Peyote and the Moment of Bloom

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A dear friend of mine has a peyote plant that was gifted to him around 10 years ago. I often say hello to this little peyote plant as I walk by it when I visit my friend and his lovely wife at their home. He has spoken to me about this plant numerous times; he loves it and has a deep connection with it. One of the times that we were talking about the plant he told me that it had bloomed shortly after he received it years ago but it has not bloomed since then.

One day, I received a picture from his wife and the peyote plant had bloomed! The window of bloom was small and it had closed up shortly after it had opened that same day. Would it open back up? Was there a possibility of making a peyote essence? I went over to visit the plant and this is what I saw (pictured below). There were two buds.

There was the one that had already bloomed and was finished but there was also a second one and it looked like there was a possibility of another moment of bloom!

As we observed the buds I talked to my friend and he shared more about how much he loved this sacred plant and together we wondered if it would bloom again.

I had company coming over that night so I went home and occupied myself with cleaning up the house and preparing dinner and then I got the call. The flower was open! At first I thought this was not a good time! I was in the middle of preparing dinner for company that was supposed to be coming over. But the peyote flower was saying, “It’s time. Now is the time.”

I dropped what I was doing - forget cleaning the house for my company, they would understand. This was more important!

I began searching for the bowl that I use to make essences but it was nowhere to be found. Instead, seemingly out of nowhere, another one appeared...  I found small glass bowl that I had never used before. I couldn’t remember where it had come from and it was beyond perfect for the job. The perfect synchronicity. I am SO GRATEFUL!!!

I immediately went to their house, and we proceeded to easily and gracefully make the peyote essence together. The bowl that I had found in place of my usual bowl was a different shape; it was rounded and it curved in at the top. This turned out to be the ideal shape for making this essence because I didn’t want to cut the flower for this one. We gently poured the water over the flower and the way that the bowl curved perfectly inward directed the flow of water over the flower and into the bowl, avoiding any water that had touched any dirt or anything but this sacred bloom in a way that wouldn’t have worked so perfectly had I brought my usual bowl. More magic.

While we were making this essence we made the connection that the person who had gifted my friend this peyote plant 10 years ago had been on one of my trips to Peru and has taken my flower essence course! Somehow we had not put this together before and we wondered… had she (unconsciously) given him this plant for this moment 10 years later so that we could make this essence? Enchanting to ponder.

Right after I took this essence I felt my DNA spinning in my spine and on up to my head and out and then spinning out in a tube torus. One day I will aim to create an illustration of that. I also felt an inner smile grow within and then spread into an outer one. I actually got all giggly. The way this essence (as with most essences) will affect you will depend on where you are at the time. They seem to know you and take you where you need to go.

After making the essence a bubble appeared at the top of the bloom. The first photo shows a reflection, which seems to validate the flowering back to yourself. In second one I see an angel, which feels like the deva of the peyote showing herself.

After we finished making the essence this is the passage that came to my friend:


Strong as thunder where principles are concerned.
Gentle as the spring rain where Love is concerned.
~ Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri (Yogananda’s guru)


Ask questions when you take this essence, form intentions, and affirm your desire to learn. Then listen. The peyote flower essence fosters a greater connection to our higher selves, our source. It helps us receive guidance and messages from our angels. Can aid in increased mental alertness as well as performance and creative problem solving by working with the brain, pineal, and pituitary. This essence can be used in ceremony for a new stratosphere of experience.

Tap into our truth. Flower back to ourselves. Endurance, empathy, insights, clarity.

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Rich Moser
Rich Moser
Very nice! Seems like synchronicities are expanding these days…..

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