Crystal Foraging in Hot Springs

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Part of our team recently traveled to Star’s house in Hot Springs, Arkansas to work on a few big projects together. While we were there of course we had to go crystal foraging! We arrived at a location where we thought we might find some quartz, but all we expected to find was a couple of pieces of opaque white quartz. We were happy with that!

Star mentioned that we should walk over to check out a different area where she thought might have more luck finding quartz. After just a few minutes our minds were BLOWN!

We found dozens of these stunning, sometimes perfectly clear, quartz crystals. We ended up spending the afternoon digging around in the mud totally amazed by mother nature’s spectacular creations.

We sorted through our collection at the end of the afternoon and “released” the excess crystals back to the place we found them so as to only take what felt right. We talked about bringing the crystals home to our loved ones and expanding their cosmic energy grid.

Being around all of these high frequency crystals, of course, reminded us of the energy of our gemstone essence, Quartz Clear Rainbow. It attracts life force and brightens and energizes the aura. It awakens the pure light of the soul, promotes mental balance, and facilitates positive thinking. Our team experienced all of this from the quartz vein we happened upon that day in Hot Springs and we are so grateful for the reminder that we have access to this positive energy no matter where we are with our Quartz Clear Rainbow essence. We’ve been adding a few drops of this back into our routine to hold onto the bliss!

When we brought our crystals home at the end of the day it was like coming home after trick-or-treating on halloween when we were kids! We lay them all out on the table to admire and to sort them into piles. We carefully cleaned each crystal, wiping excess dirt off the surfaces, and admiring each shining facet. Before gifting these crystals to our loved ones we used Crystal Clear Spray to clear their energy, leaving them radiant and ready to energetically align with their new homes.

Crystal Clear Spray is our revitalizing cleansing spray that filters through the aura, leaving it radiant with pure golden light. It is excellent for crystal clearing and space clearing as well as personal clearing. It can disperse residual energy in treatment/therapy rooms, crystals, hands, and other sacred tools after doing healing work.






We are still glowing with gratitude from this experience!

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I was in Mt. Ida many years ago with a friend in a motor home in the middle of a field at the foot of a mountain with a lightning storm all around us-those crystals in the ground really attract the electricity-it was stunning⚡️The next morning I hiked to the top where crystals had been uncovered by the rain and it was the most fun collecting as they were catching the sunlight and revealing themselves! I am so wanting to come back⚡️

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