$ 20.00
Epidendrum cuscoense  Andean Orchid

Acceptance; Love; Unity

Addresses the merging and balancing of male/female energies, including both sides of yourself. It is about oneness, unity, unconditional love. This essence will assist the pioneer relationships that are happening, relationships that defy definition, that are beyond language, by moving us into a frequency to accept the paradigm shift in our perception of relationships, and into the frequency of unconditional love. Revel in the ecstasy of being love, of re-union. An excellent essence to share with groups. It immediately unifies people into the high frequency love space.

One Heart is an ingredient in: Blue Lotus Temple, Celebration, Graceful Passages, Loving Thoughts, Blue Lotus Temple Spray, Celebration Blessings Spray, Holy Harmony Spray, Yoga Mind Mouth Mist.

One Heart is included in: Open Heart Trilogy.