Wild Oat Flower Essence ~ What do you want to be?

Arielle Ela•Ra
What do you want to be when you grow up?

This is a question we were all asked at least once as children. A firefighter? A ballerina? A secret agent? A teacher? A veterinarian for Ewoks on Endor? Hopefully your answer was allowed to be as wild as possible, without any imposed limitations or erroneous concepts of what is "realistic." (And if it wasn't, take a moment right now to rewrite the past: pop back into that moment like a knighted Fairy Godperson, embrace your Inner Child and exclaim, "What an absolutely brilliant idea!" ...Or whatever you need to hear...)

So now for the big question: what are you "being" now? Note that I didn't ask what you "do." And while we're on the topic, are who you are and what you do in alignment? If they're not at the moment, do you still have a strong sense of purpose or specific intentions for your life? (For the record, what you "do" can be serving food while what you are "being" is still a Wizard, Order of Merlin, First Class.) Perhaps you have lost track of yourself over time, and you keep riding that train to the end of the line with no idea where you're going, watching everyone else decisively board and disembark at their chosen place in the Universe.

This is where Wild Oat flower essence can be of assistance. It addresses personal fulfillment and life direction, offering potential for enhanced clarity and richness of purpose/experience. If one feels adrift with no trajectory it can reconnect you with your inner compass, allowing for expanded perspective and receptivity to opportunity. Likewise if one is overwhelmed by too many passions and possibilities, or at a crossroads, it can illuminate the pathway(s) that most serve your highest good, and that of the collective. After all, it is often not enough to merely have a function or purpose; it is meaning that brings true satisfaction to one's experience.

“We must earnestly learn to develop individuality according to the dictates of our own Soul, to fear no man and to see that no one interferes with, or dissuades us from, the development of our evolution, the fulfillment of our duty and the rendering of help to our fellow-men, remembering that the further we advance, the greater blessing we become to those around us.”

- Dr. Edward Bach

Wild Oat can move us from "survival" mode to "thrival" mode. As humanity and planet Earth collectively evolve during this pivotal time known- among other names- as Ascension, there may not always be certainty in our external experience. It is in the inner realm where Wild Oat can first help us to have that certainty, where we can align with a higher source and move in harmony to the unique rhythm of our personal drummer. The more that we cultivate and embrace this understanding and knowing in our inner world, the more that the outer world adjusts to match this beautiful new choreography that we're dancing!

Wild Oat can also be supportive in situations where one forgot to grow up, or is "sowing their wild oats" in perpetuity, stuck in a stunted or juvenile state of development. There may be fear around progressing to the next stage of life, or there may simply be inability to initiate change, if the individual was over-parented and didn't develop healthy self-will. In any case, Wild Oat can support the self-awareness and empowerment to gracefully progress along life's path with faith that there are always more delights to be had around the next bend.

In essence, Wild Oat reminds us that we are never done "growing up"- never done expanding, stretching, blooming, reaching for the light, taking in nourishment, enjoying the feel of a fresh breeze or a friendly pollinator. Thus, it is never too late to ask: "What do I want to be?"

Wild Oat is part of the Golden Bach Flower Essence Collection. It has recently been added to the Soul Purpose Constellation.

Arielle is a long-time Star Essence employee and practitioner who has been using Star Essences for over 15 years. She also creates her own essences and alchemical blends which can be explored at www.arielixirs.com.

*Child with unicorn photo by Kaboompics.com.

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