. I sprayed the Happy Pet Spray all over and around Magic Heart's bed, especially in the final weeks, and it kept that frequency sweet. At her end times, she spent a lot of time there. I put the Happy Pet drops in her water, and on my hands sometimes when I was holding her and petting her.
All of the animal formulas that I made after Happy Pet came from necessity, for Magic Heart. They are the only “medications” of any kind she had after I got her (except for an occasional over the counter flea treatment). My granddaughters gave her to me for Christmas, and she did have her baby kitty shots.
Magic Heart is letting me know she is going help me expand our essences for animals. They even helped her when she had a stroke (yes, she had so many lives). What we have so far for animals in addition to our Happy Pet, is our Kidney Formula which were both birthed to help Magic Heart. When she was sick and I checked on the internet, she had classic symptoms. When I was looking at the medications offered, the ones that resonated most were the homeopathic ones. Then Magic Heart would tell me to make her up a flower and gemstone remedy, so I did, and they worked.
Magic Heart had a long, loving life. I miss her.

Another dear friend and neighbor, Veronica,  gave me this poem:

Thanks for giving me the good life of being your little cat.
For all the years of a purrrrrrrfect life, and so much more than that.
A new life now, we’ll live, both you and I, and never will we part,
because my Love will remain
The Magic in your Heart

Photos shared by our beloved office angels from the Santa Barbara Office: 

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Bring your garden to life with flower essences

Brandy Oswald

Plant love

Spring has officially sprung! It’s that time of year when many of us lace up our boots, grab our gloves, and take to the backyard to begin work on our gardens. We rake and dig and plant, hoping to be snacking on our favorite veggies in just a few short weeks. For many, it’s also a time to start prepping the vibrant floral gardens that will greet us in the height of summer. Ahh, what a beautiful time of year!

Sometimes though, despite our best efforts, things don’t go according to plan. Certain crops don’t come in as intended. Some years your favorite flower might never let you peek at its radiant petals. This year, doesn’t have to be like that. Here at Star Essence, we’re bringing you a whole lotta plant love in the form of, well, our beloved Plant Love essence blend.

Whether you’re looking for essence support from germination to cultivation, or simply looking to revive a not-so-healthy plant - this blend was made for you (and your gardens too!).

Infuse your garden with life and love this spring with the help of our Plant Love essence blend. Plant Love is a unique formula of essences that act as soul food for plants, helping healthy plants thrive and not-so-healthy plants bounce back to life.

Plant Love essence blend features:
  • Anchoring Light for groundedness and planetary light work
  • Nature Communion for heightened connection to the natural world and increased fertility
  • One Heart for unity, high frequency, and love
  • Be Nurtured as a plant-based mother’s milk offering loving support and nurturing
  • Willow  for easy adaptability
  • Emerald for physical strength and health
  • 24k Gold for immunity and strength
  • Poppy Jasper for a deeper connection to earth and animal energies


How to use Plant Love in your garden:

Option 1 - Put 3 drops in a triangle around the plant, a Plant Love trilogy of sorts.

Option 2 - Add 3 drops of Plant Love in the shape of a triangle to a bucket of water, along with any other plant nutrients you wish to use, and stir 11 times in an infinity (8) pattern.

Option 3 - Add Plant Love drops to the water of your cut flowers. They will love it!

Option 4 - Use Plant Love throughout the seed germinating process

For general plant health, use once a week. If the plant is ailing it might want the energetic plant elixir more often - every other day, or perhaps even more frequently.

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