Making the Novaculite essence

Star Riparetti
Love Love Loving the synchronicities and magic of making the Novaculite essence.


This fall Kelsea invited a photographer to come to Arkansas to take photos. While Annabel was here we wanted to make an Arkansas essence but at the time that she were coming no flowers were calling to be made into an essence. Instead, it was a stone that was calling ~ and it turned out to be the Arkansas native novaculite stone. Also known as the Arkansas Stone.

Novaculite is a very hard and sharp stone that is made into sharpening stones and sold all over the world. It was historically used to make arrowheads and other tools. Novaculite primarily comes from Garland County, Arkansas — which is where I live!  

As it happened, right when this stone was calling me, we had a speaker at my Master Naturalist course who gave his whole talk on novaculite. That was a nice validation.

Then, I asked a friend if he knew where I could get some and he took me right to the place where they make the sharpening stones. Since he was a friend of theirs they let me have all the pieces I wanted ~ another validating sign.  

While all of this was unfolding, we had someone writing to us asking about how to release some entities that were hanging out and living vicariously in their body. Another person wrote us to tell us that they ended a relationship and needed to cut some cords. All of these are things that the novaculite essence addresses. More validation that this was right stone and this essence was happening at the right moment.

A very nice way to start the New Year is to free yourself of unwanted attachments (persons, places, things, feelings, etc). As a stone, novaculite has been used for psychic surgery.

Taking the Novaculite essence can help us release the things that we are attached to (or that are attached to us) that no longer serve us.

When you take this essence take a moment to focus on what you are releasing and let the connection to you dissolve. It could take some time for your body to hold that frequency so it is useful to take it until you feel free of the attachment.

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