We Are Here to Love

Star Essence

by Kristine Haugh

To Love... Ourselves and Each Other...
And To Allow Ourselves to Be Loved...
And to transform and integrate the very definition of LOVE for the planet, the universe and all of CREATION.

These are the words that came to me the morning after I pleaded with the Universe­ / Love­ / God/dess­ / Heart / Mind /­ Creator to please please please let me know what my purpose is here on this sweet little beauty of a watery blue planet.

I was getting anxious; I had been through a veritable ringer of change and transformation and transition after transition until it seemed as if the very fiber of my existence was actually being re-purposed to allow, surrender, trust and be more and more grateful every moment. Recently when I'm thrown something that just seems impossible and outrageous, I have been able to laugh and look forward to seeing how the answer and the possibility is going to show itself, of its own accord and in its own timing. This used to be after I had given up trying to solve things, either in utter exasperation or a fit of laughter. As I quite enjoy the laughter I am practicing more often with that reaction, and its getting better and better and easier and easier every moment to live with that paradigm of love unfolding constantly. It feels like I'm being let in on the joke and LIFE IS BECOMING SO MUCH MORE FUN!!!

And so I've taken the hint that I need to settle in, get comfy and get out there (as well as in here) and LOVE. There is ALWAYS MORE LOVING TO DO AND BE AND GIVE AND RECEIVE and if that's my purpose, well, I am ON IT!

I used to think that I had to be aligned with organizations and work places that were "on Mission" for me... Helping the world, teaching, supporting, healing, myself and the world. The idea that MY MISSION, MY PURPOSE, is TO LOVE is so LIBERATING. Recently I have discovered that I have the ability and capacity to LOVE ANYWHERE ANYTIME ANYONE... no matter the business, the place, the people, whether I "agree" or not, whether I "like" or not, whether I am "resonant" or not... I can still LOVE. And I do, and have been... and I've realized that the one constant in my life has been the capacity and ability to LOVE.

Which Essences have you taken today? Which Essences do you want to support and raise your LOVE VIBRATION on Valentine's Day? What combinations of brilliant essence vibrations do you want to create and integrate into your life?

Let's get in there, and get out there, together, and LOVE! Join us on the Love Train! ALL ABOARD!!!


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