Astrology and Essences - Unique Essence Pairings for Sagittarius

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Sagittarius Astrology and Flower Essences

It’s Sagittarius season, which means it is a time of optimism, independence, knowledge, and adventure. Our Sagittarius friends, born approximately November 23 to December 21, are one of the three wise, adventurous, inspirational fire signs. Their knowledge-seeking nature gives way to creativity and wisdom, while their independent personality fosters adventure, especially outdoors.

Though Sagittarius is optimistic and adventurous, they may find themselves becoming a bit too blunt and reckless. This is a sign for which gentle communication and patience are very important.

For both the highs and the lows, there are flower and gemstone essences that are perfect for Sagittarius. Every vibrational essence uniquely addresses particular emotional states or tendencies. It is for this reason that essences pair so well with the astrological world. Essences harness the relationship between the frequencies of the human body (emotions, thoughts, and spirit) and the frequencies, or vibrational energy, of the natural world. Similarly, astrology explores the relationship between the frequencies in our bodies and the frequencies of the planets. While it might seem that essences and astrology are unrelated, they both address the energetic relationship between nature and the human body. For this reason, vibrational essences offer powerful support for each of the zodiac signs.

Sagittarius, let’s raise your frequency and get you vibrating at an all-time high!

Below are a list of Star Essence flower and gemstone essences to support the positive characteristics of Sagittarius and additional essences to balance any undesired characteristics.


How it Works:

Essences listed next to positive characteristics work to support and encourage the associated positive trait. Essences listed next to less desirable characteristics work to balance the associated trait.



November 23 to December 21
Essences for Sagittarius Qualities:

Optimistic ~ Gorse, Mango Paradise (Mango)

Independent ~ Freedom/Libertad, Spirited/Audacious and Bold (Gazania)

Philosophical, Knowledge-Seeking ~ Brilliant Student, Opaque Blue Sodalite

Adventurous, Outdoorsy ~ Nature Communion, Travel Solution, Blue Turquoise

Blunt ~ Art of Gentle Communication (Calendula), One Heart

Reckless ~ Clear Head (Feverfew), Impatiens

Self-righteous ~ Humility (Wild California Peony), Vervain


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Best Vasthu Astrology
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