7 Essences for Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving

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We are so grateful

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we’re reminded to give thanks for all of the blessings in our lives. However, it can be easy to get swept up in the stress of the season like cooking a gigantic family dinner or that pesky relative making his yearly visit. Let’s take some time this Thanksgiving to steer clear of stress and refocus on the beautiful things in our lives.

Some great ways to shift your focus towards the blessings in life is to develop and support a daily gratitude practice. Gratitude lists, journaling, and prayer are a great way to do this. Of course there is another gratitude practice that we’re very fond of. You guessed it - flower essence use!

There are many wonderful flower essences that work to raise our frequencies, shift our perspective to the positive, and support our ability to experience and express gratitude. Don’t just bring your famous apple pie to Thanksgiving dinner this year, bring some flower essences, too, and support yourself and your family in giving thanks this Thanksgiving!

Not sure where to start? We’ve gathered together a list of our six favorite flower essences for expressing gratitude and one great gemstone essence as well!


7 Essences For Giving Thanks This Thanksgiving


I Am Gratitude

An obvious choice for the first essence on our list is the I Am Gratitude flower essence. This Peruvian flower essence is great for raising the octave of love around the dinner table. It supports the user in being able to give and receive feelings of gratitude. Add this essence to your Thanksgiving traditions and not only experience gratitude, but BE gratitude!



This Golden Bach flower essence is a powerful supporter of gratitude, joy, and emotional equilibrium. When families gather, and the holidays are upon us, emotions tend to be high. It’s a beautiful and messy melange of delight, appreciation, love, and stress. Using the Mustard essence will help keep emotions balanced this holiday season, while enhancing feelings of gratitude and joy.

BONUS: Click here to get an insider’s look at the making of the Mustard Essence with Star Essence Founder, Star Riparetti!


I Am Generosity

We can’t talk about the holiday season without talking about generosity. During the Thanksgiving holiday we are not only giving thanks, but time, love, and energy into crafting a delicious meal, a finely decorated home, and designated time with loved ones. It is important to support our generosity during this time of year, so that we can continue to give thanks, joy, and energy to the ones we love. The I Am Generosity flower essence is the perfect essence for enhancing magnanimous flow and abundance during this joyful time of year.


Prosperity Alchemy

Strengthen your affirmations of generosity and gratitude with the Prosperity Alchemy essence blend featuring Freedom/Libertad, I Am Generosity, I Am Gratitude, I Remember, Citrine, Diamond, and Emerald essences. With Prosperity Alchemy you will remain open and willing to receive gratitude and abundance.


One Heart

One Heart is a great unifying, love-filled essence that brings people together. If your family tends to argue or experience divides during the Thanksgiving holiday, the One Heart essence is great for supporting acceptance of one another and unifying the entire family.


Loving Thoughts

Keep a positive perspective and an open heart this Thanksgiving with our Loving Thoughts essence blend. It supports optimistic, loving thoughts, which allow us to recognize and express our gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives.


Green Adventurine

Lastly, we have our featured gemstone essence - Green Adventurine. This gemmie is a powerful promoter of harmony, positive vibrations, and emotional security. Adding this essence to your Thanksgiving holiday will soothe emotions, foster a sense of peace and harmony, and allow you to experience the joy of giving thanks.



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