$ 20.00
Cosmos / Cosmos bipinnatus  Santa Barbara Flower

Clear and Coherent Communication

Easily put thoughts into words and authentically express ideas with the help of this cosmic essence. Addresses eloquent, articulate and effective speech, and the ability to integrate and organize information and convey one's true inspiration. Harmonizes thinking and speaking for comprehensible expression. Brightens soul force and helps introverts shine! May be helpful for stuttering, dyslexia, autism, ADD/ADHD... Any area involving speaking and the desire to express oneself clearly, calmly and confidently. Also good when one feels "scattered" and has too many areas of focus- helps center in the present moment and focus on one subject at a time. Be Now. You have plenty of time- to think, to speak, to do.

Articulate Expression is an ingredient in: Brilliant Student, Star Speaker Mouth Mist.