$ 20.00
Odontoglossum  Andean Orchid

Protection; Supportive

Creates a frequency around you so that nothing disruptive can enter your field. This protection essence is like having a powerful yet gentle watchdog at the outer edges of your etheric body. Take this essence frequently when you feel vulnerable in order to build up a field of protection, or when you want to feel more faith and courage. Excellent to use in hospitals, court houses, freeways and with all kinds of healing modes, as well as for interdimensional protection.

Faith and Courage is an ingredient in: Brilliant Student, Graceful Passages, Happy Kid, Happy Pet, Quintessential Balance, Shield of Light, Super Immune, Travel Solution, Vortex of Harmony, Crystal Clear Spray, FAB Spray, Happy Kid Spray, Happy Pet Spray, Holy Harmony Spray, Leap of Faith Spray, Shield of Light Spray, Super Immune Spray, Star Speaker Mouth Mist.