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Novaculite/The Arkansas Stone

We create more peace when we have the strength and courage to release what does not serve us.

Taking the novaculite essence can help us to release things we are attached to (or are attached to us), and that no longer serve us. When we take this essence it is useful to take a moment to focus on what we are releasing and let the connection to you dissolve. It could take some time for the body to hold that frequency so it is useful to take the essence until one feels free of the attachment.

The novaculite essence is useful for cutting etheric, energetic cords, as well as simply releasing clutter, be it physical or emotional. It helps to eliminate things that are blocking us and preventing us from moving forward. It helps us to become emotionally strong and can assist our motivation to be happy.

Novaculite is also known as the arkansas stone and one of the primary places in the world that it comes from is Hot Springs, AR. It is very sharp and very hard which is why it is used to make sharpening stones that are sold around the world.

Read the story of making the novaculite essence here.

Base: 80% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 20% vodka as a preservative.