$ 20.00
Linseed/Flax / Linum usitatissimum  Peruvian Flower

Graceful, Resilient Body; Awakens Ancient and Multi-Dimensional Memory

The vibrational resonance of Flax brings us new vitality, resilience and grace in our body. When taken over time it awakens ancient and multi-dimensional memory, bringing access to universal wisdom and the hologram of planetary memory. It smooths pathways and lubricates- it brings a higher resonance to fibromyalgia, arthritis, and joints. There is recalibration, adjustment and refinement, as the body goes back into potent alignment. It accelerates the subatomic renovation. It helps to repair, strengthen and feed, all through the electrical system of the body. It also works extensively with the heart.

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Recalibrate and Flourish is an ingredient in: Vortex of Harmony.