7 Joyful Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Brandy Oswald


joyful ways to beat the winter blues

We are in it - the depths of winter.  For many, the winter blues have officially set in. It happens to us all. The good news is that there are many blissful ways to experience joy and positivity even in the coldest, darkest months of winter.

As philosopher and writer Albert Camus so eloquently stated, In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

Tap into your invincible summer with these 7 joyful ways to beat the winter blues...

1. Spend time in nature

With chilly winter temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight per day, it can be challenging to get outside during the winter months. Prioritize 20 minutes a day to suit-up and head for the great outdoors. Spending time in nature has a beautiful way of lifting our spirits and infusing us with joy and optimism - not to mention the benefits of some good ol’ vitamin d. Warm sun, fresh air, perhaps even some snow-covered hills - reconnect to the many joys of nature!

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2. Stretch out the winter blues

Physical activity is a great way to support joy and well-being throughout winter. Physical activity releases endorphins, hormones that reduce discomfort and promote feelings of joy. Take to your yoga mat and stretch out the winter blues, while simultaneously infusing your mind and body with positivity and optimism.

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3. Dance away the blues

Wiggle out the winter blues with a joyful, uplifting dance party. Whether you attend a live concert or dance wildly to your favorite tunes in your living room, a dance party is a surefire way to boost your spirit this winter. Wiggle your body, raise your vibrations, and dance away the winter blues!

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4. Turn off & Tune in

Turn off from the overwhelming distractions of email, social media, news outlets, and electronic devices. Take a break from the incessant bombardment of information and tune into your own needs, wants, and desires. Create time for journaling, meditation, reading, and any other activities that allow you to turn off, tune in, and invite balance and equilibrium back into your life.

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5. Take a trip

One of the best ways to avoid cabin fever is to tap into your adventurous spirit and take a trip. A mid-winter trip will invite excitement, anticipation, and a welcomed change of scenery to the long, monotonous months of winter. Though it can be simply divine to travel someplace warm and sunny during the winter, it isn’t necessary. Even day trips to nearby locales can lift our spirits and provide a sense of adventure throughout the chilly winter months.

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6. Stoke your creative fire

The days of winter may be dark and cold, but the fire within does not have to be. Stoke your creative fire and burn bright with warmth by diving into a passion project this winter. Few things lift the spirit like inspiration and joyful self-expression. Revel in your creative passions to shake free from the winter blues this year.

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7. Have a Treat Yourself Day

The winter months may seem bleak, but the truth is that abundance is in our nature. Make time for gratitude and appreciation this winter, especially for yourself. Show yourself some love with a Treat Yourself Day - a day filled with your favorite soul-soothing, uplifting activities. Spa treatments, yoga classes, outdoor fun, creamy chocolates, coffee with your best friend - in your own unique way go ahead and treat yourself. Cherish the goodness already present in your life, while attracting more abundance and goodness your way!

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