$ 20.00
Blue Water Lily / Nymphaea caerulea (Egyptian Blue Lotus)  Santa Barbara Flower

Exalted Consciousness

An exaltation of energy. Life force. Ignites a flame of spirit within creating a miraculous aura of peace and divine ecstasy. An inner knowing that everything is possible. Opens the path for grace to flow; to identify with what is most holy and noble, and awaken our blissful state. The brain is pulsating light and there is divine perception. Can create a link between the higher, intuitive mind and the analytical mind through its euphoric and aphrodisiac qualities. Enhance meditation and visioning, induce lucid dreaming ("a dream is a wish your heart makes"...). For blessing, anointing, offering.

Lovely to use with Initiation of the Heartlight (Pink Lotus), as it is helpful to have the heart open in order to fully ignite the crown chakra.