$ 22.00

Size: 1 oz. glass bottle with spray top

Confidence in Communication

Speak Your Truth Through the Voice with Heart; Throat and Neck Balancing

Find the freedom to speak your truth through the voice, with heart, and feel protected from any disruptions. A potent ally for interviews, auditions, talks, presentations, speeches, courtroom situations- or everyday situations where you desire eloquent expression. Throat chakra and Zeal Point chakra are opened; energy and purpose are aligned. This mouth mist also addresses general throat and neck health, and has shown to be effective for relief from sore throats and head/neck/shoulder tension, including headaches centered in the medulla oblongata (at the base of the skull). Spray in mouth as well as topically on any areas experiencing discomfort. The energizing essential oils in this blend offer additional gifts: Eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory and beneficial for the respiratory system, while Fennel can aid digestion and is believed to induce courage and protect from negativity.

Spray inside the mouth or the back of the throat, or use as guided.

Essences: Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Faith and Courage (Odontoglossum), Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/ 24K Gold), Zeal Point Magenta Chakra (Epidendrum f. guillemi), Articulate Expression (Cosmos), Blue Sapphire, and Blue Spinel

Essential Oils: Eucalyptus and Fennel

Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water (no alcohol)