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Sacred Royal Mystical Marriage
  1. Pineal Light Infusion (Andean Orchid Ellianthus capitatus)
  2. Pituitary Master (Santa Barbara Stream Orchid Epipactis gigantea)
  3. Selenite Gemstone Essence

The Sacred, Royal, Mystical Marriage of the pineal and pituitary glands is about the marriage of the female and male within us. The Pineal Light Infusion essence represents the feminine, and was made in South America. The Pituitary Master essence represents the masculine, and was made in North America. When the feminine and masculine energies meet in the brain it is known as the "mystical marriage." There is union and harmony of spirit and matter when they merge. They represent Heaven and Earth. It is also a representation of the Condor and the Eagle. When the pineal and pituitary are activated they can also influence the other glands in very positive ways.

The Selenite gemstone essence can function as a bridge between the pineal and the pituitary- the physical and spiritual. It is brilliant white and partially translucent, and one of the highest vibrations in the mineral kingdom. It intensifies and focuses energy. It allows messages from non physical planes to enter the third dimension.

As with all of our products, when it comes to the number of drops, sequence and frequency for using the Triad of Harmonics, we encourage you to follow your own intuitive guidance! There are no specific rules or procedures. Many have taken the Pineal Light Infusion for a period of time first, then incorporated the Pituitary Master and Selenite. Others like to take all three simultaneously from the beginning, while some will alternate essences every week. Still others will take take one essence in the morning, another essence in the middle of the day, and the remaining essence in the evening! Please trust and follow whatever divine directions you receive (which is a function/benefit of the Triad of Harmonics!).

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