12 Essences for a Happy, Stress-Free Holiday Season

Brandy Oswald

Happy Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes a wild whirling of emotions. It’s a beautiful melange of joy and stress. From family gatherings, to hanging decorations, to holiday parties, it seems there’s always something to do and somewhere to be. During a time of year that brings such immense joy and gratitude, we often find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Allow gemstone and flower essences to transform your holiday season by raising your frequency and promoting harmony, balance, gratitude, and joy. Adding vibrational essences to your holiday season assists in releasing the stress and embracing all of the joyful moments that we are blessed to experience this time of year.

Today, we’re bringing you 12 essences for a happy, stress-free holiday season. We’ve outlined these essences by their ability to promote gratitude, joy, family harmony, and balance. Happy Holidays, Starry Friends!


Essences for Gratitude

I Am Gratitude

This Peruvian flower essence is great for raising the octave of love during the holiday season. Whether it’s at the family holiday party, the dinner table, or while giving and receiving holiday gifts - this essence will infuse you and your loved ones with abundance and gratitude. Add this essence to your holiday traditions and not only experience gratitude, but BE gratitude!



This Golden Bach flower essence is a powerful supporter of gratitude, joy, and emotional equilibrium. When families gather, and the holidays are upon us, emotions tend to be high. It’s a beautiful and messy melange of joy, gratitude, love, and stress. Using the mustard essence will help keep emotions balanced this holiday season, while enhancing feelings of gratitude and joy.

BONUS: Click here to get an insider’s look at the making of the Mustard Essence with Star Essence Founder, Star Riparetti!


Loving Thoughts

Keep a positive perspective and an open heart this holiday season with our Loving Thoughts essence blend. It supports optimistic, loving thoughts, which allow us to recognize and express gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives.


Essences for Joy

Celebration Blessings Spray

Celebrate the joy of the holiday season with our Celebration Blessings Spray. This essence blend is perfect for ceremonies and celebrations of all kinds. It makes everything happier. Spritz it at your family holiday party, at your office holiday party, and at all of your celebratory gatherings this holiday season.


Pure Joy

This magnificent orange blossom flower essence promotes enthusiasm, euphoria, and pure joy. Use it this holiday season to keep spirits high and joy abundant. Oh, did we mention it is the perfect addition to party punches!



Dance, our essence from the vibrant, red bougainvillea flower, supports grace and brilliance. It will get you flowing gracefully with life, while adding some vibrancy to your dance moves. This is a great essence to get you and the family moving gracefully during the holidays.


Essences for Family Harmony

Otter Delight

As our only animal essence on this list, Otter Delight supports family harmony and joyful play. It encourages heightened self-love, ensuring that you are able to give love this holiday season. Add this essence to your holiday traditions to strengthen family bonds and promote family playtime!


Holy Harmony Spray

Given the intensity of emotions and obligations that arise during the holiday season, allow our Holy Harmony Spray to offer some much needed peace and harmony. This essence blend is both soothing and healing, allowing you to stay calm and collected despite high emotions during the holidays. It has a simultaneously relaxing and uplifting blend of lavender and fennel essential oils. The perfect essence blend for some serenity now!


Art of Gentle Communication

If there is one thing that instantly improves family harmony, it’s gentle communication. With our Art of Gentle Communication calendula flower essence, encourage softer, more positive communication this holiday season. This essence will bring a calm, healing energy to your family as they gather for a joyous holiday.


Balance & Ease

Balance and Stability

Balance and ease are not necessarily sentiments that we associate with the holiday season. Release stress this year and return to a state of balance and harmony with our Balance and Stability essence. It is a great essence for feeling balanced in your environment, especially during times of stress. This essence is also great for children and animals. Say hello to balance and stability for the whole family!


Quintessential Balance

This broad spectrum stabilizer quickly returns equilibrium to those who use it. It’s anti-stress properties are great when you are feeling  off-center and in need of balance and ease. Bring quintessential balance to the entire family including kids, pets, and plants!



Lastly, we have the Azurite/Malachite gemstone essence for loving tolerance. This essence creates a willingness to listen, relate, and communicate while remaining in the heart space. Keep your family vibrating in the octave of love and tolerance this holiday season with this powerful gemstone essence.


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