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Star Riparetti
Hi Beautiful Friends and Galactic Family ~
And that is how we roll!  I'm ecstatic to say that the recent April 8 total solar eclipse was a stellar event, both for Star Essence and for me.
In 2017 I drove with friends to Missouri to be in the path of totality.  That was shortly after I moved from Santa Barbara, CA to Hot Springs, AR.  The eclipse was beyond words fabulous, and I could totally feel why eclipse chasers chased!  The journey was so worth those few precious minutes of the totality.  It was then I found out that Hot Springs AR would be in the path of the totality in 2024!  What an exciting blessing.
I've known for months that I was to make an Arkansas quartz  crystal essence during the eclipse - and to make it out on the crystalline Lake Ouachita.  There were many variables to take into consideration with the eclipse. Weather and traffic to name a couple.  I have a slip for my pontoon boat at the State Park Marina, and we were allowed one parking place on the day of the eclipse.  I will skip over all of the magical details and say that in spite of so many concerns that everyone around here had, the day was as perfect as it could possibly be!  And making this new essence during the Totality, on an island surrounded by crystalline water, with fabulous folks  was a Life Highlight! I will always remember where I was on April 8, 2024!  
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Photos from April 8 on Lake Ouachita
The weather predictions changed by the micro moment, it seemed.  As it turned out the weather was clear, gorgeous,  in the high seventies, and very little wind.
Four friends and myself embarked on our adventure early in the morning, and we had a few sweet visitors during the course of the day.  We went out to Ascension Island.  The map calls it Crawdad Island, others call it wedding island, because they got married there.  We have re-christened it Ascension Island after doing so many ceremonies and building crystal grids there. There are over 200 Islands on Lake Ouachita and this one is one of my favorites.
Energies were snap, crackle and popping that day. There was palpable perfection in the air.  I put out 4 bowls of water from Crystal Springs. On that altar I placed a large crystal cluster that had been excavated by a friend about a year ago, following a message that the crystals several miles down in the earth in Hot Springs were being activated by the Elohim, thus everything above them would also be activated.  I also used crystals from that same excavation in the essence water.  Also on the alter were two crystal dragons, and a quartz rock that I was literally guided to on Crystal Island that looked like a dragon (if you squint lol).  I could feel the energy of the white dragons during the event.  
I made essences during the whole eclipse - from the beginning of the eclipse, then during the totality, then after the totality until the end of the eclipse.  So far, the essence that wants to be released is from the TOTALITY portion.  After getting everything into bottles, I shared the mother essence of TOTALITY with the group.  We all went right back to the absolute ecstasy we were feeling during the totality.  Effervescent Ecstasy!  AMAZING!!!!
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A fun aside: on the day of the eclipse one of the friends, Satya, who came and played harmonium and chanted all the way through the eclipse, brought a deck of Tarot cards.  I pulled a card, and two came out.  The first one was simply called Increase.  The second was — wait for it — Joyous Fun!  Ohhhh, So Appropriate!!! Increase Joyous Fun.  After the eclipse I immediately ordered the deck.  After receiving it and playing with it for a little while I asked it what it would say about the essence, expecting perhaps some guidance about what it was for.  The card that came out — Great Achievement…(OK - I did a little happy dance!- I do love those kinds of signs)
The Star Portal recently hosted an EarthKeepers reunion.  I was guided to share the Totality essence with them (before we even had a real label) and get their reactions.  That was another grand experience!  
Some comments so far about this magickal (spelled that way on purpose) epic new essence:
“Regeneration - I could feel my individual cells light up my bones.”  “In Formation, Remembrance of the true self - I Am Presence, Great Full, Burst of effervescence.” 
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After making the essence I wrapped the crystal I used in a towel and didn't think about it until the message came into my head to take the crystal and hold it and see what it had to say, and add it to the other information I was receiving.  Here is what has come through so far for the definition of the TOTALITY essence:
Cosmic Perspective; Effervescent Ecstacy; System Calibration; Epic Initiation.
     Radical new beginnings, with a new lightness. We release the old version of self gracefully and we embrace and integrate the new version. We honor what was and our desire to participate in new creation, and stay true to ourselves. There is expansion and infinite love/light intelligence empowering our ability to create our highest soul calling.
     With our commitment to ascension and our I AM presence, this essence can help activate and elevate our creative faculties, skills and abilities. This can mean deleting some old parts of ourselves and bringing on line some new parts. There is a system calibration to rejuvenate us and allow us to hold more light.
     This essence was made with a recently excavated clear quartz crystal during the total solar eclipse, in the path of totality, in Hot Springs Arkansas (Arklantis) ~ on an island in the crystalline Lake Ouachita.  The biggest vein of Quartz in the country and second in the world runs under this magnificent lake.  The white dragon energy was there weaving energy around us.
Suggested Use:
The codes are within us.
The light and energy of this essence can activate those codes.
Take seven drops 1-7 times a day (as directed by your own divine director). Regulate your frequency/vibration by the number of times you take it.  If things start moving too fast decrease the amount of times you take it in a day.  Suggest you keep the number of drops at seven. 
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Infinite Effervescent Ecstasy and Galaxies of Love,
Here is a link to a time-lapse youtube that a friend, Bob Nagy, took with his fancy camera during the eclipse.  It's really how it looked!  
Have you taken your Star Essences Today?
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